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Rakhi—the sacred thread, celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters who may or may not be biologically related. The thread instantly creates a kinship with a promise that says come what may; the brother will protect his sister and the sister’s wish for her brother’s well-being, prosperity and happiness. Every year, Raksha Bandhan is observed on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Shravana. This year Raksha Bandhan falls on 7 th August.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan dates back to the time of Mahabharata. Although, there are many famous stories underlining the spirit of Rakhi, the most popular is the one about Krishna and Draupadi.




After killing the evil King Shishupal, Krishna was hurt and his hand was bleeding. When Draupadi saw this, she tore a strip of cloth from her saree and tied it around Krishna’s wrist to stop the bleeding. Krishna was moved by this gesture and overwhelmed by the concern and sisterly love shown by Draupadi. He promised her to repay the debt by helping her in the future. Therefore, when years later, Pandavas lost to Kauravas in the game of dice and as a result, Draupadi had to undergo vastraharan, Krishna kept elongating her saree to protect her modesty. A brother will truly do anything to protect his sister and a sister, in turn, would do anything that would bring happiness to her brother, even if it meant sacrificing hers.






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Coming back to you…if we had to ask you what kind of relationship you share with your brother, we would get a wide range of answers, right? For some sisters, their brother is their best friend. In some cases, you both drive each other crazy. At times, you fight like cats and dogs and at other times, you couldn’t be more loving and caring about each other. Fights, laughter, teasing, friendship, partner-in-crime, you share with your brother all that, and much more. But deep down, one underlying emotion dictates every sister-brother relationship. And that is love. What better time than Raksha Bandhan to let your brother know, how much you love him.






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Yes, we know brothers are supposed to give gifts on the Raakhi day, but who said sisters can’t? Why not, give your little or big brother a surprise by getting him a truly special gift? Spare yourself all the thinking as we know exactly how to make your brother’s day on this Raksha Bandhan. A pendant that says – Best Brother, but in your own mother tongue! Now, wouldn’t that simply blow his mind?

So, what do we mean when we say a pendant? AuGrav specializes in all kinds of personalized jewellery and as a part of this year’s Rakhi celebrations, we have launched a brand new product that your brother will simply love! A name pendant. Yes, a pendant that says “Best Brother” in any Indian language. We can get you pendants that proclaims your brother as the best in the language of your choice, that is, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi and Sindhi.





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How does this work? All you have to do is click on this link and place an order online. We will deliver your name pendant in the language you have selected just in time for Raksha Bandhan. This would undoubtedly be a unique Rakhi gift for your brother. For those, who’d like to explore other options in personalized jewellery, you can order a name engraved rakhi in gold or silver. You could either choose your rakhi design online or go for designer rakhis or rakhi with customized name engraved pendants. We also give you the choice to design your own rakhi for your brother, in gold, silver, white gold or rose gold.



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Why is a gold/silver rakhi better than a regular thread rakhi? Because, it will stay with your brother forever. Also, an elegant and classy rakhi that doubles up as bracelet is more convenient to carry and something that your brother would love to flaunt. What better way than a stylish and precious rakhi to celebrate the sometimes loving and sometimes not-so-loving bond you both share? This is a special relationship which calls for a special celebration.

So, all out this Raksha Bandhan and let your brother know how special he is to you and how much he means to you. And let us know, through comments, what your brother’s reaction was.

Ladies, if you want to shop for yourself, you’ll love to explore our personalized jewellery collection at AuGrav. We have a wide range of choice for you whether you’re looking for earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings.

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