Virtual Wedding 5 Tips On Buying The Perfect Rings November 12, 2021 – Posted in: Blog

With the pandemic disrupting large gatherings and celebrations, many couples get married in an intimate setting, resulting in a virtual wedding. Fortunately, this is an effective solution for all the important people in your lives to attend your wedding through online platforms. 

While a virtual wedding might seem easier to prepare in terms of the planning process and steps, the efforts you need to exert in finding the perfect wedding rings remain the same. Fortunately, with many reliable shopping stores and eCommerce sites for wedding bands, you now have access to a plethora of choices.

All you need to do is consider you and your beloved’s preferences and apply the following tips so you can shop for the best wedding bands.

1.Stick To Your Budget

Before going ring shopping, it’s essential to determine your budget. Since there are other components to spend on for your virtual wedding, it’s wise to set aside a definite budget for your bands. In doing so, you can stick to your finances and spend on rings within your capacity. With the absence of a budget, there’ll be a tendency to spend too much on it, resulting in a shortage of money for other wedding components. 

Before beginning your search, make sure you know what your budget is. Once you find your preferred jeweler, be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for. 

Setting a budget for your rings doesn’t mean you’ll be settling for things that might not be good or unique enough. In fact, there are personalized and custom wedding bands that might be within your budget range. All you need to do is be diligent with your search and check more options. Don’t be afraid to inquire and search as many suppliers as you can so you can compare which rings suit your preferences best.

2.Choose Something Good For Everyday Use

Whether you have an engagement ring, a promise ring, and a wedding ring this time, it’s essential to choose a ring that can be worn frequently. This is crucial to consider when hunting for your perfect wedding rings since you need to wear them every day. This means the material, texture, and design should be fit to be worn every day. 

Consider your daily activities and find a ring that can last through them. In parallel, you should also find a design that can easily match along with your daily outfits, work uniform, and other casual clothing you wear daily. In other words, you should select one that’s comfortable and is a good fit for your lifestyle.

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3.Start Searching Early

When shopping for rings, it’s advisable to start early so you’ll have plenty of time for selecting, changing, and modifying all details. Planning a virtual wedding requires a lot of organization. There might be other things to attend to in a few weeks’ time before the big event, so it’s best to have your rings all sorted out way ahead of time.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that custom rings need time for changing engravings or changing sizes. So, in an off chance that you need significant modifications, at least you’ll have ample time for that. You’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, so make sure you choose the right one.



4.Decide On Getting Both Of Your Preferred Ring Style

There are many designs available online you can gather as inspiration for your custom-made rings. You can also go for ready-made ones and choose a simple gold or white gold band as they’re the most classic yet timeless wedding rings of all time. These minimalist rings will match most styles of engagement rings. They can also withstand whatever activities and whereabouts that you need to do by hand.

You can opt for fancier wedding bands too. Women may choose rings that come with accents like diamonds or other precious stones. Men, on the other hand, prefer sleeker ones. No matter what design you choose, ensure that they’re what both of you prefer.

5.Ensure That The Rings Fit Perfectly

Every ring must be the right size, but your wedding ring must be a perfect fit, even more so. The fact that you’ll be wearing it every day speaks a lot about how perfectly fit they should be. To ensure your ring size, you can visit a jeweler and have your index finger measured. Jewelry shops will do this for free, and it takes very little time. From then on, when you finally know your ring size, it’d be easier to shop for wedding bands.

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Holding a virtual wedding might be a tad bit easier than large weddings, but they still require plenty of preparations and costs. Hence, to ensure that your wedding bands are sorted early on, it’s best to start searching for options months ahead of your wedding. You can then focus on preparing for your wedding vows when you finally decide what rings to get. Along with the other tips mentioned in this article, you and your partner can successfully purchase the perfect wedding rings to be worn for a lifetime.

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