Meet The Coolest [12 Best] Bridal Mehandi Artists Of India

Mehandi — The Indian version of temporary tattoos, are no way new to anyone in India. But little did we know about the countless designs and art done using the simple cone of mehandi. Women's and girls apply mehandi on leg and hand on various occasions like Diwali, their wedding and engagement.  Mehandi is very popular in northern India and Pakistan. It is increasingly getting popular not only in South India but also the West. There… Continue reading

How To Get Name Engraved Rings For Your Wedding/Engagement? – A Perfect Guide

Truth be told, Your “NAME” is the most sweetest sound in any language. Everyone likes their names ( well there are exceptions, of course). The same is the reason people name their “homes” after their own name, the shops’ after their own names, and if not the streets and cities as well based on the popular person in that location. When you’re naming a new hospital, there is always a debate to name it with… Continue reading

13 Awesome Must Follow Pinterest Boards For Indian Brides

  The wedding is THE dream day for almost all of us. You want everything to be perfect on that special day; be it venue decoration to food menu, and definitely want to make your guest leave with a wow-ness quotient. In case you are one of the kind who thinks wedding is a very special day for you, you should start collecting ideas for your wedding to shop your wedding rings, jewellery, decoration, cakes, invitations,… Continue reading

Best 10 Wedding Planners In Bangalore You Should Hire For Perfect And Stress Free Wedding

Wedding is a once-in-a-life-time event. The amount of joy, the love, the emotions, the people, and a lot of other factors make our weddings a most memorable one. That being said, it’s an event. And for those doing an event for the first time, it really looks like a very big and difficult task! It’s not only difficult, but everything needs to sync up. You make the best of everything and if your food sucks,… Continue reading

7 Best Wedding Site Builders – New Way To Invite Your Friends For Your Wedding

  Wedding as we all know is a one time occasion, and we should definitely strive to be at our best. Organizing a wedding is a time consuming, joyous process where in we start by shopping wedding rings, wedding jewelry, booking the location for our wedding etc., And, we do all these to stand-out amongst our friends, and relatives who will be “invited”. And, how you invite really does matter! Invitations, though they look very simple, convey… Continue reading

How To Get Customized Ring In India – Why You Should Get One

While looking for the right wedding ring, you might find that the rings that jewelry stores are selling seem to look exactly the same. If you are looking for something unique that represents the love you and your partner have for each other. If you don’t want to settle for a generic one, then you should consider custom designed diamond rings also know as personalized rings.  There will be lots of discussion with your family,friends and your… Continue reading

How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing – 6 Simple Methods

  Charles Morgan said, “There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” The surprise becomes a moment to be treasured for life if it is a proposal with the ultimate question being popped and a ring on the finger. You can't simply buy your proposal ring by guessing your partner's  ring size. If your guessed it wrong then the surprise can become an embarrassment if the all important ring does not… Continue reading

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Wedding Anniversary

  Wedding anniversary is a special occasion that marks another year of togetherness and it is also a reminder of the vows you have taken and a time where you plan for the year ahead as a couple. But finding the apt gift for anniversary year after year for your wife or husband can be quite a task and we thought we will make the task easier by suggesting a few unique jewellery gift ideas for… Continue reading

13 Indian Wedding Jewelries You Should Not Miss Out For Your Wedding

  Jewellery is every girl’s best friend especially on your special day. An Indian bride is accessorized with elegance and pride. She is almost like a goddess in her draped attire and splendid jewellery that compliment her and make her look even more special on her special day. There are some pieces of Indian jewellery that you will definitely want to add to your jewellery list as it spells tradition and adds to the look… Continue reading

Best 9 Jewellery Stores In Chennai To Buy Your Wedding Rings

The most important piece of jewellery for any wedding is the wedding ring and it's tough to decide "Where to buy your wedding rings?". It needs utmost care in choosing the design and the bride and groom go through loads of designs and visit numerous jewellers before they can finalise the ring. So we thought we will make this time-consuming task easier so that the bride and the groom will find it easier to find… Continue reading

15 Ways To Look Like A Celebrity With 3D Printed Jewellery

The technology of 3D printing has opened doors in the jewellery industry and has given an all new dimension in the world of jewellery designing. It has made even exquisite designs wearable and it has also made jewellery making easier and unique to each customer. We thought of giving you a list of top 15 pieces of 3D jewellery that are unique and are here to mark a difference. 1. 3D Printed Crystal Ring It… Continue reading

9 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Brother All Over Again!

Astrid Alauda rightly said that, “There’s no other love like the love for a brother.There is no other love like the love from a brother.” A brother is someone who destiny brought to you and put you together as siblings but no matter where you search far and wide you can never find an angel like him. I have an elder brother and a younger one and have smiled gleefully seeing my friends go green… Continue reading

11 Guest Complaints You Should Avoid In Your Wedding

It is your wedding and you do not want your D day to end up as a day filled with bad memories for your guests. You would really like your guests to look back on your special day with as much fondness as you do. There are simple steps which you can take during the process of planning your day that will keep your guests happy and make the day pleasant for everyone. 11. Finalising… Continue reading

Best Online Stores For Indian Brides To Shop For their Wardrobe

Online shopping is on a high.It helps people sit in the comfort of their homes and compare ideas, patterns, colours, prices and finalise what they want. When we do this for all our appliances and clothing why should it be any different when it comes to wedding shopping. Today’s bride is quite hard pressed for time as she is involved in planning every aspect of her wedding so online shopping is a great option. We… Continue reading

10 BucketList of Things ToDo Before Getting Married

Jennifer Smith told that “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” So when you are about to embark on a journey of your lifetime it is important to get your to-do list ready and make sure all the boxes are ticked as no one wants to face regrets. 1. Move out of your parent’s shelter You might be the only child and pampered but… Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Personalized Gift

Gifts are always special no matter who you are or how old you are. It excites us and though each one might express it in different ways the joy of receiving a gift is always there and the feeling of being special is something no one would want to deny. So over the last few years there has been an excitement over personalized gifts. What makes it so special and popular?  1. The Extra Touch… Continue reading

10 Wedding Sites You should Visit Before You Plan your Wedding

Phew! You have a Big wedding to plan huh?  No worries, there are LOTs of places online where you could find help.   We have done extensive research and have sorted out some of the Phew! You have a Big wedding to plan huh?  No worries, there are LOTs of places online where you could find help.   We have done extensive research and have sorted out some of the best wedding planning websites, for… Continue reading

10 Unique Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding Rings

Engagement or a wedding ring is not a one-day affair, it’s the one ring which will be traveling with you through out your life.  So, are you looking for a very unique wedding ring? If yes, you have come to the right place - we help you figure out different options to personalize your wedding ring and stand out amongst your peers! 10) Bride and Groom Voice Waveform Engraved Rings I Do - Voice Waveform… Continue reading


3D Printing is quite possible the future of mass production but for all the industrial uses that it may have, there are a lot of funny, quirky and downright unique uses for it as well. Here’s a list of some of the many such applications that is possible through this technology. 10. Key Chains This is one of the more tame uses for 3D printing. In fact, it was one of the uses that 3D… Continue reading

Top 12 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Day

There are very few moments in a person’s life that can be considered as personal or as intimate as his/her wedding day and therefore, it only makes sense to make that day as memorable and personal as he/she possibly can. So, without any further ado, here are a couple of ways in which you can personalize your wedding day, even more so than usual. 12. Personalized photo collection(childhood) around   the marriage hall Make the diners… Continue reading


Is it “Sa” or “re” or “ga” or “ma”?..  No. You’re mistaken.  The most important sound in any language is your name.   Yes, you read it correct.  It’s your name.   Try to spell it 2 times, and see how sweet it is. Remember the happy moment you had, when you realized that your teacher remembers your name, than that of your friends? Everyone likes the sound of our “name”.  Take for example, “Indira Gandhi International… Continue reading

1st Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys/Girls: 10 Cool Ideas

“A one year old is so many things- A tiny discoverer of a new world, A softie who loves soft toys, A sleepyhead who has deprived parents of their beauty sleep, A darling who is as cute as a bug And precious to many And someone to dream for in bright years ahead…” So when the little darling has reached one year when they have found their feet and can stagger their way around and… Continue reading

8 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Close Friend

There is no gift as precious as a friend. A best friend is someone who has been with you through thick and thin and means the world to you. One can live life without relatives but is lost without a friend and when that friend has realized that , “A bell is no bell 'til you ring it, A song is no song 'til you sing it,And love in your heart, Wasn’t put there to stay -Love… Continue reading

25 Years of Togetherness!

Years flew one by one since my beloved parents said “I do” and then the big year of celebration which was the 25th wedding anniversary arrived. It fell in the month of May and I had to start making arrangements for the same and wanted the D day to be perfect. It was a day that helped my parents relive the memories shared by them over the years right from big events, turning points, holidays,… Continue reading

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