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Price Of The Platinum Jewellery In India

Platinum is a versatile precious rare metal that symbolizes prestige and quality.

First, it was gold, then came diamond, and now it is the turn of platinum. These days, Platinum Wedding and Engagement  Bands, Platinum pendants and solitaires set in platinum are increasingly getting associated with engagements and weddings in India. The grey-white metal, popular in Japan, the US and China for expensive jewellery, has made its way into Indian weddings – especially in the urban areas and metros.

Platinum was already popular in the high-end customer segment, who prefer setting a solitaire in platinum because of its density. But now even retail buyers are buying engagement bands and pendants because of its attractive pricing,

This metal is most popular for luxurious jewelry. Platinum is the most precious and rarest metal on the earth . It is 30 times more rare than gold. The relatively low supply of this metal means that it is usually accompanied by a high price. It is an excellent value because of its inherent qualities: its purity, strength, durability and rarity.

Choosing a metal for an engagement or wedding is just as important as choosing the perfect diamond or style for the pendant. It can have one of the biggest impacts on the longevity of the pendant.

Platinum pendants do carry a slightly higher price tag than other popular white metals, but there’s a reason for that. You pay more for a ring that is stronger than the other metals so you won’t have to maintain in the future, one that you can pass down for generations, and one you never have to worry about. 

There are countless reasons that we always suggest platinum if someone is looking for the white metal. This metal retains its colour over time as well. Unlike other metals, there’s no need to replace platinum in order to restore its original beauty. The beauty of this metal will not fade, which means you can enjoy its shine and luster for years to come.


Platinum Pendants Starts at ₹25,000

We are in a time where fashion and style are so limitless and now developed into an incredible trend.

Do you know what a “Name Pendant” is? We are sure you do. Probably you will know it when you see it. Or maybe you call it something else – “Letter Pendants” or Alphabet Pendants

Embellish your identity in your very own hands and let your style add that euphoric feel to your life. The exquisite range of personalized Platinum Name Pendants is especially designed to help you create that awe and add a dash of distinctness to your persona.



Infinity is a powerful symbol of continuous connection, energy and vitality.  Time will one day end, life will not go on, but love is infinite.  

The addition of endlessly looped Platinum Double Chains echoes the infinite nature of the design.

Looking for a classy look for any function, event or regular wear! This iconic infinity shape, a symbol of never-ending possibilities. This exquisite infinity pendant is the perfect way to bring positivity and style into your life.

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Platinum Couple Rings Starts at ₹60,000



The Wedding band is a symbol to many of great tradition, showcasing your commitment and promise to each other without using such means as lavish diamonds or decoration. Plain bands are also ideal for matching wedding sets. 

The Platinum Wedding and Engagement Ring For Bride has become a very popular choice in recent years as it’s the modern contemporary design that suits couples looking for a wedding ring that is a modern classic.




What better way than to keep a loved one with you—not just in thought, but physically carried with you from day today. As a result, AuGrav has decided to create meaningful jewellery that really does resonate with so many people.

We realise that an enormous amount of emotion is attached to the work we do. Honour a loved one, keeping a memento of that person with you always. Or create a cherished remembrance family member that you can keep with you always.



Engraved Rings are always a special gift, but it’s even more near and dear to the recipient when it is customized to them specifically.

Be trendy and stylish with our Personalized Platinum Name Rings. Name and initial rings are a classic way to get a piece of jewellery that’s uniquely yours. Whether you choose to put your own name or initial or that of a loved one, they give you the opportunity to show the world a sense of style.


How to Identify a Platinum Ring

Whether the ring is brand new or in used condition, identifying platinum in a ring can be worthwhile.   

Examine the interior of the band. In some cases, there will be a stamp that reveals the composition of the ring, whether it be gold, silver, or platinum. If the ring stamp reads “Pt” or “Plat,” it contains platinum. If Pt is followed by other letters, this means it is an alloy.


Designer Platinum Cufflinks starts at ₹55,000



Cufflinks are ideal in bringing a lighter tone to your outfit whilst maintaining a keen sense of style.

Every king needs a crown! It may not be on your head, but let others know you are the king of your castle with these  Platinum Crown cufflinks

Crown Cufflinks add a royal presence to any attire. Furnish your formal dressing with these appealing Platinum Cufflinks For Men of modern design. Take your sophistication to the next level and it is the best men’s accessory to add elegance in the outfit.


FingerPrint Platinum Cufflinks For Men is the next best thing to holding their hand. It is like having a piece of them with you all the time no matter how far they travel or how old they get. These cufflinks are truly special and a wonderful keepsake.

These pieces are very popular gifts for mothers and fathers, grandparents and Godparents and a recent addition to the line is the capture of a couples prints, a perfect wedding or anniversary present.


Platinum Eyeglasses Starts at 1,00,000

When we bring in a new line there has to be an IT factor. Something that makes it stand out from the crowded world of eyeglasses. When it comes to AuGrav Platinum Eyeglasses is the incredible attention to detail and quality. Made from the finest accetates, you can feel the quality the moment you pick them up.


Platinum Earrings starts at 25,000


Earrings are the first love of every men and woman and a perfect ornament that can be worn day in and day out. Platinum Earrings For Men and Women have created a special spot for itself in everyone’s hearts. From working professionals to homemakers, modern women and men are open to Platinum Jewellery, besides their love for gold and silver.


Platinum Chain Starts at 80,000



Platinum chains are heavier than other materials, such as gold and silver. Platinum is an extremely rare, even extra valuable than gold which in part the reason why it is considered superior.  AuGrav has various styles and designs of platinum chains with their meanings for your information.

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Platinum Pens starts at 2,00,000



The Platinum Fountain Pen is a common recommendation for people interested in getting into fountain pens or trying out a fountain pen for the first time. It’s a great way for someone to hold, try and test a starting level fountain pen before investing in something a little more expensive. 

The variety of metals available for your engagement and wedding gives you lots of choices. Yellow gold is a classic choice, and platinum brings a real feeling of class and elegance to the ring.

If you are a lover of antique or vintage engagement rings, then Platinum Jewelry is by far your best choice. Other metals probably won’t have survived the many decades in between manufacture and the present-day half as well as platinum will have done. It will also help to preserve the beauty of the ring going forward.

You want everything to be exceptional when you propose, and nothing is more exceptional or perfect than presenting a pure platinum engagement ring and AuGrav helps you to share the  ultimate symbols of love and commitment

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us. Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest to create masterpiece jewellery for you to treasure in a lifetime. 


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