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Members of the workforce whose offices have shifted into their living rooms, bedrooms, even closets in the pandemic are now more likely to be complimented on their Zoom background than the outfit they pulled together for the big virtual board meeting. Forced into tiny rectangle boxes, we’ve started dressing from the shoulders up and lost the impact of a full head-to-toe look completely.  Much advice has been given on how to appear pulled together 60 seconds before turning your camera on—it generally involves red lipstick, a hairbrush, some blush.  But there’s another easy way to get into the business mindset of jewellery.  Sure, putting on some fine or costume pieces may seem silly when you can’t be bothered to even put on real pants. Here are some of the most dazzling jewel ideas to wear to your next video call, or just around the house.

 Working from home has quickly become the new norm, and Zoom has become the hot new hang out spot during these uncertain times.  As tempting as it is to stay comfy and cosy at all times while at home, there will be times that call for a more put-together look.  This blog is all about how to style yourself for a virtual meeting, and make sure you make a lasting impression! Even if your meeting is simply a hang out with friends, it is always nice to feel polished and pretty.



A white button down is simple yet stylish.  The beautiful thing about Zoom meetings is that you only have to worry about your outfit from the waist up, so if you want to wear sweatpants, go for it! Just make sure your top is sleek and chic. 


Just like with a blazer, adding some jewellery is a simple and effective way to upgrade your Zoom look.  A statement necklace or simple gold necklace is always an elegant addition, as are small hoop or stud earrings.  Avoid stacked bracelets or any other jewellery that makes noise when you move, as that will distract your other Zoom attendees.


There’s no need to put on a full face of makeup if you are just hanging around at home, but a few key products can help make you look awake and glowing through your video camera. This simple routine takes just a minute or two to do and will make you look like you didn’t just roll out of bed even if you did!

A simple makeup routine will make you glow, even over video chat! 


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The green screen backgrounds you can add in on Zoom are fun and mix things up, but I would recommend limiting those to friend Zooms or informal team meetings.  For formal meetings and discussions with clients, you’ll want to set your computer up in a simple location, ideally facing a wall so you don’t have family members or roommates walking behind your screen.  A plain wall is optimal, or one with neat artwork. Bookshelves are another neat and professional-looking background option, and a great way to show off your personality through the books you’re reading, too

Keep reading for some fabulous style inspo for your next virtual meeting!


a. Drop Earrings

The first thing that comes to mind is “Party on top, cosy on the bottom!” With that being said, a great way to make sure you look stylish and put together is by rocking a simple and spectacular pair of earrings




Have your lockdown fashion habits changed? Do you want to wear statement earrings that stand out on Zoom for your meetings, parties, or gatherings?

Earrings accentuate your facial features and also bring the viewer’s attention to your face. Any type of earrings may do, but drop earrings are the best type.  Choose a pair with just the right length, ones that do not hang lower than your chin. Keep the styles simple as well, avoid flamboyant tassels for now and settle with minimalist pairs.

With virtual meetings, bring out your best and your boldest.  Drop earrings come in many shapes, sizes and colours so there is definitely something for everyone. Worn correctly and with enough punch and jazz up any outfit on your virtual calls – even if you’re still in your sweatpants!


Think of the pairs of studs as the ultimate star of your work-from-home outfit, especially during online meetings when it’s all about the face. It’s time to get those statement jewellery pieces and let them do the talking while you’re on mute!  Nothing beats a charmer and you better invest in a good one.


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A delicate beautiful necklace always makes you look a bit more put together even with the most casual of loungewear.  A lovely chain layered over a plain t-shirt or jumper can look so elegant.

Or if you want to look really on-trend for your Houseparty girls night, why not create a layered look by stacking a couple of simple necklaces together?


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As with the earrings, avoid wearing ones with flamboyant designs. Settle with a simple stone pendant necklace or minimalist layered chains. Everyone has their own sense of style and charms are great for showcasing individuality, as they are unique to the person wearing them. Not only will charms and necklaces represent your personality, but some contain certain gemstones which are known to have healing properties.


Rings and bracelets are less likely to take centre stage during your Zoom call, but there’s still a chance they will make an appearance.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you will see these vibrant pieces all day-so why not liven things up! You may not always see your earrings or necklace unless you’re looking in a mirror or your computer screen during the call.


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 But when you look down at your big, colourful rings and a stack of fabulous bracelets, they will surely bring some sparkle to your day! Not only will these bracelets elevate your mood, but they are the perfect bracelets for Zoom calls as they don’t make any noise. Unlike traditional bangles, no one will be distracted by a jingle sound every time you move!


The spectacular trend of lightweight jewellery this season is the time to accept more than ever.  Lightweight jewellery is easy and completely comfortable to wear. This jewellery is now on the rise with numerous modern designs. Lightweight jewellery is not just for the trend to style your traditional lightweight jewels also suitable for everyday and office wear.



 As the jewellery becomes lightweight, the price drops too! That too, without compromising on the quality. With lightweight platinum bracelets for women, your options are plenty and up-to-trend!  A lovely lightweight bracelet collection with pearls can also be mood boosters, especially when matched with fashion jewellery of the same colour.

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.


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