Top 7 Startling Bridal Trends For A Remarkable Wedding

With summer finally here, now is a great time to tie the knot and start the next chapter of your life. But which dress should you choose? With so many options, looking for the right dress can easily get overwhelming. Luckily, we can help lower the stress levels. Read on to learn what the best bridal’s dress is for 2018! 7. White Isn’t the Necessary Go-To Yes, a white wedding dress is (and will always… Continue reading

10 Best Bridal Makeup Artists / Salon in Indore

Have the wedding bells rung for you yet? Yes? Congratulations! Quite often, while planning a wedding, we miss out on one of the most important aspects/details of it. We are talking about booking hair and makeup artists, designers, jewellery for your big day. Who does not want to look like a dream on their wedding day, right? And you sure deserve to! Don’t know where to go? Relax, just follow our lead and you will… Continue reading

Top 10 Silver Couple Rings You’ve Not Seen Before!

‘Are you and your partner wearing matching rings? That is adorable!’ That is what you will hear people say about the two of you if you sport these absolutely stunning silver couple rings. And just like that, you can tick off one important #CoupleGoals thing from your bucket list. It will leave everybody gasping and in awe of you and your jewelry choices. Other than giving off a very ethnic and fashionable vibe, silver is… Continue reading

Top Bridal Sarees That Will Make You Look Beautiful

Every bride wants a fairy tale wedding and she wants to be the princess in it. When we are talking about a summer wedding, we have lots to play with! The pretty pastels, the pop of colour and sparkling sultry fabrics! Here, we list 5 summer-chic bridal sarees for you to have a look on! Ladies, have a peek at this gorgeous bridal spread for the bridal avatar you are looking for! Whether you are… Continue reading

This Pilot Love Story Will Make You Feel Awesome!!

 They say love can happen anywhere. Sometimes, out of thin air. And sometimes, even in the air. Confused? Meet Karthik and Anamika! Karthik is a Pilot, and Anamika is a Cabin Crew, they work for the same airline's company. Read on to find out the story of—their airborne love, marriage and of course, their perfect wedding rings…which AuGrav had the privilege of creating. First of all, Karthik, can you tell us a bit about your… Continue reading

Gearing up for an Arranged Marriage? Here’s 10 Things to Do to Win Her Heart!

In love marriages, bonding is easy, since you already know each other well; and are familiar with the other’s likes, dislikes and preferences. However, with arranged marriages, it can sometimes be challenging to win your would-be wife’s heart and bring her closer to you before you take the leap of faith. But fret not. There are plenty of things that you can do to break the initial ice, and gain her affection for you. To… Continue reading

How to Design a Professional Looking Wedding Card (DIY)?

Everything related to weddings in India is elaborate – be it the dresses, functions, rituals, or the invitation cards. The amount of energy, time, and money involved in an Indian wedding is nothing to be talked about, as rarely there’s anyone in the country void of the details. With time a lot of things have evolved/changed and so are weddings. Couples and parents (consent is essential) are free to try new and modern themes for… Continue reading

The Stunning Engagement Ring & All About Virat-Anushka’s Wedding.

Romantic location, beautiful couple, trousseau on point; the beautiful ‘Virushka’ wedding had everything that dreams are made of! The much talked about destination wedding of popular cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma in a Tuscan heritage resort in Italy has left all of us excited and elated. After lots of gossip among the media, anticipation by their fans, and leaked pictures over social media, the couple has shared their happy news on Twitter,… Continue reading

Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Delhi For Your Big Day!

A big fat Indian wedding is nothing short of an extravaganza. Fun and frolic with the entire family, friends and loved ones, it is a wonderful celebration that’s going to be unforgettable for any couple. With planning the rituals, managing guests, shopping, getting gifts, and other preparations, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep track of everything and ensure that the entire event goes smoothly. We totally get that! And one of the important aspects of… Continue reading

6 Stunning Shades of Bridesmaid Dresses for Any Wedding you have to attend This Year

Can you already hear your wedding bells? Well, then what are you waiting for? You better start planning and arranging for everything soon. You need to do a lot, starting from the venue, catering, invitation cards, to the bridal gown, and the bridesmaid dresses, of course. Bridesmaid dresses can take a lot of time because it involves the personality, body frame, and complexion of your whole gang of divas; and everyone will have their own… Continue reading

10 Stunning “Engagement Ring Selfie” Ideas with Bonus Tips!

The big question has been asked and the ring has been popped. Well, well, well, and you’ve said YES! Congratulations!!! It’s now time to let the world know…but in style. And the best way to make one of the biggest announcements of your life is through an incredible Engagement Ring Selfie. We know, you’ve been waiting all along for this day, while you were commenting and liking the engagement ring selfies of your friends and… Continue reading

10 Best Wedding Planners in Mumbai

A wedding is the beginning of a new life. It brings two people together in love, and joins them as one from the day they are married. Such an occasion warrants a huge celebration, and we Indians are known for big fat weddings. After all, we only get married once, right? However, planning such a huge occasion takes a lot of time, patience and effort. It can often get very challenging for the couple and… Continue reading

Personalized Jewellery Ideas for Your Precious Little One!

Babies bring happiness and love into our lives, and touch our hearts in the way nothing else can. Be it a boy or a girl, their mere presence gives more meaning to a marriage, and their birth brings pure joy to the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbours, and everyone else related to them. Their innocence, playfulness and love transform each day and make it more beautiful! On the wonderful occasion of a child’s birth, there… Continue reading

How To Propose Your Love Without A DIAMOND Ring?

All set to propose to the love of your life? Ditch the diamond ring and do this instead! Thinking of popping the question to the love of your life? The first thought that might pop in your mind would be to go the conventional way and buy a diamond ring to sweep her off her feet! But, hold on! Have you thought about various other options available to you that are even better than the… Continue reading


Do you get confused every morning around which earrings to wear to work? Guess what, you are not alone, dear. This is a dilemma that most women face. When going out for a party or a casual occasion, you can choose any earrings. And even if they are on the fancy side, there won’t be any repercussions. But in an office setting you are not supposed to wear one of those party earrings, right? Imagine… Continue reading


They mark a host of important events like anniversaries, wedding, and engagements. They are the number one go to accessories when it comes to adding flair and style to your wardrobe. They are the first love of every woman’s life. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are indeed talking about rings. There is no doubt that rings are special. But having said that, no one likes a ring that is not sized properly. If… Continue reading

Looking For Jewellery Ideas? Movies Would Be A Good Place To Begin With!

The whole idea of jewellery is to uplift an attire and make the jewellery wearer stand apart from the others. And it quite obvious that jewellery lovers will always be on the lookout for new styles and inspirations to add to their collection. They don’t want to miss a chance to flaunt a new piece of jewellery or wear a fancy jewellery before others enjoy the thrill of doing the same. If you are also looking for jewellery inspirations… Continue reading

Why Did Prathyusha Ditch Local Jewellery Stores To Buy Her Engagement Rings Online At AuGrav.Com? – To #GetPersonalized

At AuGrav, it is our mission to help our customers to receive the immense pleasure of owning jewellery which is as unique as they themselves are. And we really get high on spirits when our happy customers like to share their stories with us. Prathyuusha Kosanam approached us a few months back with the vision of her perfect engagement ring in her mind. Today, she is happily engaged and we are proud to say that… Continue reading

Do Check Out These Diamond Settings Before Buying A Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Be it your engagement or a wedding anniversary, a diamond accented accessory is the fastest way to a woman’s heart. And you know what, we haven’t yet found a better accessory than a ravishing ring that features a beautiful diamond. However, buying a diamond ring could be as tricky as hell. You might know all about the metal and stones used. But with a host of different ring settings… Continue reading

10 Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of any person! You are stepping into your new life with your beloved. It is the day when you make that transition from a carefree person to a responsible spouse. And we are sure that you would have made all the best possible arrangements for the event, ranging from exquisite jewellery to a sumptuous wedding cake and from high quality food to… Continue reading

Must Have Jewellery For The Indian groom

They say that the bride is the real highlight at a wedding. Well, that’s right! But the groom still has every right to look his best at the wedding event. Having said that, with their perfect attires and smashing accessories like delightful rings, grooms today are definitely giving tough competition to the beautiful brides. But at AuGrav, the real question that intrigues us is that what goes in making that perfect wedding look for the… Continue reading

How To Buy Cartouche Pendants In India

A unique and interesting type of jewellery is Cartouche jewellery. One of the lesser known designs, Cartouche is gaining rapid popularity amongst young and old buyers alike. If you want to know more about this fascinating jewellery design and where you can find it, then read on. What Are Cartouche Pendants? A Cartouche is an oval-shaped frame that encloses the Egyptian hieroglyphs that represent the name of an Egyptian God or a royal person. Typically,… Continue reading

3D Printed Gold Accessories That Will Complete your Wedding Outfits

3D printing technology is shaping the future of jewellery designing and fast becoming a mainstream in the jewellery industry. If one thought about this a few years back, it would seem like something from a science fiction movie.  However, today, with the help of 3D printers, designers can create unique and stunning pieces of jewellery. Customers have been hugely benefitted as 3D printing offers a great level of customization. Personalised 3D printed jewellery is a… Continue reading

20+ Wedding Ring Designs For Women That You May Want To Own Once You See Them

A wedding ring is a symbol of undying love, affection, and loyalty. Be it beautiful A wedding ring is a symbol of undying love, affection, and loyalty. Be it beautiful gold wedding rings for women or exquisite diamond wedding bands for women, the perfect wedding ring can add sparkle to your attire and make you look all the more captivating on your wedding day. When it comes to wedding rings, there are plenty of options… Continue reading

Top 10 wedding cake shops in Mumbai

A wedding is incomplete without a wedding cake.  Brides spend a considerable amount of time just to find the perfect wedding cake for their special day. In the olden days, wedding cakes were a symbol of good luck and fortune. Today, however, they are the main showpiece of any wedding and are one of the most important aspects of any wedding ceremony. If you are in Mumbai and looking for beautiful and delicious wedding cakes,… Continue reading

Ambreen Vikhar And 9 Other Pros Give You Tips on Bridal MakeUp

Makeup can make or break your entire look. You need the best professional makeup artist, who will enhance your natural beauty and make you look your absolute best on the most special day of your life. For all the lovely “to-be- brides”, we know that finding the perfect makeup artist can be a challenging task. To help you with this, our team has come up with a list of the finest professional bridal makeup artists who will make you… Continue reading

Buying Wedding Rings? This Is What Exactly You Need To Know

The D-day is fast approaching. You are planning to gift the best wedding ring to your significant other. Well, that’s definitely a good news. Now it is time for you to go and do some shopping for wedding rings, and you are quite naive in this field. So what would do you do? Here are a few suggestions which will help you select that dream wedding ring. Let's get started! BUDGET When planning your overall… Continue reading

10 Mumbai’s Best Photographer You Should Hire For Your Big Day

Let us guess - You have planned everything perfectly. The wedding venue, bridal jewellery, makeup artists, wedding outfits, etc. are all picked and selected. However, when it comes to wedding photography you are thinking of relying on your friends and family to capture all those special moments. Don't ever make that mistake since it will never work out the way you imagine. Letting a 'friend' or a guest who knows 'how to use the camera'… Continue reading

Bollywood Shows You How To Wear Earrings For The Next Party You Attend

  It is no secret that the right pair of earrings can spice up any outfit and take your look to the next level. Earrings come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. From big and colourful statement earrings to simple and elegant diamond studs, there is no denying the fact that women just love to shop for earrings. However, keeping your earring collection fresh and up-to-date is not an easy task. With jewellery… Continue reading

15 Customized Jewelleries To Grab Attention In Next Wedding You Attend

If you want to create your own unique fashion statement, consider wearing personalized jewellery. In this age of copycat fashion, a customized piece of jewellery makes you stand out among your peers and gives you a distinct style statement. We say - Be original by wearing unique personalized jewellery! However, searching for customised jewellery can be a complex task since there are very few websites online that stock unique and diverse collection of personalized jewellery.… Continue reading

Get Inspired: Models At Their Favourite Look. Tells You How To Look Your Best

  Whether you love wearing extravagant clothes or inexpensive ones, the most important aspect of looking good is to feel confident in whatever you wear. Feeling self-assured, sexy and confident in anything you wear is the best part about getting dressed! However, a little inspiration while selecting your outfit will never hurt. To help you with this, we have listed down some of the best fashion moments we have seen in recent times. Know your… Continue reading

10 New Seriously Envy-Worthy Bridal Necklace Designs

  A bridal necklace is one the most important wedding accessory. There is nothing more alluring than a bride in a gorgeous wedding ensemble, her neck adorned with an exquisite bridal necklace. A beautiful bridal necklace can spice up any wedding outfit and make the bride look all the more magical on the most special day of her life. With so many options and so little time, selecting the unique wedding necklace for bride can be… Continue reading

Choose Right Type of Earrings: Learn From Bollywood Beauties

Earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. A beautiful pair of earrings can transform your dull outfit into something highly fashionable in an instant. While some women prefer smaller earnings, others opt for the bigger ones. However, there is no denying the fact that women from all walks of life just love earrings. Earring is one fashion accessory that will never go out of style! If you are searching for unique earring designs, then look no… Continue reading

Religious Pendant Designs That Will Make You Stand Out At Every Occasion

All of us have attended religious ceremonies and felt out of place because of the jewellery that we wore? ‘Is this ring too loud?’ or ‘Is the necklace sparkling too much?’ we have similar questions and many more spanning through our mind as we meet and greet people during religious gatherings. To avoid the above dilemma; we prefer not to wear any jewellery to religious events. We feel that avoiding jewellery is the solution. But… Continue reading

8 Jewellery Trends From Oscar 2016 Red Carpet – You’d love Priyanka Chopra’s Earrings

  The Oscars is a time for the Hollywood film industry to gather together and reward excellence in cinema. The importance of the Oscars is more than obvious when we hear our Bollywood stars state that it is their dream to win an Oscar. Yes, being the top most cinema honour in the world, they are important. However, there is one more thing that the Oscars are known for. Fashion! Every year we see fashion… Continue reading

15 Honeymoon Destinations In India that are better than foreign ones

Honeymoon is one trip that most of us have been looking forward to ever since we were teenagers. We have dreamt all our lives about strolling in the romantic roads of Paris, fingers intertwined with our better half, sailing amidst the century-old buildings of Venice and staying in London’s most exotic hotels. Your honeymoon would be one of the most memorable vacations of your married life. It is a romantic getaway from the very world… Continue reading

10 On-Screen Love Stories That You Will Wish Were Your Own

  Each of us sees the world from our own point of view, from our very own perspective. However, there is an innate desire to see more than that and be larger than ourselves. And this is what makes cinema so special. It lets you transcend time and space, and imagine life from a different perspective. Though for a short duration it helps us live a different life, a different tale, a rather more interesting… Continue reading

Bracelet Designs Every Man Should Consider Wearing

  From times unknown, women have been wearing jewellery to enhance their elegance and beauty. But the claim that jewellery is only for women is rather a baseless one. Even during the stone age, men used to wear bracelets made out of colorful stones, animal skin, etc. And even today the trend is seen to exist. If you look at the wrists of stylish male celebs today, you will see that they are normally loaded… Continue reading

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Parents

  Today, marriage anniversaries are celebrated in grand fashion; couples exchange gifts with each other, take each other out and do a host of other special things for each other. And wedding anniversaries have become ideal occasions to celebrate and rekindle the love that couples have for each other. In the years that went by, even your parents/grandparents would have done that for each other. 60 years is a really long time and by living… Continue reading

6 Things To Consider While Shopping For An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is surely one of the most romantic things that you will do for the girl of your dreams. She will spend an eternity looking at it; thinking of that special day when you proposed her, every time she looks at it. So the process of selecting an engagement band is a very emotional one. But as there are lots of other variables also to be considered, it is a practical decision… Continue reading

Iconic and Unique Men’s Wedding Ring Designs That Your Hubby Will Love To Wear!

Finally, the much awaited phase of your life has arrived and you are all set to tie the knot with the man of your dreams. And we bet you want everything to be perfect, don’t you? You have made all the arrangements for the wedding. You have even crossed that main hurdle of getting the perfect wedding band for yourself. And now, just like every girl, you want your man’s ring to be as special… Continue reading

The Best 10 Bridal Mehandi Artists In Chennai

From times unknown, Mehndi has been an integral part of the Indian tradition. Be it marriages, festivals or family functions, Indian women have always used Mehndi designs to look and be at their stunning best. We can’t imagine an Indian bride without a Mehndi design that matches her ensemble, can we? And in some traditions, it is even believed that darker the color of the bride’s Mehndi, the more prosperous her married life would be.… Continue reading

Meet The Coolest [12 Best] Bridal Mehandi Artists Of India

Mehandi — The Indian version of temporary tattoos, are no way new to anyone in India. But little did we know about the countless designs and art done using the simple cone of mehandi. Women's and girls apply mehandi on leg and hand on various occasions like Diwali, their wedding and engagement.  Mehandi is very popular in northern India and Pakistan. It is increasingly getting popular not only in South India but also the West. There… Continue reading

13 Awesome Must Follow Pinterest Boards For Indian Brides

  The wedding is THE dream day for almost all of us. You want everything to be perfect on that special day; be it venue decoration to food menu, and definitely want to make your guest leave with a wow-ness quotient. In case you are one of the kind who thinks wedding is a very special day for you, you should start collecting ideas for your wedding to shop your wedding rings, jewellery, decoration, cakes, invitations,… Continue reading

Best 10 Wedding Planners In Bangalore You Should Hire For Perfect And Stress Free Wedding

Wedding is a once-in-a-life-time event. The amount of joy, the love, the emotions, the people, and a lot of other factors make our weddings a most memorable one. That being said, it’s an event. And for those doing an event for the first time, it really looks like a very big and difficult task! It’s not only difficult, but everything needs to sync up. You make the best of everything and if your food sucks,… Continue reading

7 Best Wedding Site Builders – New Way To Invite Your Friends For Your Wedding

  Wedding as we all know is a one time occasion, and we should definitely strive to be at our best. Organizing a wedding is a time consuming, joyous process where in we start by shopping wedding rings, wedding jewelry, booking the location for our wedding etc., And, we do all these to stand-out amongst our friends, and relatives who will be “invited”. And, how you invite really does matter! Invitations, though they look very simple, convey… Continue reading

How To Get Customized Ring In India – Why You Should Get One

While looking for the right wedding ring, you might find that the rings that jewelry stores are selling seem to look exactly the same. If you are looking for something unique that represents the love you and your partner have for each other. If you don’t want to settle for a generic one, then you should consider custom designed diamond rings also know as personalized rings.  There will be lots of discussion with your family,friends and your… Continue reading

How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing – 6 Simple Methods

  Charles Morgan said, “There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” The surprise becomes a moment to be treasured for life if it is a proposal with the ultimate question being popped and a ring on the finger. You can't simply buy your proposal ring by guessing your partner's  ring size. If your guessed it wrong then the surprise can become an embarrassment if the all important ring does not… Continue reading

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Wedding Anniversary

  Wedding anniversary is a special occasion that marks another year of togetherness and it is also a reminder of the vows you have taken and a time where you plan for the year ahead as a couple. But finding the apt gift for anniversary year after year for your wife or husband can be quite a task and we thought we will make the task easier by suggesting a few unique jewellery gift ideas for… Continue reading

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