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A common practice in our culture is to give the parents of new babies or babies who are being Christened baby items. People often talk about babies who are blessed, either with good, loving parents or wealth, as being born “with a silver spoon in their mouth.” This is a long-standing tradition throughout America and parts of Europe. Collectable items that are made from silver are still given as gifts of love and respect to honor the new baby. A spoon, baby rattles, cups, diaper pins, and other items can be purchased by retail businesses and stores through providers who are experienced in artistic silver object manufacturing and celebrates the introduction of the child into the community. 

The deep meaning of the event calls for a gift that will always remind the recipient of the occasion that a golden spoon is an exquisite gift to be treasured forever.


For as long as humans have been eating, they’ve needed an eating utensil to scoop up the food. Sometimes cupping your hands just didn’t do the trick. And that’s when the spoon took its rightful spot at the table. 

The word “spoon” is derived from the cochlea in Greek and Latin, meaning “spiral shell,” because shells were often used as spoons early on due to their shape and size. It wasn’t until bones were attached as handles that the spoon we know today began to take shape.



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The earliest iterations of spoons were made from materials that were most readily available to the ancient civilizations that utilized them. Nearly every civilized part of the world used spoons in one form or another throughout history.

The spoon saw several design changes throughout the Renaissance and into the 18th century. It was then that the modern design, a narrow, elliptical-shaped bowl with a rounded end of the handle, stuck for the centuries that followed.

The size may vary, but the simple, yet the sophisticated shape of the spoon remains unchanged.


Historians date the idea of giving sterling silver baby items as a gift back as far as the eighteenth century. A 22K Golden spoon became the hallmark of children’s gifts, as a token of monetary or material wealth as a symbol of investment in the child’s future. 

In some cases, practical gifts for the child to use as an adult were given, such as napkin rings, knives, and tankards. 22K Golden spoons remain one of the most popular new baby gifts.

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Gold represents the sun. In India, it is also considered auspicious and sacred. The 22K golden spoon is synonymous with wealth, especially inherited wealth; someone born into a wealthy family is said to have “been born with a golden spoon in their mouth”.

A simple yet elegant spoon made of 22K yellow gold, is the right gift for your loved one on his/her naming ceremony or first birthday. The spoon has a smooth finish and is sensitively designed using child-friendly technology. an adorable keepsake and an heirloom that one can pass onto the next generation too!…


Gold is a fascinating metal that makes an object acquire a unique lustre as well as prestige. When you offer a gold item you offer a gift the child can cherish forever.

Gold has been a welcome gift ever since the distant past.  Documentation dating back as early as the fifth century bears witness to this fact. Throughout history, the custom has taken on different meanings but its peerless value has never changed.


Giving a 22K golden spoon for a baby is also a tradition. The custom dates back to the Middle Ages when it was given for its properties that were considered magical and capable of keeping away evil spirits. 


Baby shower :

A baby shower is a perfect occasion for family and friends to give practical things for mother and baby. Of course, there’s no stopping anyone from gifting a 22K golden spoon! However, think of essential things a new mother will need. Diapers, baby products, toys, bottles, baby blankets, baby kits, baby wipes and baby hygiene products – the list is endless.

Annaprashan Ceremony :

Babies are fed breast milk until around six months of age, after which it’s recommended to start feeding them solid foods. As this is a momentous occasion, especially in Hindu tradition, this event is often celebrated in the form of a traditional ritual known as Annaprashan.


Annaprashan or ‘rice initiation’ is a popular Hindu custom that marks the baby’s transition from consuming liquid foods to solids. Annaprashan ceremony signifies the next step in the baby’s growth. Dating back to the Vedic ages, Annaprashan is known to be practised in South Asia and Iran. Depending on the culture or region the parents are from, it can take place anywhere between five and nine months of age.


Traditionally, rice is upheld for its life-sustaining qualities and is a part of all religious functions. Consequently, kheer (a sweet rice dish) became an important part of all religious rituals. The sweet (white) colour of kheer, which was seen as a symbol of purity and divinity, also worked in its favour. Kheer or payasam is the first solid food fed to a baby, and hence is an integral part of Annaprashan.

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Before you start to think about introducing a spoon to your baby, you first will want to make sure your baby has been introduced to finger foods. This first step will help your baby develop the motor skills necessary to have before figuring out how to use a spoon.

  • 12 months: Around their first birthday, your baby will likely begin showing an interest in using a spoon themselves. This is when you can begin letting your child feed themselves thick, soft foods like oatmeal, yoghurt, or applesauce. 
  • 15-22 months: Your toddlers should be able to start getting the hang of feeding themselves with a spoon. Around this time, you should also be able to introduce using a fork to feed yourself.


Benefits of learning to eat from a spoon:

  • Baby develops proper motor development skills like hand-eye and hand-mouth coordination as well as taking food from the spoon, moving it to the back of the mouth, chewing, and swallowing.
  • Babies develop a healthy relationship with food. “It is important for your baby to get used to the process of eating—sitting up, taking food from a spoon, resting between bites, and stopping when full. These early experiences will help your child learn good eating habits throughout life.” – Academy of Pediatrics
  • Eating from a spoon encourages healthy mealtime habits with the family-like sitting at the table, talking and making eye contact during a meal. This ritual helps babies develop their social and language skills.
  • Spoon-feeding embraces sensory development. Baby can see, smell, and touch the food.  Such an important part of creating a positive relationship with food.
  • Spoon-fed meals offer opportunities for various textures to broaden their palate and prepare them for table foods.


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