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Holi, undoubtedly, the most popular and most-awaited festival of India is just around the corner! The festival is synonymous with colours and fun, but most importantly it upholds the spirit of happiness and celebration. The day when we all embrace our childhood once again while we try to escape the worries of the world. It’s a day, children and adults both eagerly wait for, to meet our family and friends so we all could have a blast together!

While we know Holi is a time for celebration, it is also the most auspicious time to bring happiness to people who matter to you. And what’s the best of doing that? Gifts, definitely! That’s exactly why we’re writing this article – to help you select the most thoughtful and personalized gifts you could present to your partner, family and friends. And the ones that reflect the spirit of this festival. So, shall we get started?


Holi is essentially a colour of festival and nothing symbolizes its colourful spirit better than Gemstones. Yes! Gemstones come in all different colours and we all have our own list of lucky and favourite colours, right? Those of your friends or family who like red would love coral, garnet or ruby as a special gift from you. For people who have a soft-corner for seas, greens, blues and aqua colours, would be amused if you gift them aquamarine gemstones, emerald, onyx, turquoise and sapphire gemstones.

Topaz comes in a wide range of colours giving you many options to select from. Yellow sapphire gemstone will be the best gift for anyone who’s in love with the colour yellow. Birthstones are also a great gift idea as they clearly signify the thought you put into the gift. Gemstones are believed to bring luck and goodwill, and that’s why they have a mysterious and magical aura to them. So, why not make your beloved this Holi with gemstones!


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Holi Gift Hampers

There are lots of hampers for Holi available for you to choose from. But, who says you have to pick the hampers created by someone else! You can design a personal hamper by hand-picking the items the recipient would love the most. Hampers are a great way to pack the love and care you have for a person and make their special day of Holi, ever more special and colourful.

So, what could go in a Holi hamper? Anything, right from the mouth-watering gujjias to the pack of eco-friendly and safe colours, to the water gun (a.k.a. pichkari), chocolates, dry fruits, perfumes, body care products, and so much more. Actually, you can let your imagination run a little wild as there are no rules to pack and gift a hamper. And plus, this is a lot of fun, too!

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Apparels for the perfect Holi look

The dresses you wear on Holi can seldom be worn again, which is why, we can’t make up our minds on what to wear. And white is a favourite colour, which makes it all the more difficult for you to get rid of the stains of gulal. So, why not gift a set of apparel that your friends or family could wear for Holi and look their stylish best even when they have colours and water all over them?

For men, you could opt for crisp cotton kurtas, while a white traditional salwar kameez would be perfect for women. And little boys and girls would simply love brightly-coloured t-shirts, shorts, etc. Remember, the clothing for Holi should spell comfort because you’ve got to have fun, right?

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Gold and silver jewellery

For those of you who want to splurge your partners or friends this Holi, you might want to consider buying them a fine piece of jewellery. What’s better than personalized jewellery made with precious metal to show your love for your beloved!

Pendants designed with diamonds and genuine gemstones would look stunning with white gold, platinum, or silver bands. Whether it is rings, pendants, bracelets or earrings, all of them make for a perfect Holi gift, especially when it’s wrapped in your love and affection.

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Gold Idols and pendants of Gods

Idols of Gods and Goddesses are great gift ideas for every occasion, and it couldn’t fit better with the festive spirit of an auspicious day such as Holi. Your parents, elderly people in your family, friends, and newly-married couples would all love to receive idols or pendants of Gods, especially made with precious metals and genuine gemstones.

These religious pendants will light up their lives with happiness and blessings. They’ll thank you deeply for the amazing thoughtful present that infuses a spirit of devotion to Holi. For those of you thinking of buying gifts for your long-distance relatives, do not worry. You can simply order the pendants and send your Holi gift online to get them delivered just in time for Holi. We at AuGrav might be able to help you with that, do check us out.

You can also select some truly personalized jewellery based on people’s hobbies and professions. Sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? Just pick anything you like at AuGrav, and let us do the rest of the work while you enjoy playing Holi…

Have a Fantastic Holi from all of us here at AuGrav!!!

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