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A Brief History of AI

Printing Press was a disruptive innovation. It changed how knowledge was shared amongst people. 

Henry Ford introduced Assembly Line to manufacture cars, he reduced the time taken from 12 hours to make a single car to less than 2 hours.  This was such a huge transformation that helped him cater to the Car demand at that time.

Likewise, Internet: which obviously needs no introduction, has made the World, Flat. 

The next big transformation as per the experts is the evolution of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in our every day life.

We are already consuming a lot of things which are actually taken care by machines. Not the routine stuff, but intelligent stuff too. Be it the OTT video streaming apps that suggest content based on what you watch, to the tele medicine, they all process complex algorithms before the come up with an e-mail, an SMS or a simple chat response.


AI will take the mundane tasks and automate them with significant intelligence – In fact they only get better after each activity/response as they get trained On-The-Fly.

There has already been a major disruption because of AI in the field of Medicine, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.,  And, we can sure expect more industries to adopt the same very soon.

“Let AI do what it does Best, and humans do what we do Best.”

What is Digital Assistant?

Customer service has always been a challenge to many businesses across the World; with the increasing digital presence, and a global market, it is a given that you need to be present 24×7 to service the customers without any loss of enthusiasm.

One solution would be to hire humans and make them work round the clock.  Which is already in place, as call centers.  The problem with this model is that it does not scale better.

What if a computer can do this job as good as humans! — Welcome the digital assistants.  — An AI Based tool that answers customer relevant questions, and provides relevant answers.

If you are an 80’s or 90’s kid, you would have heard of Eliza – A Natural Language Processing computer program that was created by MIT in 1970s, which answers to human conversations.  We could very easily say these to the first ever chat bots created.

Come 2020, and the conversational AI has taken a huge transformation, which eventually is bringing out a lot of digital assistants, that can very well answer lot of useful questions.

Introducing – India’s First Jewelry Digital Assistant.

Ms. Jelia – Was born after 30 days of lockdown due to Covid-19 in the year 2020.  She is a smart assistant that can answer you a lot of questions that help you shop jewelry.

AuGrav, an online brand – designs and makes Personalized Jewelry.

Like most of the brands, AuGrav needed the customer support team the most. 

Unlike other products, jewelry has many parameters, and usually customers have a lot of questions before buying them.  That too when it comes to custom made, the set or parameters only increases.   Thus, the need for a customer support team plays an extremely important role in winning or losing a customer.

Customer Happiness being the first priority, we consciously put in our best efforts to answer all the questions that are posted to us on different channels including Facebook, Instagram, Website chat as well as on Whatsapp.

Thus, Ms. Jelia was born.

Meet Ms. Jelia

She understands your intent to buy and replies based on the context. 

Lets say the customer is interested in buying a name pendant, in gold.  Ms. Jelia gets the info for the same, as well as the LIVE gold price to give an estimate on the price.  You can see that in action below. 

The same works even if the customer intents to buy a pair of Platinum Couple bands or any other jewelry.  It will get the required details, and eventually let you know the live prices.


She is smart, once you ask a different question, she understands about the product that you are looking to buy, and replies accordingly. When you ask her about the shipping details, she understands that you re looking to buy a fingerprint ring and then replies accordingly.


Ms. Jelia, is also trained to answer certain basic question like the ones below.


Currently Ms. Jelia is available on Telegram, ( Search for JeliaBot), Facebook Messenger as well as on  We will very soon be available on WhatsApp as well.

That said, Ms. Jelia is still learning and will continue to learn.  As the same goes for humans as well, she will stay hungry and stay foolish.

Also, FYI – The picture of Ms. Jelia is generated using AI as well.

So, would you like to have a date with Ms. Jelia? 😉  — It’s easy —Click on the bottom right corner.

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