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There are many romantic places to propose in 2021, but some just stick out more than others. Here are 7 places to consider with bonus ideas.

A couple kissing each other after a proposal while a woman shows a ring

When you know that you’ve found your soulmate and you both feel ready for marriage, it’s time to propose! So, you’ll need to find the perfect engagement ring and choose a unique location. There are many romantic places to propose in 2021, but some definitely stand out more than others. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

#1 At the top floor of the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Dubai is a city with a wow factor, and there are many ideas for a jaw-dropping marriage proposal. However, the most spectacular one is undoubtedly on the top floor of the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa. What can be better than proposing among the clouds at 1820 ft? You can book tickets for the desired date in advance and watch a sunset from the 154th floor. Whether you’ll propose from the outdoor terrace or the indoor lounge, the views will be amazing. And as the skies turn pink with romance, you’ll have a roller coaster of emotions. After the proposal, you can enjoy champagne at Atmosphere bar (one of the world’s highest bars) and continue the celebration.

#2 Fairytale like Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany

The charming and unique look of this structure inspired Walt Disney to create his Magic Kingdom. This gorgeous castle is located in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany. It’s in a magnificent landscape, on the top of a hill, surrounded by dense forest. The best effect for the proposal would be to take your partner to the Marienbrücke bridge built between two sheer cliffs, offering the most spectacular view of the castle. Tour the castle to see majestically decorated interiors, and make sure to take a stroll through beautiful gardens around the castle once the tour is finished.


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Neuschwanstein Castle and its beautiful surroundings look like a place from a fairytale.

Neuschwanstein Castle – one of the romantic places to propose in 2021.

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#3 Vineyard in Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is one of the best romantic places to propose in 2021. When it comes to popping the big question, that there’s no way your partner is saying ‘no’ surrounded by beautiful rolling Napa Valley hills. There are romantic fireplaces and sweeping vineyard vistas which will complement the magic moment. Here are some suggestions for planning your proposal:

  • Organize a picnic with snacks and Cabernet, make it look very spontaneous, and when the perfect moment comes, ask the most important question.
  • Book a private balcony winery tasting along with a photographer who will capture the best moments.
  • Propose in front of the Castello di Amorosa – the authentic medieval castle and winery nestled into majestic mountains of Calistoga.
  • Book a private hot air balloon ride and have the ultimate engagement experience in the sky. Sparkling wine and a photo session are usually included in the package.
  • Take a road trip and decide to step over on the side of a road for a spontaneous bend of the knee. Instead of giving your partner an engagement ring, you can bring them to get a ring tattoo (if you both like something creative and unusual).

#4 Choose a romantic resort in the Maldives

Beach resorts in the Maldives are a definition of luxury, romance, and breathtaking beauty all around. You can plan for something adventurous or something intimate and heart-warming. Whichever way you choose to confess your love, it will certainly be remarkable. For example, you can organize a private dinner under the starlit sky, enjoy the bliss of serenity and then surprise your partner with a beautiful ring. Or, you can book a relaxing spa therapy in the underwater treatment room that many hotels have.


Photo Credits: www.pexels.com


There is no right proposal time because the days are as beautiful as the nights.

A couple kissing on a beach during the sunset.

#5 Glass dome hotel in Finland

Here’s something for the perfect winter proposal: Expressing your love while gazing at the Northern Lights from a heated glass igloo is the ultimate romantic experience you can have in the frozen forests of Finnish Lapland. You and your partner can absorb the natural wonders from the comfort and privacy of your own room with a jacuzzi while having the Aurora Borealis as your backdrop. After a proposal, waking up to a crisp Arctic morning among the silent, snow-covered fells will be truly magical. When you head out of the igloo, you’ll have a plethora of options to explore outdoors, from skiing, river rafting, and dog sledding to snowmobile safaris, reindeer rides, a husky-farm visit, fishing trip, a Nordic walking tour, etc.

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#6 Ubud, Bali 

Bali is a tropical island paradise that offers warm weather and tropical vibes. If you and your partner are nature lovers, you can propose in the jungle – in Sacred Monkey Forest or Elephant Safari Park. Or, you can decide to do it with a dining experience on the beach. Your partner can be surrounded by rose petals and 100 candles. Ubud has some great hotels with infinity pools, spa treatments, and many romantic packages for couples. You’ll enjoy views of wonderful rice terraces, stunning river valleys, serene temples, and gorgeous rolling hills.

Photo Credits: www.pexels.com


Ubud is the perfect place for a proposal with its lush green surroundings.

Man in white shirt and woman in red dress in Bali jungle.

#7 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and one of the most romantic places to propose in 2021. This shimmering plain is a sight to behold and a truly unique spot to pop the question. Just imagine you two on the gleaming white canvas only interrupted by blue skies and the outline of distant mountains. Your partner will literally feel like they are in heaven. If you want to have an authentic engagement, this is undoubtedly one of the most stunning places your eyes will ever see. The setting is just perfect and probably beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Furthermore, you’ll have some surreal photographs with water reflections.

Moving in together after your engagement

The proposal is a beautiful ceremony and with it starts the new chapter of your life. Many couples choose to move in together right after their engagement. However, it’s a big step, so make sure it all goes smoothly – have patience with your partner, be honest, make some compromises if needed and always be open for communication. Ensure to have time for each other but also leave some time for yourself and your routines. If you make all important decisions together, that can help in keeping your relationship healthy and strong.

Final thoughts

Planning a memorable proposal doesn’t have to be stressful if you organize everything in advance. Even though there are many romantic places to propose in 2021, only you know which one is the best to pop out the question. Whichever location you choose, we hope you’ll get a “yes” and solidify your love.


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