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Signet rings are a classic band that has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years, and you may have wondered why. Signet rings, which were once considered a manly item of jewellery, have become a popular trend among both men and women. These one-of-a-kind bands, which were formerly only worn by royalty, have evolved into what we know and love today. Understanding this ring design is crucial to wearing them with confidence and adding a touch of class and sentiment to your jewellery collection.


          The following is a chronology of signet ring evolution:

  • As early as 3500 BC, the first evidence of an official seal was discovered in Mesopotamia. For authentication, the Mesopotamians carved icons into limestone and utilised signets.
  • Pharaohs and other powerful men began wearing rings with symbols carved into them to indicate their rank.
  • Ancient Greeks used signet rings made of ivory or easily worked stones like marble, selenite, or limestone as identification signatures, and the signet evolved from there.
  • Metals were brought into communities during the Bronze Age, and the first metal signet rings were created.
  • Most European noblemen used signet rings by the Middle Ages. They split off at the end of the Middle Ages.
  • Gemstones and artistic carvings were included in the signet ring in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  •  signet ring has become a fashionable ornament in the twenty-first century.


    Traditionally, males wore a signet on the non-dominant hand’s little finger to denote status and seal documents. The signet itself was a family crest, but each one would also have a personal identification mark on it. Signet rings were of the greatest quality, with symbols that were difficult to duplicate. The signet ring was destroyed after the ring holder died, guaranteeing that the nobleman’s seal was not replicated or plagiarised.Wearing a signet ring nowadays, on the other hand, is a modern spin on traditional fashion. It might imply a sense of belonging, community, and proximity. A ring with a family crest, for example, will serve as a continual reminder of family and intimacy. A ring with the emblem of a society, fraternity, or institution will add to one’s sense of belonging.

    Om Embossed Signet Ring1

    Signet rings can also symbolise freedom and a break from tradition. This was once a male-only ring, but it is now worn by both men and women, symbolising equality and modernity.

    Many additional forms of important rings have been inspired by the signet ring. Freemasons wear rings that look like signet rings but have a symbol of their trade on them. Various rings displaying individual symbols are worn by sports teams, motorcycle gangs, and educational institutions. All of these customs may be traced back to the original signet ring.


    A signet ring can be manufactured to fit any finger the wearer desires, therefore there is no such thing as the “right” finger. Signet rings are traditionally worn on the pinkie finger of the non-dominant hand, which is your left hand if you write with your right. This was due to the fact that stamping the ring in the wax without removing the signet ring was easier. However, the owner can choose how to wear a signet ring, as current signet rings can be worn as a wedding ring or as a statement ring. As a result, there is no “correct” method to wear a signet ring.

    Two Swords Signet Gold Ring1


    You may be captivated by this historical object once you understand what a signet ring is. These rings, which no longer reflect royalty, can now be stunning objects that everyone can own and wear. There are no restrictions on who can wear these elegant bands, so if you want one, you can!

    When a signet ring is engraved, it becomes absolutely unique to the person who wears it. There is no better option for folks who appreciate nostalgic jewellery. Whether it’s a monogram or a particular anniversary date, this engraved piece completely defines the individual who wears it. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want to be inscribed on your new jewellery.

    Sparkler Square Signet Gold Ring



    The cost of customising a signet ring is mostly determined by your budget. A basic blank metal bevel can be used as the signet ring, which is a wonderful fashion decision in and of itself.

    However, the most traditional approach to wearing a signet ring is to engrave a significant symbol on it. A meaningful crest, a monogram, or a special emblem are examples of these. There is no right or wrong answer here; it is all up to you.


    AuGrav has a lovely selection of gold signet rings. The classic shape is given a modern touch in our designs. You can personalise your artwork using our engravable options. These wearable rings will become an essential component of all your ensembles, whether you want to have your own initials engraved or a fortunate number. It’s entirely up to you what your signet ring is and represents.

Despite the fact that signet rings can be made in a variety of forms and sizes and incorporate a crest, initials, or other photos, they all share a few characteristics that distinguish them from other rings. They usually feature a flat bezel with an engraved design in intaglio, which means it is elevated and can make an impression when pushed into wax or other soft materials.

While these two characteristics must be present in order for the ring to be classified as a signet ring, the design, size, and form will be determined by your particular desire and style. The following are some of the most popular shapes:

The Oxford Oval is the most conventional and popular signet ring shape.

Round – a more modern and contemporary choice

Marquise – this form provides the ring with a more refined and elegant appearance.

Cushion ring – a square-shaped ring that was popular in Victorian times.


The signet ring is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that combines flair and sophistication with legitimacy and seriousness. Signet rings have long piqued Stephen Einhorn’s interest, as they combine his two passions for traditional style and usefulness. After all, what could be better than a piece that is both gorgeous and allows the user to leave their mark on the world? The signet ring is the perfect statement ring with a contemporary design style. Who knows, it might even inspire you to form that secret club you’ve always wanted to join. If you don’t have a ring, you won’t be able to get in After all, it’s all about exclusivity.

Many Canadian-trained engineers wear the Iron Ring as a sign and reminder of the duties and ethics entailed with their trade. In a private ceremony known as the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, the ring is given to engineering graduates

The ring serves as a reminder of engineers’ humility while also symbolising their pride in their line of work. The ring acts as a constant reminder to the engineer of his or her duty to uphold a high level of professional ethics. However, the ring is not a sign of engineering certification; provincial and territorial licencing agencies assess engineering credentials.

Muscular Square Signet Gold Ring1

 Last but not least… 

A signet ring is much more than a ring. It’s a daily reminder of tradition, significance, and meaning. A must-have classic piece for trendsetting men and women, the signet ring offers subtle sophistication and style while symbolising tradition and distinct beliefs.

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