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Each hand is a unique genetic composition and symbolises a lifetime of experiences lived, sensations felt, skills acquired and messages conveyed. No two sets of hands are the same. Before you do anything, you need first to establish the defining characteristics of hers.

As well as the overall size of her hand, take into account the length, width and shape of her fingers. Consider whether she keeps her fingernails long or trims them short; low-cut nails can have a shortening effect on the finger, whilst long nails have the power to elongate.

When contemplating which engagement ring to purchase, most will consider the overall style; vintage, modern, bold, and then most importantly, the shape, size, and colour of the diamond or gemstone and the colour of the metal. But how often do we think about what style will suit our hands best? Just like there is a dress shape for all figures, there is a ring to suit all hands.

Depending on the structure of her hands and fingers, some designs will look amazing while others will fall short. In today’s write up, our goal is to take the stress out of finding the perfect ring and help you decide which is the best style for her.


While the 4cs can be used to determine the value and shine of the diamond, they have little influence on the way a ring looks on your hand in particular. 



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The most important factors are the size and shape of the stone, the ring’s design, and the band’s width. These are what attract the eye’s attention and direct it in ways that will either highlight or hide features on our hands. 

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While knowing you or your partner’s ring size is an essential part of getting an engagement ring, so is knowing the hand shape. Every ring finger is unique and deserves an engagement ring that’s just as special. Before you learn how to choose the right engagement ring for your hand or your partner’s, consider hand shape and size. These factors contribute to someone’s hand shape: 

  • Length of the fingers
  • Width of the fingers
  • Size and shape of the palm
  • Overall size of the hand

Another consideration might be how long or short you or your partner keeps their fingernails. Longer nails have an elongating effect on your fingers, which influences the hand’s shape and appearance.

There aren’t necessarily standards among each category for an individual to measure their hand against. Many individuals have a combination. Some have longer fingers and shorter palms, larger palms and shorter fingers or everything in between. No matter the size and shape of your or your significant other’s hand, there’s a ring-style out there to suit it.


If you have small hands, you should look for quality more than quantity. A better-faceted diamond will look better in your hands than clutter. It is generally assumed that you should be avoiding big stones and bands, however, the opposite is true. You should look for good clarity and colour.

  • Go for a ring set with a small diamond at the heart.
  • For the band, go for thin to medium bands. They wouldn’t overbear your fingers and wouldn’t make the stone look imbalanced.


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If you have big hands, this is your time to take a big and bold move. Do not go for something that looks tiny on you. Your hand deserves a big stone. You can rock the halo effect on your ring.

  • Clusters in a halo or channelled and Asscher cuts are perfect for you. They should be big and bold cuts and you are good to go.
  • Depending on the size and shape of the stone, a medium to wideband would be good for you.

This is going to be one of the biggest occasions of your life and make it best. You shouldn’t be confused. We are here for you.

(i) For those who have been blessed with long fingers then you have the freedom to experiment with big and bold styles. Large stones look fabulous on your finger, so an engagement ring might be the perfect piece to splurge on something extra special. If a large stone is not an option, try creating a stack of rings or an art deco style, multi-stone ring that extends along with your finger.

(ii) For those with wide fingers, avoid narrow stones, revealing too much skin. Three stone and cluster designs are the perfect fit for you. Choose either a wide band that narrows towards the setting or a band that flares out as it meets the stone, both these options are more flattering than a ring that has the same width band all the way around.

(iii) For those with short fingers, you will need something that makes your finger look long optically. You shouldn’t take a band that is too thick.

  • Go for elongated diamond shapes like baguette or marquise; you can also look at oval diamonds .Oval diamonds make your fingers proportionate.
  • Go for narrower bands. It will help make your finger long optically. Too thick of a diamond band would make your fingers look bulky. It’s the same as putting ankle straps on small legs!

(iv) For those with slim fingers, you should avoid buying big stones. It will make your hands look slimmer. Instead, go for small diamonds channelled into a wider band, it will make your hand look less slim.

You should look for a marquise cut if you have short and thin fingers. Marquise makes your finger look longer than it is.

A cushion cut diamond is perfect for your fingers, it is ideal for long and slim fingers. Too huge a stone and big band without the channel structure would make your hand overbearing.


If you are keen on aesthetics but uncertain about handshape – another helping point for you is the finger shape, and here we focus on the fingertip. Again, they are all different but by ensuring the ring shape compliments the fingertip, you’ll get a better impact. 


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The four main shapes are;

Conical – where the fingertip tapers in slightly.  

Square – where the fingertip has a slightly flatter appearance on top.

Spatulate – where the fingertip has a slightly splayed appearance.

Round – where the fingertip curves round in a circular ark.‍

Choosing a stone shape that mirrors the fingertip will accentuate its appearance.  Which is not necessarily a good thing.  Simple rules are:

  • For conical fingertips, avoid Marquise and Pear shape diamonds set lengthwise.  Oval shaped stones are fine, but should not be too narrow.
  • For square shaped fingertips, try to keep stone shapes soft or angled.  So if it must be a Princess shape diamond, best it is set with the corners pointing up and down the finger.
  • For spatulate fingertips, stay away from Pear shaped diamonds and stones.
  • Round fingertips can carry off most stone shapes, although the finger length needs to be considered to keep proportion.

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