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With summer finally here, now is a great time to tie the knot and start the next chapter of your life. But which dress should you choose? With so many options, looking for the right dress can easily get overwhelming. Luckily, we can help lower the stress levels. Read on to learn what the best bridal’s dress is for 2018!

7. White Isn’t the Necessary Go-To

Yes, a white wedding dress is (and will always be) beautiful and traditional. But, nowadays, dresses have some color. According to Martha Stewart Magazine, a little bit of color here and there is becoming a trend, and was seen from the Bridal Fashion Week; however, romantic colors like flirty light pinks and light blues are making way for more unconventional colors like… black. Yes, you can now try on and consider wedding dresses in black, and continue the new trend that is making waves in the wedding dress world.


6. But Don’t Discount Classic

Perhaps a bit of color is not your style, and you’d rather have more of a traditional look? Rest assured, classic bridal dresses are always in. Why not consider getting that elegant long train (as we saw in Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding)? Or perhaps, as Brides states, a simple yet elegant V-neck? No matter what, when in doubt, classic is always a safe go-to and a great starting point when it comes to trying on wedding dresses.

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5. What About the Sleeves?

Long lace sleeves are now in, and with good reason. With lace, the sleeves add a bit of a fairytale touch, which brings out the whimsical romanticism of this big day, especially if the sleeves are off the shoulder and go down about an inch from the wrist, as Glamour points out. You could go for a Victorian style dress and pair the sleeves with a high lace neck and slender body. It would also be perfectly paired with other small details like bows and buttons, without making the dress look busy.



4. Bridal Dresses Don’t Have to Be, Well, Bridal Dresses

Now, as Vogue states, jumpsuit wedding dress is a trend you may see more of; it has poked its head out from time to time but has really cemented its status in spring, as the famous fashion magazine describes. And it makes sense. The jump-suit dress remains stylish and chic, but it also has a practicality and ease to it. When you think about spending hours on end in the dress, from dancing on the dance floor to walking down the aisle, a jumpsuit dress makes this look easy.


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3. Don’t Forget the Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a very youthful and charming touch to a dress that makes it that much more magical and accentuates the spark of your big day. Swap the traditional headpiece out in exchange for a beautiful flower crown, to make a lovely statement.


2. Bonus: Don’t Miss Out on the Accessories

According to Real Simple, like with the wedding jumpsuit, weddings accessories are going a more practical route. Instead of mustering through your big day in heels, go simple yet elegant by wearing flats. Such flats can be one color or consider wearing bedazzled flats with costume jewels and a stitched design.


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1. The Train is Always In

A train is always a great staple when it comes to wedding dresses. Depending on your style, it can be short (according to Brides, chapel trains tend to be between 12 and 18 inches long), medium (Brides goes on to state that Cathedral trains are 22 or more inches long), or long (Brides mentions Royal trains can be as long as a whopping 25 feet!).



Final Thoughts: Which Dress Will You Choose?


Know that your wedding will be amazing no matter which dress and accessories you choose. To make sure you get the wedding dress of your dreams, shop around, bring supportive friends and family, and start trying dresses on as early as possible (we’re talking several months in advance, to play it safe).  

Will you go with more of a traditional style? Or will you choose one of these trends? Better yet, will you start a wedding dress trend of your own? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.


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