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Women, who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition. ~Timothy Leary

In the form of a mother, sister, friend, mentor and wife, a woman has always been there for you. From the very beginning of your existence to the time when you were having an existential crisis-she has listened to you, cared for you and shown you the light. The special days- Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Sister’s Day or Teacher’s Day-come and go, but should you really wait for an occasion to send them a bunch of same day online flowers delivery in Chennai and do something special to acknowledge their kindness and appreciate their feelings towards you?

We don’t think so, either!

So, here’s what you can do for the 5 special women in your life! Read on!


The simplest, most beautiful and affable person on earth, isn’t she? Remember, she was the happiest, when you wrote down a greeting card with bad spellings on a piece of paper? What possibly could you give her? She lives to see your face and a simple phone call from you can make her happy. If you can visit her and while visiting get a fresh flower bouquet of white roses for her, you have her hearts and blessings already! A white rose is the flower of pure and unconditional love-just what your relationship with your mother is about!

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She has listened to your sob stories. She knows you inside-out, she knows you the way you don’t even know yourself. Can you do enough for her ever? Maybe yes, maybe not! Start with a beautiful gift basket with her favourite chocolates and a mixed flower arrangement to express your love! The rest can be figured out later on!




Your mentor has guided you through your professional and personal roadblock and helped you shine! Be it about dealing with colleagues or how to deal a tricky situation involving your boss, she has always been there and you should be telling her that anytime sooner than later! An orchid bouquet or a bunch of dahlias are just the perfect pick to kick-start her day!

Wife / Partner

Your wife stands by your side when nobody in the world would glance at you. When you have shouted at her in your frustration or when she has done two jobs of managing your home and her work-without even so much as a complaint.

Her dedication, love and support are endearing, which can only be appreciated by an elaborated online flower bouquet delivery in Pune of lilies and daisies!

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A woman friend is as rare as a true love, so, if you have one-treasure her! The friend who has given you numerous advice to score your first crush while making boring college time or days in job wholesomely entertaining! Choose a bouquet of yellow roses to surprise her and convey that how she means all the brightness in your life!

There are many layers to love in a woman-brave, colourful, sombre, wild, marvellous and beautiful. Also, you can’t just love her enough and can do every bit to make her feel loved and safe! Start with a beautiful flower bouquet and let her know that you care and be surprised that’s all she needs to be happy and feel loved that you care for her.

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