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Jennifer Smith told that “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” So when you are about to embark on a journey of your lifetime it is important to get your to-do list ready and make sure all the boxes are ticked as no one wants to face regrets.

1. Move out of your parent’s shelter

You might be the only child and pampered but it is high time you learn to lead your own life and live under your own roof. It is a difficult task but try it before you enter wedlock even if it is for a short while. You will be surprise to know how smoothly you can handle things and it will definitely be a learning process that is worth it.


2. Spend time with friends and family

Your life is definitely going to get busy and you will be hard pressed for time after marriage with new responsibilities and people entering your life. So make sure you spend enough time with your family and friends as these will be treasured moments that you will cherish forever. Have small dinner parties and get together and fun time with your loved ones.


3. Go on a trip

Do not hesitate to pack your backpack and go on a trip. It can be a short vacation to a nearby place you have been wanting to go or it can be an adventure filled trip. Just travel and have fun. It can be a trip with your close groups or you can just take off on your own. You will never regret this trip.


4. Spend some “ME” time

There is going to be loads of planning and excitement surrounding you with your wedding around the corner but make sure you take time off just for yourself. You can enjoy your time at the spa or grab a cup of coffee and settle with your favourite author. Make sure no one or no chore comes to spoil your “ME” time.


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5. Spend time with your fiancé

You might have known your fiancé for ages or might just have got engaged, either ways it is important tospend some quality time with each other and understand what the other expects out of you once you are married and to let him/her know your expectations of life and marriage.


6. Know your fiance’s family and friends

It is time to widen your circle and get to know your extended family and friends who you will be hanging out with. Plan an evening out or a short trip so that you are in sync with them.


7. Talk about boring stuff

The time between your engagement and wedding is the most exciting period but it is also important to talk about boring but important stuff like insurance, savings, etc as these will play a big role once you say your vows.


8. Learn to fight and make up

Ann Landers said, “All couples should learn the art of battle. “ Good fights are the ones that are honest and objective and it helps the bond grow stronger as it is constructive and healthy. So do not hesitate to fight and make up as it is natural and will only make you fall in love all over again.


9. Decide about your career

Your career is as important as your marriage so decide how you want to shape your career and share your ideas with your fiancé so that he/she is on the same page. Set goals and work towards it and learn to have a good work-life balance.


10. Figure out who you are

Even if marriage is an institution where two become one, it is important that you know you as an individual and not become a shadow. Only when you discover yourself will you be able to find your space in the relationship and this aspect is important for the marriage to be a happy union.


So do not forget to enter wedlock after your boxes are ticked as it will definitely be a happy chapter in your book of life.

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