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There are certain colours for jewellery that can perfectly complement your eye colour, just like there are certain colours for clothes and makeup that you use every day because they bring out your best qualities. When it comes to blue-eyed gals, here’s some jewellery suggestions specifically for you.

“Eyes are the windows to the soul,” as the ancient saying goes. Although that may be a little exaggerated, there’s no denying that a person’s eyes are one of their most distinguishing features. It’s frequently the first thing people notice during introductions.

Although makeup and clothing are apparent compliments, there’s something about dazzling gemstones that brings out your eye colour. You may make your eyes appear brighter and more vivid by choosing the proper gemstones for your earrings, regardless of what colour you were born with.

Makeup artists frequently emphasise the necessity of wearing eye makeup that contrasts with one’s eye colour, as well as wearing jewellery that contrasts with one’s eye colour. Wearing hues on the colour wheel that are opposite each other gives a dramatic effect.


The simplest way to match jewellery to your eyes is to choose gemstones in the same colour family. The shades don’t have to be the same, but they should have the same undertones. 

If you like contrasts better, then the intensity of the colour is the key. After all, you want your eyes to take centre stage. So, choose a colour that is less intense than the colour of your eyes for a spectacular and dramatic effect.

Here are some pointers on how to pick jewellery that will make your eyes “pop” in no time.


When accented with gemstones that are high in contrast to their soft hue, blue eyes look lovely and pop.

The flecks of colour in blue eyes are accentuated by choosing more neutral colours. Focus on the simple colours black, silver, and grey for blue eyes, and look at gemstones like black opal, moonstone, sodalite, and grey agate.

Blue and orange are complementary colours. And, coincidentally, when you try this cool colour trick, you’ll get a lot of compliments. 


Photo Credits : International gem society

When you wear an orange-coloured gem next to your blue eyes, both colours appear to be even more vibrant. As a result, blue can glow brightly.

The beauty of hazel eyes is undeniable. Hazel eyes are constantly altering, with touches of green, brown, and even blue.


It’s critical to select jewellery that emphasises all aspects of the intriguing hazel hue. Opt for pinks and purples instead of green or brown gemstones. Hazel coloured eyes may be seen in all their splendour thanks to these beautiful tints.

Because turquoise, teal, and other colours of green and blue serve to bring out the specks of yellow flecks typically found in hazel eyes, hazel eyes look stunning when matched with them.

When combined with tempting tanzanite, the eyes of hazel will dazzle.


Photo Credits: Pinterest


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Countless artists have been influenced by brown eyes over the years. Brown eyes have been immortalised in popular culture, from Van Morrison’s song “Brown Eyed Girl” through Lady Gaga’s “Brown Eyes.”

You’re fortunate if you have deep chocolate brown eyes because most hues look fantastic with your colouring. Green or blue gemstones will bring out brown eyes. Starting with blue sapphire or emerald is a great place to start.

Bright blue sapphires will enliven your brown eyes. When you pair a cool hue like blue with the warmth of your brown eyes, your Bambi browns instantly become more alluring.

Darker sapphires should be avoided because the effect will be lost. Look for stones that are larger and have a lot of colour richness. 


Photo Credits: The Natural Sapphire Company

In addition to amethyst and jade stones, you should look for amethyst and jade stones in your customized earrings. Brown eyes can also be accented with forest green and purple.

Brown eyes will stand out due to the contrast.


The cold glimmer of diamonds brings out the brightness in grey eyes like nothing else. By combining a neutral grey tone with an equally achromatic white, you can create a stunning look for your eyes.

One of the most important functions of a diamond is to reflect white light to the eyes. As if you needed yet another reason to wear those diamond studs! If large diamond studs are out of your price range, white topaz is a good substitute.


Photo Credits: The New Yorker


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The greenish shades of the stones, such as agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, uvarovite – a green variety of garnet, malachite, and chrysoprase, add to the expressiveness of grey eyes.


Finally, we have green eyes, which are the rarest eye colour on the planet. Only about 2% of the population is said to have green eyes.

Green eyes are exceptional since they are the world’s rarest eye colour. To bring out their radiance, even more, choose gold or grey jewellery in colours of grey and yellow. To put it another way, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

When worn with green eyes, sterling silver and yellow gold jewellery look fantastic.


Photo Credits: romadesignerjewelry


For a spectacular look, use a strong silver statement piece necklace with contrasting turquoise.

Wear red rubies to make others envious of your green eyes. A large stud earring will draw attention to your eyes.


Metals follow the same undertone rule as gemstones. When it comes to metals, there is, of course, a lot of leeways. 

Wear silver, white gold, or platinum if your eyes have colder undertones. Gold, bronze, and rose gold complement warmer eyes.

White metals complement any attire and skin tone, whereas gold is unavoidable. Even if you have blue eyes, you can still wear your lovely gold jewellery.

All you have to do now is make sure the remainder of your outfit has enough cool tones to counteract the gold’s yellow.

Choose your pieces carefully if you want to match your jewellery to the precise colour of your eyes.

If you’re feeling brave, experiment with different sizes and forms. If there are numerous conspicuous stone ornaments on a necklace, they shouldn’t be separated by more than your eyes. The settings of the stones should also not be greater than your eyes. If your eyes are round, use round stone settings; if your eyes are almond-shaped, use ovals.

Your jewellery doesn’t always have to match your eyes. Eyes are always striking no matter what, and a lovely piece of jewellery will always garner compliments. Matching your jewellery to your eyes creates a specific effect, but it is not an essential component of looking nice daily. However, if you’re interested, make sure that at least your customized earrings and necklaces match your eyes. Keep the clashing stones and metals on your wrists and fingers.

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