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The most important piece of jewellery for any wedding is the wedding ring and it’s tough to decide “Where to buy your wedding rings?”. It needs utmost care in choosing the design and the bride and groom go through loads of designs and visit numerous jewellers before they can finalise the ring.

So we thought we will make this time-consuming task easier so that the bride and the groom will find it easier to find their dream wedding ring by listing best 10 jewellery stores in Chennai those have unique wedding ring collection in gold and diamond. We considered a lot of factors like low wastage stores, ring collections and price based on the gold rate in Chennai to include in the list.

1. Prince Jewellers

They are known for their exquisite designs of gold jewellery. The designs designed by their esteemed designers have been worn by some renowned celebrity brides. The latest to join the list of donning their designs along with her bridal wear is the squash champion who is about to tie the knot in August. Their wedding rings will bring out the best in traditional and modern designs.

prince jewellery diamond wedding rings

2. Tanishq

This store is one of the leading jewellery stores that was started by the corporates Tata. It opened new doors for Indian jewellery and brought an international twist to its designs. It spells elegance and class. The rings in Tanishq are classy and adds a touch of royalty to the owner. Tanishq diamond rings and platinum ring collections are popular among wedding brides.

Tanishq diamond wedding ring

3. Joy Alukkas

They definitely live up to their tagline, “The World’s Favourite Jeweller.” They have a wide range of rings you can choose from. They have their exclusive wedding bands which are simple but still establishes the bond. They also have both gold and diamond rings that suit various budgets for your wedding.

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4. GRT Jewels

GRT was founded in 1964. It’s known for purity and a wide choice of designs. Customer satisfaction plays a key role and is almost a household name in Chennai when it comes to wedding jewellery. They have a unique collection of wedding rings for both men and women that you can cherish for your lifetime. They have 13 branches in Chennai.

personalized rings-augrav-india

name ring

5. Chennai Diamonds

If you have decided that you want diamonds to sparkle on your wedding ring then you need not look any further than Chennai diamonds. This store assures the quality of diamonds and you can be assured that you will have pure diamonds on your wedding band. They offer unique diamond ring designs at the best price in Chennai.

Chennai Diamonds - Wedding Rings

6. Nalli Jewellers

They were a renowned name in textile but when they spread their wings and entered the jewellery business they lived up to their standards and have wedding rings that spell tradition and it is one of the most sought after jewellery stores in recent times.

Nalli Jewellers ring collections-Chennai

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7. Khazana Jewellery

Khazana jewellery has become an important player in the jewellery business. They have aesthetic designs and collections at an affordable price. You can be assured that your wedding band will be value for money.

Platinum wedding rings chennai

8. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold & Diamonds had it’s origin in the state of Kerala. They have spread to many states and countries and their collection is as wide as their geographical spread. They have their branch in T.Nagar, Chennai. You can use the store locator to find other branches.

Malabar gold and diamond ring

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9. NAC Jewellers Chennai

If you are looking to take the antique route then NAC is the store you should visit. They have the best collection of antique jewellery and specialise in it. They have two branches in Chennai, one in Mylapore and other on in T.Nagar, Chennai.

Diamond wedding rings chennai

Enjoy your journey to choose your wedding band.

Do you know any other best jewellery store in Chennai to buy wedding rings?. Comment here.


If you are running short of time and the heat does not let you step out, you can prefer online shopping for your wedding rings in Chennai. Online stores provide lots of unique collections and convenient.  You can also customise your wedding band by choosing the material such as yellow gold or white gold and purity (14K,18K,22K).

There is also exclusive stores like us where you can purchase personalised wedding rings. We are specialised in name engraving, fingerprint engraving, voice waveform engraving and bar code engraving. We provide free shipping across Chennai and get your wedding rings within 5-7 days of your order.

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