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There is nothing happier than becoming a mother. The Touch of the baby, tiny eyes, tiny legs, and tiny hands, all of these special moments heal a mother’s heart. Even a would-be mother can feel every movement of the baby from her ovary, and this moment makes a mother fall in love with the child. It is also said that only a mother loves a child without seeing. Additionally, Breastmilk jewellery that celebrates the bond of mother and newborn child is nothing new. From presents to personalized jewellery featuring your child’s name, there are numerous keepsakes, just like the breast milk keepsake ring, that honour your status as a mother.

Furthermore, there is no comparison of other jewellery such as silver, gold, and diamond with breast milk jewellery, and even it can’t show the essence of motherhood. So, meet breast milk jewellery, a moment that lets nursing mothers celebrate their “breastfeeding journey.” At the same time, the idea of memorializing the special breastfeeding bond between mother and child sounds intriguing. Here, we at AuGrav ensure the high quality of breast milk jewelry. We work with gold, diamonds, ruby, sapphire to create unique and elegant breast milk jewelry to honor the journey of motherhood. 

A mother is nothing short of a superwoman who will go above and beyond for her child. And the first time you’ll understand this will be when you start breastfeeding your child.

Being a mother is like becoming your child’s one-stop provider and protector in every way. Considering the aforementioned, it is clear why nursing is one of the millions and billions of gestures to a mother.


This quiet time with a child has deepened the bond, making it extremely unique for both of us. Breastfeeding has been for me a really special chapter, a warm, loving ritual filled with cuddles. It is just priceless! Hearing my heartbeat while nursing, it has given my daughter a tremendous gift of comfort, sustenance, and a sense of protection.

Tamil Letter Breast Milk Gold Pendant

The breastfeeding experience is a special way to commemorate this historic journey because it has been so empowering. Preserve the images of my infant’s twinkle as she snuggled up to your breast, the delight of her first smile, and the adorable burps and spit-ups. In order to commemorate this accomplishment and a very touching and fulfilling phase of the motherhood experience, you can create our own exclusive line of jewellery.


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You can commission a broad variety of breast milk jewellery, just like you can with other kinds of jewellery. 

Rings: A breast milk ring is exactly what it sounds like: a ring with a stone made of preserved breast milk as the “stone.” These rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can personalise them by adding colourful glitter or metallic flakes. Other materials, such as powdered placenta or crushed umbilical cord, are sometimes used in jewellery.

Filled With Love Breastmilk Ring1

Necklaces: You can make a customized gold pendant with breast milk filled and wear it as a necklace on a chain.

Earrings: Do you prefer your breast milk to be worn on your ears? You can make studs or anything similar out of your breast milk for you to wear.

Bracelets:  They can be included in the same way as breast milk can be worn on a necklace.


 Some women have breast milk jewellery designed to commemorate a time in their lives when they felt the most powerful or to reflect on a moment when they felt physically connected to their child. After so much effort and perseverance, other women want to recognise and appreciate their hard work. They hang onto this for a variety of emotional reasons.

Little Memories Gold Breastmilk Ring


One of a guardian’s most significant life milestones is childbirth, followed by breastfeeding and raising children, especially if the guardian is a mother. One of the best ways to express love, gratitude, and respect for the unique contribution made by mothers and children is to capture the beauty of their relationship in a photograph. Without a doubt, this beauty will be cherished and loved by women, particularly mothers and potential mothers. Not to mention, the jewellery made from breastmilk will have unparalleled significance and meaning.


If you’re wondering how breast milk is used to create jewellery, each jewellery designer may have their unique methods, but the fundamental process of preserving the milk is likely to be very similar. Here is the typical procedure:

Pear Shaped Breast Milk Gold Ring

The expressed breast milk is sent to the jeweller in a zip-lock bag or container after being kept. The milk is then combined with additives that assist the milk to become plasticized or hardened.

The milk is then combined with resin, which makes it easier to form into any shape that the jewellery Breast Milk Jewelry Safety Warnings. 


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Here are some safeguards you may take with breast milk jewellery to prevent deterioration and extend its useful life:

  • Avoid exposing the jewellery to direct sunlight for an extended period of time as it may cause discolouration.
  • Avoid using hair sprays, lotions, oils, or other similar chemical products near your jewellery.
  • To clean the jewellery, use very mild cleansers and a delicate towel. Additionally, any sharp-edged things could damage the jewellery.

Tamil Letter Breast Milk Gold Pendant

While some moms desire to finish the tiresome process of constant pumping and feeding, others want to look back on this time as a reflection of their close relationship with their child. Some women tell us, I’ve been struggling to feed my baby for years, and that’s why I want to have this jewellery made. I want to treasure it for a very long time.

One of the most nourishing and rewarding experiences a mother may have is nursing her child. Furthermore, some women can feel the need to turn their experience into something loved for years to come, which is where breast milk jewellery comes into play. Consider purchasing some breast milk jewellery if you want to create a memento that will serve as a testament to the unique link you share with your child.

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