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The first point of sparkle a person sees when they look at you, you will want to make sure your lobes are suitably lustrous.  And there are no more elegant ear accessories than diamond studs, which make for a dazzling first impression.

Diamonds are forever! Before buying your Diamond studs you must know important aspects of diamond jewellery, the most important feature being its setting. The craftsmanship of a setting gives the ring the overall style. You may like a ring for its only setting. 

Diamond studs are great, but sometimes whoever makes them doesn’t pair the settings with the right gemstones, or they don’t know what kinds of gemstones work with different kinds of settings and materials.

Study up on diamond stud earrings with our essential guide.


Simply put, settings for diamond studs are the earring bases that attach to your ear and which hold your diamond gemstones snugly inside their grips.  They can come in several different styles, such as:

  • Prong. These hold your diamonds with 3 or 4 prongs in even distributions around their sides.
  • Bezel. These hold the diamonds with a band of metal that surrounds the gemstone.
  • Martini. These are shaped like a cone, kind of like a martini glass.
  • Basket. These have a flat bottom and the stones are placed at the top of the “basket” shape.
  • Crown. These settings have a flat bottom, too, but the stones are placed further down in the “crown”.


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Furthermore, there are different metals that can make up the diamond stud settings, such as yellow or white gold or platinum. Platinum, in particular, is a good choice thanks to its durability. Yellow gold can be sensitive to scratching and damage over time, including warping and bending.

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What makes the best settings for diamond studs is your own, personal style. For instance, prong and basket styles of settings provide great visibility for the stone, but at a bigger risk for losing the diamonds if they fall or are bumped. Crown or bezel styles are very secure but might provide a little less diamond visibility. It’s really up to you!

Matching material with gemstone has more to do with colour. Brighter colours go with bright gemstones, while silver or white gold goes really well with traditional diamonds since they don’t overpower the colourless nature of that gemstone.  


The best diamond mounting earring style depends on what characteristic you most value.

For Beauty:

Prong settings help maximize any diamond’s beauty. Compared to other mounting styles, prongs cover the least amount of the diamond. This way, you can show off your beautiful diamond and bring attention to your face. Baskets are a great option because they will not uncomfortably tug on your ear piercing.

For Security:

Never worry about losing your diamond with a bezel mounting. Besides keeping your diamond secure, bezels will protect the diamond from scratches. Bezels unite security and modernity into one convenient style.

For Glamour:

Thanks to their generous sparkle, halo settings will have you feeling glamorous. Even small diamonds will look large and radiant in halo mountings. From the moment you put them on, halo earrings have you looking like an A-lister.


Settings for diamond studs aren’t flashy by themselves but are necessary for displaying the jewellery pieces. Think of them as integral parts of stud earrings that you can’t live without, and that you can use to further your own fashion statement since there are so many different types!

Diamond earrings are classic, gorgeous, and endlessly customizable. One of the main things to consider when shopping for diamond earrings is your choice of setting. A diamond earring setting hugely impacts its overall style. Looking for something more glamorous, more modern, or more elegant? There’s a setting for you. There’s really no one best diamond stud earring setting for everyone. What’s best for you is what you love, what fits your personal style.

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An open setting is a version of the all-around setting.  Like the all-around setting, a lip of metal holds your diamond or gemstone in place all the way around the stone, but unlike the all-around setting, the tip at the bottom of the stone is visible from the side.

This is a great setting if you are looking for the safety of an all-around setting but want a degree of ‘openness’ to your design.

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  • Showcases the beauty of a diamond.
  • Light can disperse more easily, maximising sparkle
  • A unique and modern style
  • provides the wearer with added peace of mind that the central diamond is secure.
  • A modern alternative to a traditional engagement stud.
  • A popular choice for both men and women.
  • Secure for those with active lifestyles.


  •  Open tip settings tend to work best for larger stones, especially diamonds, where there is sufficient stone to be seen from the side.
  •  These settings leave the diamond more vulnerable to damage, so a greater degree of care should be taken when wearing open designs.
  • May catch or snag more easily.
  • Can be tricky to keep clean.


A style of setting a diamond in a stud in which there is metal under the stone so that no part of the stone below the girdle is exposed to light; the stone was set in a collet soldered to the hoop of the ring.

This was the style of early stud settings The style was used in the Renaissance before the importance of the gemstone itself was appreciated, and the bezel received the lavish decoration. It was superseded in the 18th century by the cut-down setting, but to a greater extent in the 19th century by the use of a collet made of a thin band and the development of the claw setting, the millegrain setting, and later variations.

Sometimes a small hole is bored in the base of a closed setting for transparent stones so that they can be cleaned.


  • Because the structure which holds the diamonds in place is hidden below the surface, it shows the entire stone face. There are no prongs or bezels which cover portions of the stone’s surface in order to hold it firmly in place. That’s why using closed settings is a valid technique for enhancing the look of diamonds. It’s a smart way to use less expensive diamonds yet obtain a more expensive overall look for the ring.
  • The closed setting also creates an uninterrupted effect for the diamonds which are positioned next to each other.  Because multiple stones are set very close together and along the same plane, smaller diamonds blend into one larger shining surface.
  • A closed setting is more difficult to make, requiring the jeweller to spend more time preparing the stones and set them into the underlying structure. For this reason, closed settings are more valuable and unique. When purchasing engagement couple rings and other diamond jewellery, most people appreciate details that make it special.
  • Another advantage of a closed setting is that it is easy to clean. To make the diamonds shine brightly again, all you need is some soapy water and to buff it up with a soft cloth.



  • Though closed settings show more of the stone’s face, the cut required to hold it in place does not guarantee the lightest reflection. Other settings are better suited to optimize a diamond’s brilliance.
  • Because this type of setting is a bit more complex than other options, the stones should be checked and the ring or the studs should be polished by a professional jeweller on a regular basis. The stones are fixed in place in a closed setting, but it’s possible that they could get loose over time or fall out if the ring is not properly maintained.
  • It’s also important to note that rings with closed settings can be more difficult to resize. This is because resizing would likely require the underlying framework to be modified or refitted.


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