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Two people fall in love, somewhat unexpectedly, and then an obstacle gets in their way. That might be distance or timing or their own personal battles, but in the end, despite the struggle, they wind up happy and together.

There’s also another element that tends to come into the picture: humor.  In fact, there’s a whole genre devoted to these stories, they’re called romantic-comedies.  But why is it that we like to mix the seriousness of love and heartbreak with the lightheartedness of fun and humor.

Love is great, but it also can be hilarious as well.  And, humor in relationships is pretty important. Funny love quotes make you laugh, see from different aspects and bring you closer to each other.

If you’re searching for love words to share with the people you love or just want to feel inspired yourself, AuGrav has an amazing collection of romantic falling in love sayings, heartwarming quotes and I love you more than you know.

Sharing funny love quotes with your partner can be romantic and add more spice to your relationship.  No relationship can last long without having a dose of humor and fun every now and then.  Humor has the power to bring a couple closer and provide a new and different perspective about each other.


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You may be married or just starting to see each other, it is always great to share funny love quotes every now and then.  You will be amazed by how your words can have a magical effect on your partner and your relationship. Give them a reason to laugh together and your bond will become stronger.  Here are some funny and humorous love quotes for everyone to spend some great time together laughing and building stronger relationships.

All of them should be worth reading through. If you have one to add, just let us know. 


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Einstein says “Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do—but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it”. 


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Life is not the same without humor.  Whenever we express our love to someone, we don’t always have to look so serious. When you mix your words and actions with a little humor, your loved one will find your moments together more memorable and special. 


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Let your partner feel your love.  It doesn’t need to be grand and expensive though. Exchanging gifts to one another or surprising him or her for a dinner date may be the safest thing to do during Valentine’s Day, but make the day more memorable and moving, be a little more romantic and unleash the writer within you.


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Valentine’s Day, a day when a man’s or woman’s fancy turns to love.  To be with a person you adore the most already brings a smile to your face.  The funny and entertaining moments you share will make you crave for each other’s presence even more.


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The heart swells and the brain stops working.  Daydreaming, forgetfulness, fantasies, desire, and love in the heart take away all the brain’s power to reason. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes maybe not.  Either way, we are all fools in love, are we not?


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If this person you might marry is unruffled by slow internet service, then they are a keeper! If they sigh audibly and show signs of general impatience, that’s ok, no worries there. However, if they throw their monitor across the room….run!


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Love is not always all that romantic, everyone does some funny things in the name of love. What better way to relax than to have a good laugh about them.  Damaged and broken seem to be the new cool when it comes to love these days, the more rotten they are, the more likely they’ll fit into a Hollywood Romance.


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A woman wants whatever it is that she wants, whenever she wants it, and in whichever way she wants it.  The trick is not to figure out what she wants, she’ll tell you, but that you stay on your toes and keep up with what she wants.


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We’ve all heard that love is patient and love is kind, but have you ever thought about how hilariously funny love and romantic relationships can be as well?  That’s right. As any stand up comic can tell you, love can bring a chuckle, giggle or a side-splitting laugh out of just about anyone you’ll meet.


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When you’re in love, you are automatically having a good time.  You are with the person you adore the most, and anything you do with them brings a smile to your face, even when they’re annoying you worse than anyone has before! So naturally, your love life is sure to be full of some downright entertaining moments.


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Fun is necessary in life.  If you are in love you want to see a smile all the time in her face sharing some Funny love quotes is a good idea.  It will help you to spend good time with her. Even if you are far from her and talk via mobile of social site you can share these funny love quotes with her or tag her on social sites.  These funny love quotes not only express your romance and love but also give a cherish smile on her face which ultimately give you happiness. 


People with a great sense of humor have often expressed their views about love and relationship through romantic comedies and funny love quotes for a long time.  Funny love quotes focus on the humorous side of a relationship from falling in love to struggles faced by couples in a relationship.  These are light-hearted jokes about love and relationships. Below you will find funny love quotes describing these humorous situations. Cute funny love quotes are perfect to share with him/her.


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