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Babies grow so fast, and we wonder where the time flew us by while they grew up. Sometimes it feels as if we might miss something if we just blink! Before we know it, the baby has started to crawl, laugh, and babble. Among all the baby’s memorable first moments, like the first steps or the first words, the first birthday occupies a special place in the lives of everyone who knows the little one. It’s a moment of

pride and joy for the family and friends, and a milestone for the baby and needless to say, for the parents too!

It goes without saying that a birthday that special calls for a gift that’s just as exceptional. The present can be something useful for the child, or something holding sentimental value. It could be items that help with the baby’s development, or those that delight and entertain the little angel.

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for one year olds to celebrate this happy moment, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 20 fun and memorable 1st birthday presents that will light up the face of the birthday boy/girl for sure.

1. Plush Toys & Dolls

Which baby doesn’t love soft toys? Many kids can’t even sleep without clutching their favourite teddy bear or other stuffed toy close all night. Plush toys are perfect for tiny fingers to clutch, great for snuggling with, and will make memorable first birthday gifts. You can pick out cute stuffed animals, characters or dolls, based on the little one’s existing collection or preferences.


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2. Story Books

Start the tradition of reading bedtime stories by gifting a book! Baby books, with big, bright pictures will delight your tiny tot. You can also opt for sensory books that come with touch and feel options, which are perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for your daughter or son. This is a great way to introduce the baby to colours, shapes, textures and the beautiful world of books.



3. Name Pendant or Bracelet

This is another popular gift for both new-borns and one year old babies. You can get the baby’s name or initials sculpted in a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum, to add an auspicious touch to the personalized first birthday gift. It makes for a unique birthday gift for 1 year old boy or girl, which will last for years unlike other perishable gifts.



4. Baby Bath & Grooming

Infant and toddler bath and grooming is a daily activity for the parents; why not help them out by gifting some wonderful baby grooming items? You can opt for a kit that comes with all the essentials, or make one yourself by purchasing individual items. Options for special 1st birthday gifts are soaps and shampoos, lotions and oils, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, nail clippers, and talcum powder.





5. First Year Frame or Collage

This is a unique first birthday gift idea. The baby just completed the first year of his/her life, so why not collect pictures of the most special moments and frame them? You can pick one from the hospital, one with the parents, and so on, or one for each month to make a special 12-month frame. It will definitely make for a proud display on any wall or shelf in the house.


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6. Personalized Gold Toys

If you want to give the gift of gold but don’t want to go with a traditional piece, then gold toys will make ideal personalized first birthday gifts. You can choose from a car, cycle, scooter, rickshaw, etc., all crafted expertly from beautiful yellow gold. They bring the beauty, value and auspiciousness of gold to something playful for the child.

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7. Toys For Kids’ Development

Keep the baby stimulated with an infant learning toy. There are lots of great leaning toys that make wonderful children’s 1st birthday gift ideas. These include rattle blocks, stacking toys, push and pull toys, balls, ride-on vehicles, etc. Anything that can get the baby interested and active at the same time will work wonders, and go a long way in early learning and development.


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8. Cartoon Jewellery

Pendants shapes into cartoon characters, unique first birthday presents. These playful characters will keep the little ones happy whenever they wear them. When teamed with the baby’s initials in gold, they make a wonderful, valuable present which will be treasured for years.

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9. Onesies & Body Suits

Babies want to look stylish too! Onesies and body suits have been among the top 1st birthday gifts since a long time. They look absolutely adorable on tiny tots and come with fun prints and designs such as animals, cartoon characters and more. Little princesses will look sweet in tutus and skirts too. You can also get clothes personalized with the baby’s name if you wish to.


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10. Memory Box

Memory boxes are very popular, and perfect for storing the baby’s keepsakes. You can also make a time capsule box with the memories from his/her first birthday, to be opened on the 18th birthday. A cute box titled My first birthday gifts also provides a great, unusual way for the birthday party guests to add their gifts and wishes for the baby.



11. Gold Studs

These are great baby girl 1st birthday gift ideas for baby girls. Small studs made of gold or silver look great on little girls, and they can be embellished with diamonds for a luxurious touch. If they’re fashioned in fun shapes such as strawberries or ice candies, then they’ll be loved by the baby girl too. She’ll surely want to wear these kids’ studs at every special occasion.

Triangle diamond studs


12. Toy Music Instruments

There are a lot of music instrument toys for kids aged 0-3 years that would be perfect birthday present ideas for one year olds. They play notes, animal sounds and songs too, and come in a range of eye-catching colours. These are perfect for improving the baby’s hand-eye coordination, music interests and of course, their wild imagination.



13. Baby Shoes

How about a cute pair of baby booties or shoes for the birthday boy/girl as special first birthday present? They look adorable and are mostly designed with colourful patterns, bows, cartoon prints, pompoms and more, keeping the little delicate feet in mind. You can also opt for a multi pack with several designs, which the baby can wear with different outfits.


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14. Baby Room Decor

Brighten up the toddler’s room with some fun decals, printed storage boxes, colourful sheets, cute clocks, wall posters, and so much more. It’s a fun way to add some life into the nursery or bedroom, and will attract the baby’s attention too.



15. Growth Chart

Checking the baby’s height doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Colourful growth charts are creative first birthday gifts, and everyone will enjoy measuring the little one’s height against it as he/she grows along the months and years. You can gift growth charts featured on animal print wall decals, vivid-hued hanging rulers, or printed stickers with two way tapes.





16. Baby Blankets & Pillows

Keep the little one warm and cosy at night by giving a set of cute and soft pillows or blankets (or both). Quilt wrappers and swaddle wrappers are also an ideal choice for the baby. You can also go the extra mile and knit one yourself, if you can.



17. Strollers & Prams

Babies love outings and strollers make it easy for the parents to shop, jog or simply sit in the park reading a book, without worrying about the baby hurting himself/herself or crawling around. A stroller or pram that’s comfortable and functional is a good first birthday gift for a girl or boy.



18. Plush Chairs

A twist on the classic plush toy, a plush chair brings both comfort and fun to the little one. You’ll find a variety of different chairs with animal faces on top, soft covers and cosy armrests for little hands. Plush rockers are also great kids first birthday gift ideas.



19. Baby Bibs

Mealtime will be so much more enjoyable with sweet baby bibs. They protect the child’s clothes from spills and stains, and are made in cute prints and colours to attract a toddler easily. Team them with matching washcloths or burp cloths to make life easy for the parents and more exciting for the baby.



20. Child Plans

A more practical, ideal gift for baby’s first birthday is opening a bond, career or education plan, or UTI plan for him/her on the first birthday. Insurance plans that club child education benefits are also a great option to consider. These protect the future of the child financially so they can soar high as they grow older.


All these options span across different interests, needs and budgets, so there’s something that everyone will love! Whether it’s your son, daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece or friends’ child, you can take your pick from any of these perfect 1st birthday presents for the tiny tot. So get creative and choose an amazing gift for the new one year old, which will be exciting, meaningful and unforgettable.

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