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It is your wedding and you do not want your D day to end up as a day filled with bad memories for your guests. You would really like your guests to look back on your special day with as much fondness as you do.

There are simple steps which you can take during the process of planning your day that will keep your guests happy and make the day pleasant for everyone.

11. Finalising the date

Who would you want to spend special days like Christmas and Easter with? You will not want to let go of your family time and traditions to attend a wedding? The same scenario applies to your guests too.

You can choose holiday season so that it is convenient for your guest but do not go for special days as everyone will want to have their own plans. It is also better to let people know about your wedding dates in advance so that they can make necessary plans like booking tickets or generally keeping the day free.

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10. Weather

Please take climatic conditions into consideration. You cannot control nature so unexpected showers or a hot day is excusable but you don’t want your D day to be during peak summer when everyone will be sweating it out and will not want to step out or in the middle of monsoon when the place is going to be flooded.

So choose a time when the climate will be ideal and not a disaster. Make some thoughtful quick innovative options if you think it might rain that day or be hotter than usual. You can stock some emergency umbrellas or extra fans. This will make the entire day better.

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9. Do not miss inviting

Once you have finalized the date it is important you prepare the list of people you want to invite. Do not invite people on the go as you might end up missing people who really matter to you and you might give invitation to people just for the heck of it.

Double check the list so that you have all the names and addresses. Please send out invites well in advance as no one likes being invited for an event the last minute.  And make sure you have the numbers in place as it will be important when you make other arrangements. Also find out about the exact number of guests invited by your fiancé so that you have a rough idea about the total number of guests attending your wedding.

Indian Wedding Invitations

8. Food

Food is an integral part of any wedding and you don’t want to mess around with it. It is important to finalize the menu and caterer and have two to three tasting sessions. It will also be great to have one surprise tasting session so that you know the level of performance of your caterers.

Choose a menu that your caterer is familiar with so that your D day is not based on experimentation. It is important to take the tastes of majority of your guests and then decide the dishes and cuisine.

indian wedding food


7. Venue

You might like exotic venues but ensure that it is practical to reach the venue and not an adventure just to reach the venue.

If you are having the ceremony and reception at different venues ensure that there is transport provided for guests who need it and also it will be thoughtful if it is not very far from each other as no one will want to spend hours on the road travelling between venues.

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6. Formalities

You might have various traditions and formalities that you will have during a wedding but reserve them just for close family members as not every guest will be interested in the numerous formalities that take place.

Indian wedding formalities


5. Time

It is true that time and tide waits for none so respect the time that your guests have set aside for your wedding. Let the people know who are giving speeches how long their speeches can be.

You don’t want your guests to have the feeling of sitting in a boring lecture. And if you are planning to change your dress for your reception after the ceremony or if you are going on a joy ride make sure that you make it fast as you don’t want your guests to be waiting endlessly for you.



4. Loud music

Music is soothing, fun and enjoyable when it is in the right decibel and the choice of music is also important.

You don’t want your wedding to resemble a pub. It is a wedding where people like to converse, have fun and shake a leg so keep that in mind and choose the band or music accordingly.

Music loud


3. Long queues for photographs

Photographs will help you relive the day but try avoiding long queues for photographs instead ask your photographer to capture candid moments and the guests as and when they catch up with you. This will be less of a hassle and everyone will be happy and you will still have the memories.

Wedding photography

2. Seating Arrangements

You do not want half the crowd to be standing and half the crowd to be seated or the venue to be overflowing. So get your numbers right and make sure that the venue you choos4e can seat the entire guest list and everyone is comfortable.

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1. Return gifts/ Thank you notes

It is important to return the thoughtful gesture your guests have done. So let them realize that their time and presence was important to you and meant a lot through a small return gift or thank you note. It speaks volumes of who you are as a person, so do not neglect it.

Chocolate-boxes- Indian wedding return gift


Plan your wedding well and have a complaint free wedding day.

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