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Launched on April 17 2011, little did the creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss of the show knew that soon the whole world would be gripped with the Game of Thrones craze. The American fantasy drama broadcasted on HBO has broken all types of boundaries as it has been widely accepted by the diverse adult population in every corner of the world. Some people like it for the drama, some for romance, while some love the series for the superb action sequences whereas others love it for the fact that GoT appeals to their intellect.

The series has everything right going for it to keep the readers intrigued while satisfying their curiosity in every subsequent episode. The fans of Game of Thrones often find it difficult to put their finger on the things why they like watching the show. This is because the show connects with them on various levels. And one of the most important aspects of GoT is its extremely complex characters that are portrayed as humans that are equally prone to making mistakes. Each character of GoT has been carefully created including their appearance and the look. This also includes some incredibly unique and amazing pieces of jewellery that have now become quite a fad among people.


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In this article, we will walk you through some truly marvelous and gorgeous jewellery pieces inspired by Game of Thrones. We’re sure you’re going to love these Game of Thrones jewellery pieces. More so, if you’re a GoT fan!

Game of Thrones inspired Bracelets

If you’re a GoT fan, you would love some amazing bracelet designs you could go for that have been inspired by your favourite show. Some of the Game of Thrones bracelets that caught our attention are this coin bracelet in bronze, this large Viking Norse Wolf Bracelet, the black beaded dragon bracelet and this beautiful compass bracelet.



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Game of Thrones House Rings

The House Rings worn by the characters in GoT didn’t go unnoticed despite the gripping plot of the show and we know you’ve wondered many times before, about getting a few of those, right? The truly unique collection of men’s and women’s Game of Thrones inspired rings in the series has become quite popular worldwide as they spell both, attitude and style. Especially, the Game of Thrones dragon rings such as this fantasy dragon ring, dragon scales ring, and more, are sure to get you some envious looks and compliments.

This popular Daenerys Targaryen dragon ring is also a superb gift idea for a GoT fan. Ohh, we almost forgot the Stark Wolf rings that would also work as a great gift! Additionally, the golden lion ring, sigil rings, My Sun & Starts – The Moon of My Life couples rings, the dragon heart wedding ring set, the sun and moon eclipse engagement ring, and the astounding iron throne ring are some of the other designs which we think stand out!


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Game of Thrones Necklaces

While we just looked through an amazing and quite large collection of rings that were inspired by GoT, the necklaces worn by the women on the show are bold and creative beyond imagination.

Whether it is this Direwolf pendant necklaces, the ones having GoT quotes and messages, dragon egg pendant necklaces, raven talons and cornelian pendants, or the beautiful Targaryen necklace, you’ll love showing them off as they can go with all types of outfits! The pendants with messages such as “Winter is Coming” is also quite popular among women who are ardent fans of the show.

You can also buy different pendants showing different houses such as House Arryn of the Eyrie Crest Pendant necklace or this Glow in the dark silver plated house pendant necklace.





Yes, we know we couldn’t cover all the pieces of jewellery that the in the show characters wore, but these are some of the best and being GoT fans, we trust that you’d love them too! Including these Game of Thrones accessories in your jewellery collection is a great idea to spice up your daily style and give a new personality to yourself!

At AuGrav, we are committed to bring the most awesome collection of personalized jewellery to you. We could have your favourite designs imprinted on earrings, bracelets, finger rings, and pendants of the metal and purity you desire. Check us out for more details here. Get your Game of Thrones vibe on!


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