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What does a woman want? To be treated like the queen she is! There are a few beautiful women out there who followed their hearts and made sure they got their crowns from society. And here, I am referring to those women who believed in their potential and went on to realize their dreams. This article is saluting all those beautiful women that have been crowned Miss World so far. Every year, this beauty pageant attracts several beautiful women from all over the world. Most of us are keen to know more about the – questions like what makes them beautiful, and the lifestyle they follow. These women inspire millions around the world and keep the fairytale dreams of young girls alive.

One of the most prestigious and established beauty pageants still in existence is Miss World. Since Eric Morley of the United Kingdom founded the pageant in 1951, it has become an award for flawless beauty, talent, and achievement. The crown is a common emblem and a source of great pride. And the women who have been named Miss World have not achieved the title on their own. Their perseverance is evidence of the unwavering support they received from their home nations, and their success serves as a proud icing on the cake of what those countries have accomplished internationally.

Women are just queens, despite the fact that there are many other words we could use to describe them, such as bold, beautiful, daring, or powerful. Women are truly remarkable beings, with hearts the size of the globe and shoulders capable of bearing the weight of their world and those they love.

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Crown Rings


Similar to Miss Universe, Miss World also saw several crown alterations. However, did you realize that the tradition of declaring MW victors didn’t begin until 1955?

The very first winner Kerstin ‘Kiki’ Haakonson wasn’t crowned during the Festival Bikini Contest, as it was only the press that named the contest Miss World. The victory rites during her time involved standing at the highest level of a podium (much like the Olympics) with a bouquet and sash.

Throughout the history of the pageant, the crown has been changed eleven times.

  • The first ‘crowned’ winner was Venezuela’s Carmen Susana Duijm. It was only used 3 times.
  • The second crown was used at the crowning of South Africa’s Penelope Anne Coelen in 1958. It was only used for that edition of the pageant. The three crowns after the original were used only once each.
  • Rosemarie Frankland of the UK was the first to don the fifth Miss World crown, which was in use for nine years. The crown set a milestone for the pageant by being the first to be used in nine straight editions. Austria’s Eva Reuber-Staier brought it to a close in 1969. In 1970, Jennifer Hosten of Grenada received a brand-new crown. Because of its style, the crown was given the moniker “jester’s crown” or “fool’s crown.” The Grenadan Prime Minister was one of the judges that year, which added to the controversy. Due to the apartheid situation, it was also the year when the MW permitted two South African women to compete (one black and one white).
  • A fresh crown design was once more adopted in 1972. Even though it was only employed for that one year, its tenure didn’t finish there because it will likely return again in the future. The honour of being the first to don that crown belongs to Belinda Green.


  1. Miss World has been holding competitions since 1951, making it the longest-running significant international beauty contest.
  1. Eric Morley, the event’s founder, organised it in response to the Festival of Britain, which was going on across the Thames. Since then, it has developed into one of the greatest and most well-known events worldwide.
  1. Every year, more than a million women enter the national pageants in the hopes of winning the title of Miss World.
  1. More than 160 nations have competed in Miss World over the course of over seven decades.
  1. In 1959, the Miss World pageant was the first broadcast in its entirety.
  1. With more than 2 billion viewers and televised in more than 180 nations, Miss World is the most viewed yearly television event.
  1. Under the tagline “Beauty with a Purpose,” Miss World has raised more than $500 million since its founding for a variety of philanthropic causes.
  1. Although the Miss World finals were first hosted in the UK, they have also been held in Hong Kong, India, South Africa, the United States, Seychelles, Poland, and China.
  1. With five each, Venezuela and India have produced the most Miss World winners. With 25 titles won, Europe has outperformed all other continents in the Miss World competition.
  1. The Miss World crown, which represents fundraising, was created by Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellers, Garrards.


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According to reports, the crown is valued at $5 million, and it is encrusted with 18-karat gold, 1,770 diamonds, and a 62.83-carat shield-cut Golden Canary Diamond in the centre.

At the VLCC Femina Miss India grand finals on Sunday, Sini Shetty of Karnataka was named the winner of the Femina Miss India World 2022 title.

Rubal Shekhawat of Rajasthan won the title of Femina Miss India 2022 as the first runner-up at the ceremony, which was held at the Jio World Convention Centre. Shinta Chauhan of Uttar Pradesh won the title of Femina Miss India 2022 as the second runner-up.

Sini Shetty, a 21-year-old originally from Maharashtra, won the crown during the event that took place at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. While she was born in Maharashtra, she represented the state of Karnataka during the pageant. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and also completed her Arangetram (dance) in Bharatnatyam when she was only 14 years old. She is currently pursuing a course in Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 

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