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In the modern marketing period, today’s influencers are enabling everyone to comprehend fashion, participate in fashion, and create their own personal sense of style in the industry. These top fashion influencers support both large fashion brands and small and micro fashion designers, in addition to promoting fashion and style awareness of current market trends, culture, body type, colour theory, etc.

If you’re seeking some fashion inspiration, these Indian Instagrammers will surely encourage you to go beyond the boring apparel alternatives. They’ll polish your sense of fashion and provide you with the help you need for a wardrobe revamp.

ROHIT ZINJURKE – @rohittt_09_

Rohit is a video producer who specialises in providing content related to fashion and leisure. He first gained attention on the platform for short-form video, TikTok. However, Rohit increased his following on Instagram and YouTube after the app was banned in India.


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Rohit’s profile is crammed with images from his trips and his partnerships with clothing companies. Additionally, he publishes brief dance films. Rohit frequently wears a sharp polo under a chic coat or a cool blazer, along with spectacular jewellery and contemporary sunglasses.

KOMAL PANDEY – @komalpandeyofficial 

Fashion influencer Komal Pandey rapidly caught the eye of the social media community because of her unusual sense of humour. She launched her YouTube channel in 2017 with a focus on what she called “college couture,” and since then, she has worked as a stylist for the well-known channel popxo. She has collaborated with over 100 businesses, such as Olay and Vivo India.



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AASHNA SHROFF – @Aashnashroff 

Aashna truly loves fashion and lifestyle, which is evident in her Instagram page. On Instagram, she has a sizable fan base, and that number continues to climb steadily every day. Aashna maintains her taste in clothing, lifestyle, and beauty while also working on her website, The Snob Home, which discusses home furnishings. She has had a lot of difficulties getting her new page started, but nothing has been able to stop her from being successful! Aashna, keep up the good work! Olay India, L’Oreal Paris, Elemis, Dior, My Nykaa, Louis Vuitton, and others are a few of the brands with which Ashana has collaborated.


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KRITIKA KHURANA –@thatbohogirl 

She has one of the nation’s most followed and well-liked Instagram pages for fashion. She holds realistic beliefs, and her instructional films are really simple to follow. You’ll appreciate how adept and skilled she is at transforming worn-out, uninteresting clothing and accessories into something fun, engaging, and fashionable.

JUHI GODAMBE JAIN – @juhigodambe

In India, Juhi Godambe is a well-known luxury fashion and lifestyle influencer. She earned her master’s degree from the London College of Fashion and is now a full-time stylist, creator, and one of the most well-known Instagram fashion influencers. Additionally, she is the creator of the apparel line Arabella! Her content videos include trip vlogs, reviews of beauty items, and fashion advice.


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Owner of the clothing line Arabella, Juhi Godambe, makes it a point to never miss an opportunity to experience life to the fullest and to savour each and every moment. The Instagram account of this luxury lifestyle influencer is like a dream; everything is flawless and excellent! This Indian luxury lifestyle influencer makes it a point to inform her fans about the hottest fashion trends and the businesses she favours and has worked with. Watching her parents apply her bridal cosmetics and seeing clips from her wedding in such a small package is enjoyable.

SANTOSHI SHETTY – @santoshishetty

She has a great sense of fashion which is exceptionally unusual and inspiring. You will find her travelling to new places, and destinations and exploring different aspects and sides of fashion. Her sense of style is contemporary and chic. Moreover, her feed has an attractive aesthetic that will keep you captivated by her profile on Instagram.


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AAKRITI RANA:@aakritiranaofficial

One of the top Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram, Aakriti Rana is a fashion stylist and content developer. She is a model and has additionally collaborated with international companies. She earned a master’s degree in fashion design from Lancaster University and enjoys blogging and video blogging as well. She has a sizable following of over 700,000 on her Instagram profile and is noted for her original edits and themes in her Instagram material.


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SAKSHI SINDWANI –@stylemeupwithsakshi 

One of India’s top Instagram fashion influencers is Sakshi Sindwani. She is a proud proponent of body positivity and self-love in addition to being a model. She has appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo, Grazia, and Vogue India. Her insightful, imaginative, and interesting content videos have generated a tonne of Instagram traffic for her. She could therefore be a fantastic source of inspiration for you if you’re seeking fashion blog ideas!


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ROSHNI BHATIA – @thechiquefactor

TheChiqueFactor is amongst the best lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers on Instagram! Her style is elegant and chic and she provides her massive audience with incredibly easy styling tips and hacks as well. She is also a mother and is a true inspiration for working mothers out there. Very few top Indian fashion influencers are able to juggle their life so successfully between being a mom and a social media star.

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NIKI MEHRA MADAN –@nikimehra

Niki is a well-known Indian model, fashion blogger, businesswoman, and content producer. She originally began attracting notice with her hashtags #NMRethings and #HacksByNiki, where she gave her fans useful fashion advice.

Niki refreshes her Instagram with pictures of her gorgeous clothing, beauty styles, travels, and daily activities. Niki has previously collaborated with companies such as Swarovski, Vogue, Maybelline, Forever 21, H&M, and many more.

USAAMA SIDDIQUE -@usaamahsiddique 

He is a well-known men’s fashion influencer on Instagram in India and a very creative writer. He exudes a strong sense of aesthetics and an incredibly welcoming, simple, and minimalistic vibe. His clothing company, @thedapperlabel, is his own. Many famous people and public personalities are seen wearing his clothing line.


Influencers have the power to spread the word about your company and its goods using their original, pertinent material. Working with influencers has several benefits, one of which is the fact that they already have a sizable fan base that includes members of your target market. Brands have the chance to tap into the interests of their target market and covertly market their products by working with influencers. In order to connect with their target clients, luxury lifestyle firms must work with luxury lifestyle influencers. Some of the top Instagram influencers for the luxury lifestyle are those who have been highlighted above since they consistently post quality material and perform well.

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