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The popularity of platinum and white gold in rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, is increasing at an all-time high rate. A lot of young couples prefer white gold or platinum to seal their bond of love, as these metals have a modern look and feel, over the traditional yellow gold or silver rings. The fantastic, shiny, silver-white look of these metals, make them a first choice among couples seeking contemporary-style designer rings. And we couldn’t agree more!

But, what makes Platinum and White Gold different?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between platinum and white gold is? Platinum or white gold – which is more valuable? Although they look the same, are they really the same thing?

Platinum as well as white gold, both have a silvery white colour and a lustrous sheen. So, their physical appearance is definitely alike, but they are two completely different metals. Knowing the similarities and differences between them will help you make an informed decision while you’re shopping your wedding rings or any other type of jewellery.

So, here’s a list of factors for platinum vs. white gold…to give you a vivid idea about the two metals.


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What is platinum made of? Platinum is a transition metal; a chemical element with the atomic symbol Pt. White gold however, is an alloy of regular yellow gold, so its atomic symbol is Au, same as gold. To make white gold, yellow gold is combined with a white metal that gives it that signature look. The white metals that are generally used for this purpose are nickel, manganese or palladium.

Usually yellow gold is also combined with alloys to make jewellery, the only difference is, in case of white gold, it’s combined with any of the above-mentioned white metal to give it the required white colour.


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White gold as well as platinum, both have a similar appearance and you’ll see the same silvery white hue that’s highly sought after. Platinum is naturally luminescent white, whereas white gold gets its white shade from the metal that yellow gold is alloyed with.


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Platinum and white gold are both are highly reflective, which gives every piece of jewellery a striking appearance. Sometimes white gold jewellery may have a rhodium plating for an added dazzling finish. With time, the shine on white gold can get duller, and sometimes you may even start to see streaks of yellow, depending on the wear and tear. But the shiny white finish will return on re-polishing and re-plating with rhodium again.

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Physical Properties

When it comes to the properties, white gold has more or less the same features as yellow gold. So it’s malleable, ductile, and strong. Platinum is harder, denser, heavier and stronger in nature than white gold. When considering platinum vs. white gold durability, remember that platinum is more durable and suitable for daily wear. With rings that have gemstones or diamonds, platinum prongs holding them have less chance of breaking as compared to gold.

Loss Of Volume

Volume is yet another major difference between white gold and platinum jewellery. When white gold incurs scratches, a tiny amount of metal is actually removed from the jewellery. The smallest scratches can also reveal yellow gold. However, when platinum is scratched, the metal is actually displaced on the jewellery rather than lost, hence its total volume remains the same, and you don’t actually lose any metal.

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White gold is often plated with rhodium for a more striking white finish. Due to this reason, it may have to be plated and polished repeatedly to maintain its sheen and look over time. This also depends on the quality of the ring and jeweller you get it from, and on how often you wear it. Platinum however, doesn’t need any such maintenance.



Platinum Rings have softly rounded inner edges that allows for a comfortable regular wear. Another aspect to consider is allergies. Platinum is hypoallergenic, which means it’s unlikely to cause an allergy. In rare cases, some people can get an allergic reaction from the nickel used in white gold.


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Platinum isn’t very abundant in nature. It’s quite rare compared to other precious metals. Usually, 10 tonnes of platinum ore are needed to create one ounce of platinum. On the other hand, the base of white gold, which is yellow gold, is more readily available in nature.

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Platinum vs. white gold – which is more expensive? Based on the above points, you might’ve already realised that prices for platinum are high as compared to yellow gold. Since platinum is rare, it’s usually more expensive to procure. It’s also denser, which means more volume of the metal is needed to make the jewellery design when compared to white gold. Platinum also requires more skilled craftsmanship to work with, so the labour costs are higher. All these reasons attribute to a higher price for platinum than that for white gold.


Now that you know the fundamental differences between the two, we hope you can easily make the right decision for you. Both come with their share of benefits and compromises. Although platinum is more durable, it’s also more expensive. White gold can have a more reflective shine, but that can fade quickly and demand re-plating. So, at the end of the day, you need to choose the one which fits your individual requirements and tastes, as well as your budget.

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