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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events you will cherish for the rest of your life. Whether low-key or grand style, the day must be eventful and glamorous.

Everything about the big day must be perfect and organized, meaning there’s no room for errors before, during, and a few days after your wedding. 

Hence, you might need an expert wedding planner to handle all the stressful pre-wedding activities. 

This article discusses reasons you should hire an event planner for your wedding and how to get the best option. 


  • They save you all the stress 

Here’s the first and most important reason for hiring a professional wedding planner. Wedding planning is stressful. Finding the right event venues in Singapore, reliable photographers, best caterers, and florists are hard.

Meeting wedding officiants, ordering invitation cards, and engaging in mock trials are also challenging. 

However, you don’t have to worry about these tasks if you hire a reliable event planner. They will handle everything on your behalf without leaving any key steps. 

They will take the stress and pressure that could affect your physical appearance on D-day. 

  • Wedding Planners will deliver your dream wedding

It’s one thing to know the wedding you want, but it’s another thing entirely to execute it. Luckily, wedding planners are more than willing to organize your dream event without affecting your schedule. 

They will dot all I’s and cross all T’s to provide the wedding you will cherish forever. They will meet different people across the industry and ensure your dream comes true. 

Hire a wedding planner; tell them your favorite color scheme, wedding theme, and decor style, and they will handle the rest. 

  • They guarantee a fun-filled and seamless planning process

Pre-wedding planning should be enjoyable and exciting. Unfortunately, most couples don’t like this stage due to stress and pressure. 

Choosing the right wedding planners will make the process exciting and fun for you and your partner. 

You won’t run from pillar to post trying to sort things out yourself. Instead, the planners will run most errands and complete pre-wedding checklists. 

  • Wedding Planners help you focus on important things

The wedding planner will be responsible for finding the right venue and meeting the vendors, while you will have more time to focus on personal stuff. 

Hiring an expert event planner for your wedding will reduce your responsibilities and assignments, allowing you to concentrate on looking good on the big day. 

  • They will handle contract negotiations with other vendors

Though wedding planners aren’t lawyers, they can still negotiate contracts with other vendors. They will negotiate contracts with wedding vendors and ensure all conditions are favorable before your approval or signature. 

  • They are cost-effective 

Sounds surprising, right? Well, it’s the truth. Though hiring an event planner costs a fortune, you will get the best service within your budget. 

Your chosen wedding planner will offer the best service because their reputation is at stake. They will get discounts on many wedding items and rentals as part of their desire to deliver the best and most cost-effective services. 

  • Timeliness 

Wedding planners are known for timeliness as they will complete each pre-wedding task within accurate timelines. They will perfectly time their services and ensure they provide everything at the right time. 

  • They will advise you when necessary 

Wedding planners have overseen multiple wedding ceremonies, and they follow wedding trends. They boast vast experience in choosing the best wedding costume, attires, women’s or mensweddingbands, and accessories., 

Hence, you can deploy their experiences and expertise to your advantage. For instance, you can seek their advice on which wedding rings will match your and your spouse’s outfit. 

They can also advise you on trending norms in the wedding industry that will add more color and class to your event. 

  • They guarantee an organized wedding ceremony 

A wedding planner’s job goes beyond finding the best venue or completing pre-wedding checklists. Their responsibility involves making sure the big day goes according to plan. 

They will monitor everything within their care and prevent unwanted issues that could affect the day. They will help keep close tabs on all the rented items and the catering department during and after the celebration. 

Hence, it’s safe to say that hiring a professional wedding planner allows you to relax and enjoy your memorable day. 

Now that you know why you should hire a wedding planner for your event, in the next section, you’ll find out the factors to consider when looking for one.


Here’s the first thing to consider before hiring a wedding planner. Discuss your preferences with your partner, and know what you want during the event. 

Do you want a low-key or grand ceremony, closed or open reception? These are some questions to answer before searching for event planners. 

  • Your Budget 

Your budget is another significant factor to consider before hiring a wedding planner. 

Your budget will determine the size of the wedding ceremony and the best planner available within your budget. 

  • Service Charges / Pricing Policy 

Every wedding planner has a unique pricing policy. Some have a fixed charge regardless of the wedding size or time, while others alter their charges based on current market prices. 

Therefore, you must find an event planner with a flexible pricing policy and ready to deliver top-quality services within your budget. Likewise, ensure you choose someone open to negotiation. 

  • Planner’s Reputation and Experience 

You can’t settle for a wedding planner without experience or a strong reputation in the industry. Hire an expert who will offer a seamless planning process and advice when necessary. 

Research and find more information about the event planner you intend to hire. Check online for feedback on the planner’s previous jobs, or consult the local convention and visitors bureau for more results. 

  • Transparency 

Marriage is all about transparency and fidelity. Hence, choose an event planner with a transparent mode of operation. 

Get someone who will tell you everything related to pre-wedding checklists, expenditures, and other significant parts of the planning process. 

Your chosen event planner must guarantee regular communication and easy-to-monitor organization. 

  • Compatibility 

The event planner’s schedule must be compatible with yours so you can be on the same page and enjoy smooth planning processes. 

For instance, the planner should be ready to work with you on weekends if you are a 9-5 employee. Similarly, you need an event planner in the same continent to avoid timezone issues. Don’t ignore compatibility when hiring the right wedding planner for your event. 


  • What do wedding planners do?

Wedding planners will coordinate all the pre-wedding tasks, ensuring you and your spouse have stress-free wedding preparation. They will meet with other wedding vendors, design the venue, make necessary calls, negotiate contracts, and provide necessary items that will make your day memorable. 

  • How to plan a wedding in three months?

Though three months seem too short, you can still plan a glamorous wedding within the time frame. Set the date, hire a wedding planner to handle most of the pre-wedding checklists, purchase your suits, and assign wedding roles. 

You can trust an experienced wedding planner to organize a great event in three months by exploring their established connections. 


You should know by now that hiring a wedding planner comes with many benefits, especially if you are expecting many guests. Meanwhile, observe all the factors discussed in the article when hiring a wedding planner for the best results.

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