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Years flew one by one since my beloved parents said “I do” and then the big year of celebration which was the 25th wedding anniversary arrived. It fell in the month of May and I had to start making arrangements for the same and wanted the D day to be perfect.

It was a day that helped my parents relive the memories shared by them over the years right from big events, turning points, holidays, cherished moments, some low points that made the bond stronger, daily pleasures that they look forward to till date and I wanted the day to be memorable. It was an anniversary that marked a quarter century of togetherness.

The 25th wedding anniversary was planned in a grand way and I had taken great efforts right from the invites to decorations and meticulously prepared a guest list making sure to invite all our loved ones and friends.

Then I arrived at the task of deciding what gift to buy for my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. I wanted my gift to top all the arrangements I had done. It should be a gift that makes my parents realize what I feel about them without me having to spell it out in too many words.

The childhood I had is a great gift that I would not have enjoyed if I didn’t have such great parents who were my idols, so I wanted my gift to translate this feeling. I tried every shop possible and was ready to shell out any amount of money but wanted it to be unique.

I did not want a run of the mill gift so I started my search on the latest fad online shopping. I tried all the famous sites but did not find anything that I felt was worthy to be given as a gift for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. There was nothing that was big enough or precious enough for the occasion.

Finally I stumbled upon this relatively new site called Augrav.com. It is a site that gives you a variety of personalized jewellery. Off late the word personalized has been used for all kinds of gifts so it’s uniqueness was being lost but this site was refreshing as it was novel in every way.

It was a site that spread a smile across my face as it made me sigh with relief. I felt that I had found what I was hunting for months together. In fact the problem had turned the other way around. There were so many products that I wanted to buy for my parents that it was difficult to zero in on just one. I wanted to buy their 3d sculpted gold photo frame as I thought it will occupy a place of pride on their wall of their master bedroom. Then I thought I will get 3d sculpted personalized pendants for my dad and mom as it will be with them always.

Finally I zeroed in on a thumb print ring. These rings had their thumb prints engraved on them. Till date my parents value it and guard it with all their lives. They exchanged it as they renewed their vows and their tears of joy made my heart swell with pride.

Later on I saw them show off the thumbprint ring which I had gifted to all their friends and family. It gave me great satisfaction to know that they loved the gifts.

At this juncture I should thank the people at augrav.in who helped me with their guidance and were there throughout the process and the gifts were delivered at my footsteps within the stipulated time. I had chosen the gift of my dreams without any hassle.

It was an event that I would cherish all through my life and a gift that I am proud of choosing.

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