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A simple keyword search for “jewellery” with a shopping filter will yield a million results! With information overload and millions of choices, wouldn’t it be easier to just go to a jewellery store? Then again, why limit yourself to just one jeweller’s selection? If you are trying to decide between shopping for wedding rings online or spending your disposable income at bricks and mortar store, we would like to highlight the problems faced when shopping for wedding rings at a retail store.

Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring, fashion jewellery, or timepiece, the question of which venue to use depends largely on your life and needs factors. With so many online shoppers flocking to jewellery, you may be wondering what are the advantages of shopping online. We will give you a breakdown of our expert opinion on how key elements of the shopping experience such as selection, price, value, and service reflect on offline retailers.


Shopping online is most useful when you’re looking for speed and convenience. It’s a form of shopping you can do as easily at home as you can while out at lunch with friends, at work, or on the go! There are times when it’s important to browse jewellery, watches, and education on your own time.

For example, if you’re visiting with your family, and you want to discuss wedding bands with Mom and Grandma—knowing they’re too far away to go jewellery shopping with you—it can be a great thing to sit on the couch and discuss which wedding ring would look best on you. Or if you live in a rural or isolated area, online shopping can be a godsend.


This is one reason why you’ll want to go to a brick-and-mortar showroom: Visiting a showroom gives you the ability to look at jewellery in person. Rather than a static image on a screen or a set of abstract data, being able to hold a wedding ring in your hand allows you to examine its heft, its colour, in reality, its size, and most importantly—the way it looks on your hand!

This is true for any piece of jewellery or timepiece, and it’s the reason why people prefer going to jewellery stores in person. They’ll know that they’re getting exactly what they want without a lingering question mark.

The downside of in-store shopping is the inverse of what we mentioned about shopping online: If you’re not in a convenient location, or you can’t bring trusted co-shoppers with you, in-store shopping can be difficult.

Offline shopping as the name suggests refers to that shopping that is not done online by the consumer rather the consumer himself or herself visits the shop and purchases the goods from the shop.

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Let’s know the problems faced while shopping for a wedding ring at a retail store and the ways to work better for you.


If you visit a jewellery store, your selection is limited to the merchandising of that particular store, its square footage, the personal taste of the professional buyer for the store. If a piece of jewellery you are interested in purchasing is not part of their inventory, chances are it will have to be special ordered, and the jeweller will want a commitment from you to purchase it before they invest in the additional inventory. 

The same is not true as with an online jeweller. Online jewellers will upload an entire catalogue for your perusal. 


A jewellery store has a lot of overhead to think about. Every employee, every flick of the light switch, all the inventory has to be paid for by jewellery sales. This is not to say that online jewellers do not have overhead. In general, local jewellers reflect high storage and insurance costs in their prices.

A visit to an online jewellery store can be a thrilling experience. You can search for specific items and sort your results by price, popularity, among others. Many websites allow side by side comparisons. You can throw as many items as you dare dream into your shopping cart with no pressure from a hovering salesperson, thirsty for a commission. 

Price transparency in this case means knowing exactly what you are paying the price of a diamond ring for. Which part is for the ring itself – and which for the diamond? With finished rings, where the diamond is already set in the ring, this information is often difficult to access. 

The situation is different with rings that can be configured online: Since the ring is selected first and the diamond in the second step, it is easy to see how much each component costs.


The disadvantage of traditional business is there is no customization option. You will typically discover limited generic styles, and your preferred style can be out of stock at any given time. It means if you are looking for a unique wedding couple with more customization options, you can’t do that. You have to settle with an available item.



Nowadays, many online stores are offering customization choices to attract more and more customers. For instance, you can design your wedding ring. You may have to wait a few extra days to receive it, but you will be fully satisfied by getting the item as per your preference. Customer feels more valued with the level of personalization they get while shopping online. 


Shopping at a retail store for the wedding couple bands allows you only to have personal touch whereas no customization can be done as the product is already in the finished stage-ready. This allows you to purchase the wedding ring as a display and there is no way for you to have a preview of your wedding ring before your purchase.



In the case of online shopping, this option allows you to quickly explore concepts for custom-designed jewellery, whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring. The accuracy of CAD designs allows the clients to see what their wedding ring is going to look like before it moves to the creation stage. It allows you to answer critical design questions before the making of the wedding ring; such as if you want to change the size and width of the ring, font style or the phrase and in the case of diamond you can also change the size of the diamond.

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When shopping at a retail store for a wedding couple ring, the designs and sizes are very limited and henceforth we are not able to purchase the preferred design at our desired size.

With or without the help of the future wearer, the ring size can be measured quite easily. (This is how it works) in online shopping and this helps us to move with our preferred size and design which will be according to our needs and style. Nevertheless, errors can happen when determining the ring width. But don’t worry: For almost all rings the size can be changed afterward!


In the case of offline shopping, you have to go shopping to purchase products which can be time-consuming whereas in the case of online shopping you can order products with a click of a mouse. In simple words, if you want to save time and get products at your doorstep conveniently then offline shopping is not for you and should stick to online shopping.


There are several deals launched by the retail jewellery store. But will anybody know about them until they visit the store? There is a lack of communication when it comes to notifying your potential consumers about ongoing or upcoming sales.

The greatest advantage of online shopping is you can always notify your potential customers about upcoming deals, sales, and discount offers. Once somebody sign-ups on your e-store, you can send them an email or message alert. It is one of the best ways of marketing that results in converting your members into frequent customers.


Jewellery is a luxury and naturally, people are quite particular about what they want. Retail store shopping is only available for limited hours in the daytime. We cannot do offline shopping at night time.

Online jewellery stores make it easy for the customers to filter the products by price, metal, diamond, etc. The on-site search is super convenient for the customers to help them find the exact product along with filters. 

eCatalog can prove to be a bliss for the stores with a wide range of products because it serves customers to display the whole range of the products without having to keep it on hand. Customers get numerous choices hence increasing the chances of sales.


When you opt for an online shopping website at the time of your couple rings purchase you can see discounts schemes and cash backs. Hence online shopping is better as compared to physical shopping.


When shopping at a retail store for jewellery in need of services such as professional cleaning, sizing, or repair beyond the purchase date, the advantage goes to the bricks and mortar jeweller.

If the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home beyond normal business hours is as important as personalized service, then we’ll have to call this one a draw.

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