Custom Charm Bracelet in 22K Gold



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Attractive AuCharm bracelet is beautifully crafted allowing you to acquire the most fashionable accessory that is both easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Combine it with ethnic or western attire to give your wardrobe a stylish touch.

The product is available in 22k Yellow Gold and can be made in 950 Platinum as well and can be customized to your taste and needs. The product weighs approximately 6 Grams. Kindly get in touch with us before placing the order.

Note: Prices are subject to vary based on the Current Market Price.

Add a statement to celebrate wearer’s personality and accomplishments.

Express your style or commemorate and celebrate special events and relationships, with charm bracelets.

Made in 22K yellow gold to bring grace and elegance to this design.

Express your personal stories, interests, hobbies, and passions with the charms.

Mix and match with the our list of charms or be imaginative with your own choice and add a glimmer to your everyday look.

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Approx Metal Weight (gms)





Yellow Gold

First Charm

1A – Blossom, 1B – Om, 1C – Instagram, 1D – Bell, 1E – Boat, 1F – Treble Clef
2A – Leaf, 2B – Star, 2C – Whatsapp, 2D – Candy Stick, 2E – Shell, 2F – Quaver
3A – Flower, 3B – Moon & Star, 3C- Twitter, 3D – Christmas Hat, 3E – Sea Shell, 3F – Semiquaver
4A – Autumn Leaf, 4B – Cross, 4C – Facebook, 4D – Cross, 4E – Mermaid, 4F – Piano
5A – Floret, 5B – Taoism, 5C – Youtube, 5D – Socks, 5E – Dolphine, 5F – Harp

Second Charm

1G – King, 1H – Baby Bib, 1I – Sun, 1J – Cheese, 1K – Pen, 1L – Paw
2G – Queen, 2H – Nipple, 2I – Moon, 2J – Chocolate, 2K – Handbag, 2L – Elephant
3G – Infinity, 3H – Pram, 3I – Lightning Cloud, 3J – Dairy Milk, 3K – Lipstick, 3L – Fish
4G – ECG Wave, 4H – Feeding Bottle, 4I – Rainbow, 4J – Ice Cream, 4K – Stethoscope, 4L – Duck
5G – Heart, 5H – Hair Band, 5I – Star, 5J – Cup Cake, 5K- Heels, 5L – Honey Bee

Third Charm

1M – Rugby, 1N – Heart, 1O – King, 1P – Letter, 1Q – Mushroom
2M – Skates, 2N – Spades, 2O – Queen, 2P – Bird, 2Q – Grapes
3M – Bicycle, 3N – Clubs, 3O – Pawn, 3P – Number, 3Q – Pineapple
4M – Badminton Racket, 4N – Diamond, 4O – Bishop, 4P – Letter, 4Q – Apple
5M – Bat & Ball, 5N – Joker, 5O – Rook, 5P – Dog, 5Q – Mango

Fourth Charm

1A-Heart, 1B-Butterfly, 2A-Cross, 2B-Teddy

Fifth Charm

1A-Heart, 1B-Butterfly, 2A-Cross, 2B-Teddy


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