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Before you get down on one knee, think about what the form of the diamond in your ring symbolises. Ask yourself, “Does that suit her style?” Is it a shape that reflects her character? It’s important to remember this since the diamond form speaks volumes about the person. 

A diamond wedding ring is both highly personal and extremely expensive. When your significant other makes a big purchase, you must fall in love with the stone. Trying several styles on your hand is a fantastic way to get a sense of what you prefer on your hand—there are no incorrect choices when it comes to diamond cuts, but knowing your particular style and what you’ll feel most comfortable wearing will aid your soon-to-be-bought diamond.

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You can choose between a princess cut, a marquise cut, a cushion cut, and a round cut. You can also select an oval, emerald, Asscher, or pear-cut diamond. Whichever option you choose, the gems you select reveal a lot about your character and personality.

So, are you ready to learn what your diamond form reveals about you? Have a look at the numerous diamond shattering techniques in this blog.


One of the biggest decisions you will make when customizing your engagement ring is choosing your diamond. From oval to princess cut, pear, and more, there are many options to choose from. But, did you know that the diamond shape you choose may tell of your personality?

Many people don’t realize that each diamond shape has a meaning attached to it, making it something for you to consider when designing your ring. Want to know what your ring shape means? Let’s see how close it is to your personality!

Continue reading to find out more about how your diamond wedding ring form reflects your personality.


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Personality Trait: Easygoing, sentimental, full of life, and daring.

In this category, pear cut diamonds are the most unusually shaped. They are the most adaptable in this regard. They have a teardrop shape to them with a rounded end that tapers to a single point.

Its shape is a dramatic blend of a marquise-shaped diamond with a dazzling round cut stone. The teardrop can convey a strong sense of romanticism and melancholy.

It reveals a lively and bold personality.

The pear cut diamond is the finest choice for you if you are inclined to the excitement and seeking adventure! It showcases the woman’s desire and determination while also bringing out the joy that comes with this characteristic.

If you look closely, you’ll see that this wedding ring is worn by most career-oriented ladies with a strong sense of focus. It’s also for ladies who can strike a balance between adventure and ambition.


Personality Trait: Someone who enjoys glitz and shine.

Round cut diamonds are the most popular and brilliant diamonds in the jewellery industry. A fan of refinement with a touch of elegance and luxury Round cut diamonds are the most popular and brilliant diamonds in the jewellery industry. They were created in the 1900s and have 57-58 facets that allow light to pass through the diamond.

If you are a stunning woman, you will be struck by the refinement and blend of flamboyance that this sort of diamond offers. If you’re a woman who appreciates elegance with a hint of simplicity, this is the dress for you! It becomes even better if you realise how versatile round brilliant diamonds are. It goes with everything in your closet, whether formal, casual, or vintage!

Keep in mind that jewellery is a fantastic way to express oneself. When you wear round cut diamonds, you may show off your love of luxury, outgoing personality, and vivid personality to anyone.


Personality Trait: Bubbly and outgoing with a traditional and unwavering personality.

The radiant cut diamond is a suitable middle ground between the cushion and princess cuts. The squared shape resembles an emerald cut diamond in appearance.

Radiant cut diamonds differ in that they have a distinct arrangement of facts, allowing for more brilliance. It’s a one-of-a-kind artwork with flat corners.

Most individuals also enjoy it because of its adaptability. It goes with almost any ensemble and looks great in a setting with a round side or baguette diamonds.

It’s the perfect piece to flaunt a little splendour while also bringing out a woman’s reserved character with its delicate design. It achieves a delicate mix between bubble and reservation.


Personality Trait: Individualistic, Specific, Sophisticated, Lively, and Creative Personality Trait

Because the oval-shaped diamond has about the same number of facets as a round brilliant cut diamond, it possesses similar brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

The shape is well-suited to its carat weight and has a unique contour that makes it appear larger than it is. It’s for the women who know who they are and aren’t scared to show it.

It’s ideal for the smart and creative woman.

They have a brilliant appearance and are ideal for anyone who wants to accentuate their long and attractive fingers.


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Personality Trait: Vintage, dramatic, amusing, and full of life personality trait

It has an extended body with pointed sides, giving it the appearance of being larger than it is.

It’s ideal for a woman with a retro sense of style who wants to add a touch of glam to her look. Although the marquise cut diamond is not a popular shape for customized engagement rings, it has been used in a few exquisite pieces. It has a dramatic edge to it and is perfect for any brave woman.  Its sharp tips at the end ring true with both internal and external power. They aren’t for the faint of heart or those who have too many restrictions.

If you believe that rules are created to be broken, this ring may be a good match for your personality.


Personality Trait: Romantic, passionate, sentimental is a personality trait.

The heart shape diamond wedding ring may be the one for you if you are romantic and affectionate. Its shape is unique, and the heart is a sign of love.

This style of diamond cut should be avoided if you want to make a statement. It’s just an ‘I love you’ greeting with a gleaming diamond thrown in for good measure. Wearing a ring like this demonstrates that you are wearing a large part of your heart on your sleeve.

This form denotes a loving, passionate, and affectionate personality. It draws attention to the fact that you are sentimental.

Aside from that, it demonstrates an increased feeling of fearlessness and an unwavering desire to take a chance. It demonstrates your willingness to go to great lengths for love and your belief in true love.


Personality Trait: Traditional, Feminine, Elegant, and Dramatic are personality traits.

The Asscher cut diamond, like the emerald cut, has a square form. When it comes to the numerous ring forms available, this style dates back to the roaring 1920s and is considered as a conventional choice.

It has approximately 74 facets, making it both bright and refined.

It’s best suited to a lady who is elegant and conservative with a dash of drama and femininity. Women who wear antique rings with Asscher cut diamonds have a retro appearance.


Personality Trait: Diva, Extravagant, Unique, Flashy, Sophisticated

The emerald cut diamond has to be one of the most unusual stone forms in jewellery. It boasts a unique blend of brilliance and clarity because of its step facets. This diamond cut allows divas to show off their personalities. It brings out your extravagant side and demonstrates your appreciation of glitz and beauty.

The emerald cut diamond highlights clarity better than any other diamond shape due to its lengthy facets and stacked corners. Exuberance and accuracy are reflected in the way it is carved. It’s a powerful and striking piece that exudes a strong sense of tenacity and domination. It has a fierce quality about it.

When you choose to wear an emerald cut diamond, you tell the world where exactly you are in life and send out a message of self-awareness.


Personality Trait: A person who is witty and enjoys having a good time.

After the round cut diamond, the princess cut diamond is the most sought-after shape in jewellery. The majority of brides choose this style because they want something classic but lovely. It has a square shape and is seen to have a stylish design.

Its curve evokes beauty, a sense of edge, and elegance. Princess cut diamonds make any woman feel like a princess. It also has a contemporary feel.

If you look attentively at women wearing princess cut diamonds, you’ll notice that they appear as they belong in a storybook.


Personality Trait: Romantic, brave, and trustworthy

The cushion cut is a square cut with softened sides, which makes it less round than a round brilliant cut diamond and softer than a princess cut.

Its shape is considered vintage or antique, and it has a particular appearance. It radiates a romantic aura and has a refined impression.

It has a vast number of aspects that highlight its brilliance. Wearing a cushion cut diamond marks you as a romantic, trustworthy, and courageous person.

Any stunning cushion cut diamond would suffice if you want a gentle aesthetic that blends elegance and brilliance.


A customized diamond ring is a very personal thing that is also extremely expensive. For that reason alone, it’s critical to make sure you and your partner are entirely comfortable with the stone cut before making the big purchase.

One of the greatest methods to figure out what you like on your hand and whether it matches your sense of style is to try on different personalized ring types.

Overall, purchasing a diamond wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment and one of the most sentimental jewellery pieces you will ever own. As a result, be sure you pick the proper one.

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