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Parents and grandparents celebrating their milestone wedding anniversaries deserve to be recognized in a special, thoughtful way.  Celebrating a 60th marriage anniversary is a blessing most couples don’t get to experience. If you have enjoyed a successful marital journey, it only makes sense to commemorate your diamond anniversary. Familiarize yourself with all the related traditional symbols and buy your loved one a 60th-anniversary gift they will never forget.

Whether it’s mom and dad’s or grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, you are probably stuck on what kind of gift to get them.  What are good anniversary gifts for parents? You’ve got to think a little outside of the box on this one.  Ask yourself, what do your parents not have that they’ve always wanted? Is there something they have already but want a new or updated one? Their anniversary is the perfect time to give them these gifts! No matter how many years together they’re celebrating, we have plenty of unique anniversary gift ideas that will make both mom and dad happy.


In fact, the idea of celebrating this milestone was first practised by a queen   After Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, people all over found it fashionable to commemorate this event with elegance. Because not all couples make it to this milestone, most of the symbols and meaning surrounding the 60th anniversary have to do with endurance, strength and having an unconquerable bond.


This is a question you probably have to deal with year by year.  Sometimes it’s fun to go beyond the limits of tradition and get a modern gift.  At other times, sticking to a traditional present may be your best choice.

But regardless of whether you want to go for a modern or traditional gift, you still need to know what specific gift to get.  The annual dilemma leaves you wishing there was some sort of cheat book that would help your decision on the best anniversary gifts by year.

Let’s take a look at the general guideline for traditional and modern anniversary gifts for each year.


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AuGrav has come up with some fantastic ideas you can adopt or share with others for the upcoming 60th-anniversary celebrations.


The anniversary is the most awaited event for every married couple. Wish your dear ones these ultimate anniversary gifts to achieve another milestone in life. You won’t need any occasion to show your own people that you value them, but on an anniversary event or occasion when the world celebrates their importance, you would feel like doing something special for them

 Personalized gifts are always loved by everyone because they have personal emotions.  If you are also looking for anniversary gifts for your parents then this photo engraved coin is the best option.  Gift this personalized keepsake to make a stunning statement.



Steal their wedding photo albums and get something personalized for them to cherish those golden memories in the years to come. If budget is not your biggest concern, then you can opt to treat your parents or grandparents with a customized photo engraved coin in gold or silver.  You can simply customize or personalise the jewellery as per your taste and budget. To add a personal touch, make sure to get their wedding date engraved along with their names on it.


The most important milestones in life are traditionally marked by precious jewellery gifts, to mark weddings, engagements and anniversaries.  A jewellery gift lasts forever, becoming a family heirloom and providing future generations with a tangible link to treasure. To make this a noteworthy anniversary, you can plan a surprise for both and shower them with love.



Platinum chains are the epitome of durability, strength and high quality, they can be a wonderful and stylish addition to your image and make it richer.  Although outwardly, this metal does not look so catchy, it is incredibly elegant. Platinum has always been valued highly enough, even in the pre-Christian era during the reign of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, this metal was a symbol of wealth and high status.  Today, the platinum chain also symbolizes success in society.

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Navaratna jewellery is now trending; colourful, radiant and a true show of elegance.  Navratna is one of those jewellery items whose beauty is admired by people not only of India but all around the world. 

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Primarily navaratna means a talisman or ornament composed of NINE precious gems. Later this idea was adopted symbolically in the courts of Emperor Vikramaditya and the Mughal Emperor Akbar, where the Navaratnas were a tag given to a group of nine extraordinary men in their respective courts.



It is believed that wearing navaratna jewels enhances the person’s health, prosperity and happiness. It’s also believed to remove the negative energy.  Navaratna gems can be incorporated into rings, necklaces, pendants or any other form of jewellery according to the wishes of the wearer. 

You can simply mix and match their favourite things and create something innovative and new. Make your parents’ 60th  wedding anniversary special and let them know how important they are to you, that you have not forgotten their milestone day.  It will make their special day even more special and will also let them spend a great time with each other.


Anniversary gift-giving is hard, especially for the special couple that is your parents.  An anniversary celebration gives the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude.  You can’t think of a better way to say “Happy Anniversary” than with beautiful jewellery.


Rudraksha is a holy Bead dedicated to Lord Shiva and has spiritual values and people often wear it for self-enlightenment and power.  It is the small earth coloured seeds that sometimes resemble an apricot kernel worn on the necks and wrists of practising yogis, spiritualist and fashionistas alike.  Wearing a wreath or mala of beads is popular among western spiritualists. You can certainly make caps for your Rudraksha in platinum or even string your Rudrakshas in platinum.  


Engraved Silver gifts historically mark only the most special occasions – a wedding, the birth of a child, long-awaited graduations and memorable anniversaries, to name a few. These gifts are keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.


This wedding anniversary gift can be further personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date and a message or sentiment. When looking for anniversary gifts by year, choose this stunning personalized silver plate, sure to be a lasting and beloved present.

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Yet another anniversary around the corner?  The beautiful golden kada can be the gift you present to your parents on the anniversary. Jewellery means the most when it symbolizes what we love. The pendant can be personalized with the name, initials and phrases that you love, and honor the commitment they both share.  It is also a meaningful way to show your love—personally.

Jewellery goes deeper than just personal adornment to have deeper meanings like a symbol of friendship, love, commitment or a family heirloom amongst others.  The beauty of love between a couple and the beautiful jewellery symbolise their commitment. It’s just a beauty overflow.



You can capture the striking moment of togetherness when two hearts reciprocate.  You can either engrave your name, initials on the kadas.  It reminds both of the infinite they had for each other.


If it is your 60th wedding anniversary, and looking for gifts for your parents then there are so many styles of studs, at so many price points, that you’ll have no problem finding something.  But because of that bounty, making a perfect choice might take a little digging.

Everyone needs a collection of perfect everyday-wear earrings, not just because most workplaces command simplicity, but also because it is much easier to put together outfits when you don’t have to worry about the earrings you will be wearing on those hurried mornings when trying out different options of clothes is a luxury you cannot afford.

The good news, however, is that just because you are going for simple earrings, you will look off or cheap.  If you don’t already know, simplicity is the ultimate hallmark of good style and elegance.  So, if simple to you means stud earrings, we are all for it.

Anniversaries are a great time to show the one you love just how much you appreciate them, and remember the day on which a special event with them took place.  Some couples celebrate the day they first met, others the day the marriage proposal occurred, and of course just about all married couples celebrate the annual return of their wedding date.

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.

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