Top 10 Restaurants in Chennai for your first wedding anniversary date! October 29, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, Lifestyle, Wedding Inspirations

So, you are about to enter the second year of your marriage. Hurray! We are pretty sure you would be all excited for the anniversary day to arrive and the celebrations to begin. In your first year together, you would have discovered a lot of things about each other which you had no idea of previously. The year would have been more like a combination of revelations and fun-filled moments.

All the memories from this first year, you would remember them for the rest of your lives. This first year is the foundation upon which the future of your relationship will be built. Hence, the first wedding anniversary calls for the best celebrations. And as a woman, she will be all the more excited for the anniversary date. Yes, even more than you are. So it is your responsibility to have everything in place. From gifts to family get-together, make sure you have thought about everything. And one of the ways in which you can make it further memorable for her is by taking her out for a dinner date. Yes, a romantic dinner date. She will love the idea. A roof-top dinner, a dinner in a garden setting, a candle light dinner, it can be anything; there are a number of options. You just have to choose with love.

Also, if you are in the Chennai area and are looking for restaurants to make your first anniversary date successful, then we have some good news for you. Our team has prepared a list of 10 restaurants in Chennai that are well known for their food, service, and ambience. You never know, one among them might be the dream location for your dinner date.

Happy first wedding anniversary!

1.The Raintree

“The Raintree is not just any hotel, it is an experience”, this is what their website says and we can’t agree with it more. You get to choose from three restaurants at the Raintree St. Mary’s Road hotel and they are Colony, Chap Chay and Above Sea Level. Our personal favorite is Above Sea Level which is a rooftop resto-bar where you can relax under the stars while enjoying your food.

The Raintree

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2. Kaidi Kitchen

The name says it all! If you are looking for a unique theme-based restaurant, then this is the one. The staff at Kaidi Kitchen is dressed like jail personnel and you will be their kaidi (prisoner). Yes, you will be imprisoned by the delicious food that the restaurant has on offer.


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3. Crimson Chakra

This place has a candle room! Yes, you have heard us right, a candle room. You can’t get a more romantic setting than this one to make your wedding date special and memorable. So, rekindle your emotions with a candle light dinner at the Crimson Chakra and leave her mesmerized.

Crimson Chakra

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4. Almaza Restaurant

Known for the conventional nawab style food, Almaza Restaurant is the place to visit if you are looking for a food treat. A noteworthy thing about the restaurant is a clear kitchen which allows the guests to communicate with the chefs.


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5. Bella Ciao

Let us guess, she loves Italian food. In fact, she swears by it. If that’s the case, then we have found a match. Bella Ciao, an open air restaurant started by Italian chef Mr. Ciro Cattaneo is also Chennai’s first Italian restaurant. The setting and the food at the restaurant both compliment each other brilliantly, making it a desired restaurant for couples.



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6. Copper Chimney

It is very difficult to find a lover of North Indian Cuisine who hasn’t heard of Copper Chimney. The brand is four decades old and is famous for the punjabi dhaba style dining experience that it provides.


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7. Thoondil Restaurant

With greenery all around, this restaurant provides a village like setting in which you can enjoy your food. The restaurant specializes in Barbeque, Chinese, Indian,Chettinad and Seafood.


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8. Kipling Cafe

A garden with private huts where people enjoy European and Asian cuisine! This is what Kipling cafe is famous for. The restaurant also offers balcony space for couples for a more cozy dining experience. Kipling Chennai also has a rooftop restaurant which with it’s sea-view is a perfect setting for a romantic dinner date.


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9. Azzuri Bay

If you are located in the Adyar area in Chennai, then this is one option you should definitely checkout. With food options ranging from Thai to Mediterranean, the restaurant is famous for providing delectable treats to the guests.



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10. Skyline Restaurant

Skyline is a roof-top restaurant inside Hotel Sangam located at Mannar Street. It is a combination of sumptuous food and favorite beverages that makes the guests come back for more. The roof-top dining experience is another thing that makes the restaurant a good option for your dinner date.


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