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The idea of bending down a knee and proposing is surely nerve-wracking. You want it to be the perfect day, as engagement is a special moment you and your partner will treasure for the rest of your lives. This is also one of the factors why most are having difficulty picking the best engagement ring.

It is indeed challenging to find an engagement band that your partner will adore. These things are extremely expensive, so you have to make sure that you have bought a beautiful ring that will also look good on your partner. If you’re really having a hard time, you can ask their close friends and family for help. If that’s not possible, you have to take your time and do some research on your own.

To help you start with that, here are 4 tips in choosing the best engagement ring:

Pick A Ring That Suits Your Partner’s Style

When picking an engagement ring, keep in mind that you have to choose a piece that suits your partner’s style. You are the person who’s giving it, but you are not going to use it. They will be the ones to wear it every time on their finger. So you have to consider what they like and prefer if you want them to appreciate the ring you’ll buy.

Your partner’s clothes, shoes, and accessories can guide you and give you an idea of what they’ll like when it comes to an engagement ring. Match their style, whether it is more inclined to vintage stuff or it’s more into florals and bright colors, or it’s sleek and formal. It is also vital to know their ring size, because who wants to give an engagement ring that doesn’t fit their finger? Not you, right?

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Set A Budget 

It is undeniable that engagement rings are expensive as it often comes with a rock like a diamond, though remember that it is not always about the price tag. You don’t need to buy the ring with the heftiest tag. It is crucial to pick one that is perfect for the budget you have determined.

You can’t spend all the savings you have to purchase the ring with the largest rock. After your engagement, you’ll soon plan your marriage ceremony. That’s another thing that will be costly. So setting a budget will prevent you and your partner from stressing over expenses during the wedding planning.

Explore Various Sellers

It may sound stereotypical, but shop like a girl. You can’t just visit one jewelry shop and pick an engagement ring. You have to explore various stores, online and in-store, to see and check the quality of the rings. If you have decided to order online, read reviews that other people have posted to know about the quality of services and products they offer. It’s always better to be sure than having regrets later if you got a cheap-looking ring to use for your engagement.

It’s recommended to purchase on actual jewelry stores because most sellers, like Shane’s Pawn Shop, have ready-made rings you can browse and hold. Some even offer services for customized engagement rings, and you can discuss it with them upon visiting the shop. Checking different stores also lets you make price comparisons to get the best ring your budget will allow you.

Research About Diamonds and Metals

Before spending lots of money on a diamond engagement ring, you should first be knowledgeable about the basics of a diamond. You have to check the 4Cs of a beautiful diamond, which is the cut, carat, color, and clarity. 

A diamond’s cut matters the most as it provides the sparkle through its facets. When it comes to color, you should want something as colorless as possible. You also don’t want it to have tiny imperfections, that’s why you have to have clarity. Carat is your least priority because a diamond’s weight doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look sparkly and beautifully cut. There are a lot of websites and online jewelry guides that can help you with this information.

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The pressure to find the best engagement ring for your proposal can be stressful. Just follow these tips and consult a professional jeweler to create the perfect ring. Also, consider other factors that can make the situation special. 

Most fail to think about the ring box that you’ll grab when they propose. Your partner will surely appreciate the thought of exerting some effort to make a ring box more personal than using a generic one. Also, plan your proposal ahead to make it smooth, perfect, and romantic all in one. If things don’t go according to plan and even if you haven’t bought the most expensive ring, remember that it is still a special day you and your partner will cherish. 


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