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Keeping the proposal a secret comes with its own set of difficulties, and determining the ring size without revealing oneself might be difficult. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of strategies you can employ to obtain the information you require. However, be aware that each one has a different amount of difficulty. Some will be simple but will not necessarily provide the most accurate findings, while others will be challenging but will ultimately benefit you the most.

Whatever method you pick, we want you to feel comfortable purchasing your ring in any store. Learn about six different methods for determining the ring size:

Finding one of her rings and borrowing it temporarily is one of the simpler ways to figure out her ring size without her noticing. Normally, we would not approve of removing something without their permission, but in this case, we believe it is for a good reason.


  • Our dominant hands are slightly larger than our non-dominant hands (so be sure you are measuring their left!)
  • The Standard size for men is 17-23
  • The Standard size for women is 8-14
  • Wider rings fit tighter than thinner bands, so if you borrow a ring to measure, make sure it’s the same width as the one you are planning to buy.


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Diamonds are not just for proposals anymore. You might receive it as a gift when renewing your vows, on your wedding anniversary, or even on someone’s birthday! It’s not always about proposing when it comes to determining a ring size. And, if you can’t ask them, it’s most likely an engagement ring, but let’s face it, some guys have no idea what their partner ring size is!

In any event, you should know your spouse/ partner’s ring size without asking them, because if they find out, it will be far worse if you are married.

So, if you want to know someone’s ring size without asking them, whether it’s a friend, a parent, or even your wife, this is the last piece you will read on the subject.

However, for the sake of this article’s flow, AuGrav will concentrate on determining your partner ring size. But, then again, you may use those techniques anywhere, at any time!


1. Each finger is unique.

The size of each of your fingers will vary somewhat. If you want to wear the ring on your left ring finger, make sure you size that finger. Size your middle and pinky fingers if you wish to wear a customized ring on them. Another thing to consider is that your dominant hand’s fingers may be slightly larger than your non-dominant hand’s fingers.

2. It’s All About the Temperature

Have you ever observed that when it’s hot outside, your fingers swell? This is because the temperature affects the size of your fingers. Fingers swell in hot weather and shrink significantly in cold weather. Because you will want to be able to wear your customized ring all year, try to measure your finger while it’s at its widest in hot weather. You won’t acquire a ring that won’t fit over your finger in the summer if you do it this way.

3. Measure the length of your finger at various points

Keep in mind that the ridge where your finger meets the rest of your hand—the section you’re sizing—is slightly tapered in. Your knuckle may be wider than the part of your finger where the ring will be worn. A well-fitting ring will slide over your knuckle and rest comfortably and snugly on your finger, yet not being too loose to readily move back over your knuckle. Measure the size of your knuckle as well as the area where you will wear the ring to make sure it will fit over it.

4. Size Up if you are unsure.

When choosing between two sizes or considering which size to order, most professionals advise going with the larger size. A ring that is a little loose on your finger is more wearable than one that is too tight. It’s also a lot easier to resize the ring to make it smaller than it is to expand it to make it larger when it comes to changes (which would require sourcing the same metal or material used to make the ring).


The key is to borrow the ring while remaining undetected. Take notice of where your partner store the rings, whether in a jewellery box or on the nightstand while he/she prepares to shower or get dressed. Choose an opportunity when you will have more time to be precise and won’t be concerned about their returning and revealing your secret.

Even though this is the most obvious option, make sure you follow these two guidelines to complete your mission:

  1. Make sure you don’t get caught! Especially if your partner is the type of person who inspects the jewellery box daily!
  2. If your partner has not worn the ring in a while, it’s possible that it no longer fits since their finger size has changed. So keep an eye out for it!


Asking one of your partner’s friends for their ring size is an excellent method to find out. This knowledge comes from friends now and then! And, if the friend does not know straight immediately, he or she can inquire (nonchalantly). Even better, enlist the help of a buddy to take your partner ring shopping “for fun.” Have them properly sized so you can determine whether your partner is a half size or a normal ring size. It’s better to find a pal who may have had acting ambitions in the past!


So now we are getting a little weird. If all else fails, wrap the string around your partner’s ring finger while she snoozes. Mark the point where the string forms a complete circle.
Take this to the jeweller and do your best to avoid their look of judgment.


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Another strategy is to compare the size of her fingers to yours. You can do this by just scrutinizing her hand without causing her to think too much about what you are doing. The level of difficulty is extremely low, yet there is a lot of potential for error. Perhaps you will observe that your fingers are about the same size as hers, or that hers are somewhat smaller. Then you will need to figure out your ring size and make an educated guess from there. You can even covertly try on her rings to see if they fit any of your fingers (such as your pinky), then have your finger measured!

This works in some cases, but you must realize that there is a possibility of inaccuracy.


Try this strategy instead if you are afraid of losing one of their rings. One of their rings should be placed on a sheet of paper. On the inside and outside of the ring, draw a circle. Make sure your ring traces are consistent and can indicate the correct ring size by doing this process multiple times. From your sketch, we can typically figure out the inside diameter of their ring!


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Try taking one of their favourite rings to a jeweller for sizing. This process can take seconds and is a more accurate way of knowing your partner’s ring size. The challenge is finding a ring they wear often and find comfortable but won’t notice is missing. If you have to secretly take a unique ring your partner wears on their right hand, remember that our dominant hands tend to be slightly larger. If they are right-handed you will need to size down, and if they are left-handed you may need to size up.

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