Best 10 Makeup Artists in Coimbatore!

Are you a bride-to-be? We understand your anxiety and all the pressure you have go through before your wedding most importantly, the pressure of looking the best. It’s just too much to handle. And that’s exactly what inspired us to write this post. If you happen to live in Coimbatore, Chennai you’re going to thank us by the end of this post. Because, in this article, we present to you the top-rated and best makeup… Continue reading

Unique Gifts and Return-Gift Ideas for 60th Birthday – Shastipoorthi Gifts!

Are you hosting a 60th birthday party for your mom or dad? Or maybe attending a 60th birthday party? With all the planning and preparation that goes into birthday parties, people often forget about the gift till the last minute. Whether you are throwing the party or attending one, either way, you need to think of a unique and special gift idea that will warm the recipient’s heart. With the endless gifting options that are… Continue reading

Spread The Love With The Coronavirus Inspired Jewelry And Tattoos

Can a silver coronavirus-shaped pendant act as a “talisman” and keep its wearer safe from the deadly pandemic?   When the first microscopic images of the coronavirus emerged a few months ago, Dr Vorobev, a jewellery firm based in Kostroma, Moscow, thought the intricately-shaped virus could become a good addition to its collection.  A small Russian jewellery company specialising in science and medicine-themed ornaments has launched a coronavirus-shaped pendant, a move that has drawn accusations of… Continue reading

Meet Ms. Jelia – India’s First AI Based Digital Jewelry Assistant.

A Brief History of AI Printing Press was a disruptive innovation. It changed how knowledge was shared amongst people.  Henry Ford introduced Assembly Line to manufacture cars, he reduced the time taken from 12 hours to make a single car to less than 2 hours.  This was such a huge transformation that helped him cater to the Car demand at that time. Likewise, Internet: which obviously needs no introduction, has made the World, Flat.  The… Continue reading

Guide To Clean And Sanitize Your Jewelery

  While we wash our hands, our face, our clothes, we often forget to clean our jewels. Daily-wear accessories can be a hidden place for germs and also be a carrier for the virus that has the world bowing down to it.  Whether you're washing your hands or taking a bath, make sure you clean your jewellery as well. And, now that we are being extra cautious of protecting ourselves against the deadly Coronavirus, we… Continue reading

Should I Stop Wearing Gold/Diamond Rings?

When did I last wash my hands?  Is it time to wash my hands again?  Am I washing my hands for long enough? Am I using the right kind of soap? As we’re (hopefully) spending more time in front of the sink, there are a couple of things to consider beyond just maintaining good hygiene.   Washing hands is an essential habit to stop the spread of germs during the coronavirus outbreak, but the rings… Continue reading

How To Smell Great All Day On Your Wedding

Your wedding day is your special day. So it is natural to want everything to be extra on point. Whether it’s the caterer’s menu, the flowers at the venue or even how you look and smell. So you must make the necessary preparations to ensure the day goes as planned. To ensure you smell good all day on your wedding day, you must also learn tips and tricks on how to do so. Listed below… Continue reading

Romantic Proposal Ideas for 2020

Asking for your partner's hand in marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life.  The life-changing moment can bring with it a lot of pressure, especially since you’ll want your proposal to feel like it was designed just for the two of you. A great place to start formulating your ideas is by finding inspiration. That’s why AuGrav has compiled some of the best proposal ideas around. From breathtakingly iconic to simple and… Continue reading

4 Tips In Choosing The Best Engagement Ring

The idea of bending down a knee and proposing is surely nerve-wracking. You want it to be the perfect day, as engagement is a special moment you and your partner will treasure for the rest of your lives. This is also one of the factors why most are having difficulty picking the best engagement ring. It is indeed challenging to find an engagement band that your partner will adore. These things are extremely expensive, so… Continue reading

How to Buy Wedding Jewellery as an Investment

Before you say 'I do' to your partner for life, there's something else that's waiting for your lifelong commitment… wedding jewellery that you will buy. Not only are you buying jewels to deck up for your wedding, if you make the right investment, jewellery can be a valuable asset in the future. That's why, when you are going to buy wedding jewellery, you need to be patient, and follow a patient step by step process… Continue reading

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing For Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most memorable and exciting times of your life. This is when you get to take your relationship to another level while being in front of your closest friends and family. But although your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, preparing for it can be stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true if you’re moving from NYC to LA. When moving from one location to another, you can easily hire a… Continue reading

Trendiest Bridal Mehendi Ideas For 2020

Bridal mehndi designs are the beauty of marriage.  It embraces bridal hands. Elegance and beauty are the pride of marriage and engagement ceremonies.  A wedding day is without a doubt the most exciting day, especially for the bride and the groom and what else a bride expects on her wedding day other than to look beautiful and stunning with each and every detailed worth admiring from her nail art to her jewelry, from her dress… Continue reading

Tips for Making Your Wedding Business a Success

Marriage is a unique moment and it requires a lot of skill to realize the dreams of the bride and groom. A wedding planner is there to optimize the time needed for preparations and help in conducting the event. This person needs to be not just a pure professional, but open and calm too. The wedding planner needs to get along not just with the bride and groom, but with their families and wedding party… Continue reading

Where to buy Gold Rakhi in India?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with lots of happiness and joy. This festival is dedicated to celebrating the love and friendship that brother & sister share with each other. On this auspicious day, both of them express their love towards each other. The chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding… Continue reading

Hilarious Love Quotes To Share With Your Beloved For 2020

Two people fall in love, somewhat unexpectedly, and then an obstacle gets in their way. That might be distance or timing or their own personal battles, but in the end, despite the struggle, they wind up happy and together. There’s also another element that tends to come into the picture: humor.  In fact, there’s a whole genre devoted to these stories, they’re called romantic-comedies.  But why is it that we like to mix the seriousness… Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is a popular type of Indian gemstone jewellery that is desired by most women. Favoured for weddings and special occasions, kundan keshri, as it is also known, showcases an amazing, elaborate form of art. It involves carefully setting polished precious or semi-precious stones, and uncut diamonds called Polki. The stones are set with a gold foil that sits between them and their mount. The name kundan means refined gold, which refers to the… Continue reading

In conversation with Mr.KamdarAvlani

In conversation with Meet KamdarAvlani, who is the Jewellery Designer and Founder of a boutique Atelier,  KamdarAvlani  - on his personal views on Design and Aesthetics of Fine Jewellery  Meet, is a first generation jeweller and a jewellery designer who founded KAMDARAVLANI.  KamdarAvlani is a boutique Atelier in Kalaghoda, Mumbai that displays  limited one of a kind  jewellery each unique in their own aesthetic.    What in your opinion defines a good design ?  I… Continue reading

Creative Baby Shower Games That Everyone will Love For 2020

  An Unique baby shower can be one of the most memorable pregnancy milestones. New-parent nerves (whether it’s the first, second, or fifth child) are usually in high gear—and for many, a party can be just the thing to help encourage, prepare, and celebrate the growing family.  Not only is it a time to relax and celebrate, but also it’s a reminder for the parent or parents-to-be that their lives are full of family and… Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Day Look You Won’t Regret

Some parts of planning your wedding are more fun than others. Figuring out the guest list and where everyone is going to sit probably isn’t the most exciting task. On the other hand, however, there are things like trying out your wedding dress and choosing your accessories for the day. These are items on the to-do list that any bride-to-be looks forward to. Once you’ve got your wedding dress selected, one of the final stages… Continue reading

Top 10 Types of Finishes on Rings: A Quick, Handy Guide!

The design and type of your wedding band or engagement ring (or any ring for that matter!) is probably on the top of your mind; but have you thought about the finish yet? You may not know it, but the finish on a ring is just as important as the style, and it affects the final product in a big way. It’s the last piece of the puzzle, the ultimate, crucial detail that can make… Continue reading

How to Uncover Your Unique Personal Style

Do you ever look at fashion icons like Cara Delevigne, Beyonce, or even Cher and feel jealous of their personal style? People like this seem to have their own innate style barometer, being able to effortlessly put together chic and unique outfits that are unlike anything anyone else is wearing, and express their individuality.  However, this incredible personal style is not reserved for supermodels and stars. Anyone can uncover their own unique style and learn… Continue reading

Top 10 Cake Shops In Chennai To Buy Your Dream Wedding Cake

The idea of cutting cakes at weddings is as ancient as the Roman Empire itself. At weddings, the groom usually breaks a loaf of bread over the bride’s head as a sign of ensuring fertility. A new idea that took birth during the medieval times was the bride’s pie. The bride was supposed to hide her ring inside a pie, slice it and distribute it to her female guests. And the female who got the… Continue reading

Funny Couple Poses For A Memorable Wedding in 2020

Weddings are a once in a lifetime deal, well at least that’s the plan for the most.  The special moments must be captured and framed so that when you cannot visualise the beautiful memories anymore.  The most important part of any wedding is obviously the bride and the groom. Wedding photographs will help you capture the essence of your wedding day. Do you think all wedding photos are boring or too official?  Not at all.… Continue reading

15 Interesting & Fun Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

A baby shower is thrown to celebrate the expecting mother, shower her with the choicest of blessings, and get her lots of gifts to bring a smile to her face. This is a big day for her, and marks a turning point in her life. When someone close to you invites you for her baby shower, you know it’s going to be filled with excitement, love, hugs, and sometimes even a few tears of joy,… Continue reading

Steal This Look: What Jewellery Celebrities Wore on Their Wedding

Your wedding is just a week away. You have spent countless hours on deciding the wedding date, finding the right outfit and choosing the perfect wedding venue. However, in the midst of all the planning and preparation, you have forgotten the most important piece of your wedding ensemble – the wedding jewelry. Tragic, isn't it? If there is one item in your entire wedding collection that can take your look to the next level, it… Continue reading

Top Wedding Ring Designs for Couples in 2019

We live in a time where we have hundreds of Snapchat and Instagram filters to choose from, to suit every mood, every personality, every occasion, and even that doesn’t seem enough. Then, how do people expect us to make do with plain, simple gold wedding rings when it comes to commemorating one of the most important decisions of our lives? Therefore, it’s not surprising to see young couples moving away from the traditional gold rings… Continue reading

Out Of Box Wedding Invitation Trends For 2020

Wedding invitations are one of the most important things to take care of for your big day because it’s basically the first detail your guests will see. Gladly, modern stationery designers offer lots of interesting and impressive ways to invite your darling ones to the most memorable event of your couple’s life. When it comes to wedding invitations there’s a phenomenal amount of choice and often choosing your wedding invitation style can be a much… Continue reading

Polki Jewellery – What, How, and More!

  If you’re fascinated by the rich, extravagant jewellery that were worn by the royal ladies of Indian history, chances are that you’re in love with Polki jewellery. Introduced to India by the Mughals, Polki is one of the oldest styles of jewellery designs. Although, it came to India along with the Mughals, it has now become very much a part of the Indian culture. Polki is as popular in the Indian jewellery scene as… Continue reading

Wedding Ring Trends To Watch In 2020

New year, new wedding ring trends! 2020 is going to have some edge. so naturally, everyone is curious about all the new wedding trends that will filter into 2020.   Customers’ behaviours and expectations evolve quickly. To differentiate themselves, companies have to adapt their strategy continuously. More and more digital channels and the expectation for seamless journeys mean the need for outstanding customer service has never been stronger. Most of the designers we polled are… Continue reading

Top 7 Diet Ideas to Get Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day!

Have you been dreaming of a romantic and beautiful wedding since you were a little kid? Most girls fantasize about their big day from a young age and look forward to being decked in gorgeous clothing and exquisite jewellery, and of course, have the perfect flawless skin. As your wedding day approaches, it’s natural to get so busy with all the preparations that you don’t get time to work so much on your skin. However,… Continue reading

Top 6 Unique Gifting Ideas For Kids

   “Every child we encounter is a divine appointment.” So when you have a task of awarding these cute brats who steal your hearts with their impish smiles and naughty acts with gifts it is a herculean task; a task which you don’t want to fail as no one wants to be on the bad side of these angels on earth who can create a Pandora box within a flash. So how do you go… Continue reading

The Best 10 Bridal Mehandi Artists In Bangalore

Mehandi is associated with almost all the occasions in Indian tradition; Be it marriage, engagement, or Diwali. In the past, people used to apply mehandi on their wedding day but the usage of mehandi has increased over time and people started using for almost every occasion in their life. Mehandi designs also keep evolving with the time and mehandi is no more a tradition. It has become as a fashion statement. If you belong to… Continue reading

12 Best Jewellery Stores In Bangalore To Buy Your Wedding Jewellery

Are you in the silicon city of India? (read Bengaluru).  A city situated in the state that has a rich heritage of kings and palaces and jewels and stuff is evolving. The contemporary style still persists, but with the mix of tech culture, the cosmo nature has brought Bangalore a plethora of style and aura. No wedding in this city or anywhere in India happens without jewellery.   Avenue Road is still busy with jewellery sales,… Continue reading

15 Mangalsutra Designs In Gold – The Thread of love

The mangalsutra, “Mangal meaning Auspicious” and “Sutra meaning Thread”, is a holy necklace that is tied by a Hindu groom around the bride's neck on the wedding day. The mangalsutra necklace is usually made with two strings of black beads with a gold pendant in the center. As per the Hindu tradition, the mangalsutra is worn by the married Hindu women for the long life of her husband. It is believed that wearing a mangalsutra… Continue reading

The Best 10 Card Websites To Get Your Wedding Invitation Card Done

  Marriage would surely be one of the happiest moments in your life. And as a social entity, you would have the purest desire to share this happiness with everyone close to you. You would want all your loved ones to be present for the celebrations and shower their blessings as you tie the knot. For you and your family, the event would definitely be incomplete without those loved ones! Be it decorations, food, jewellery,… Continue reading

The Best 10 Jewellery Shops In Hyderabad To Buy Wedding Jewellery

Hyderabad, the city of Charminar, is well known for its royal weddings, where brides are dressed majestically with the finest of gold and diamond jewellery. The wedding is that perfect occasion where every woman wants to look her best. And what better way to add to your appearance than wearing jewellery that leaves everyone spellbound. But as you might know, buying the best jewellery is not as easy as people think of it to be.… Continue reading

Different Types of Earring and Buying (Complete) Guide

Women love accessories! And there can’t be a better accessory to round off your look than a well-matched pair of earrings. However, with a wide variety of styles available in the market, buying earrings could turn out to be an uphill task. In spite of being highly classy, a pair that does not match your style or attire might be enough to have a bad fashion day. So, be careful, women! Selecting a good pair… Continue reading

30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Both Him and Her

That perfect time of the year for people who are in love is just around the corner. Yes, you have guessed it correctly, we are indeed talking about Valentine’s day. And we can bet that with every passing day your excitement is seeing new highs. Just like every true lover even you are busy thinking of ideas to make it the most special day for your partner. How sweet is that! However, after all the… Continue reading

10 Best First Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Your Husband

If you’re reading this, you probably are close to completion of one full year of your wedding anniversary! Congratulations on it. Though it’s not a big feat, you did achieve a milestone. And, it's a time to celebrate. Husbands love gifts too. And, that too when you surprise your guy, the joy you bring in him is tremendous! Obviously, not every guy is the same, so you will have to put in some time into thinking… Continue reading

Crazy And Funny Indian Wedding Traditions

Let's Begin The Fun! Wedding is a time that gives everyone a chance to be together. Why not make the most of the moments you share with a few fun games for couples? Gone are the days when weddings used to be nothing more than the fulfilling of traditions, dancing to folk numbers and performing the necessary rituals. The weddings today have transformed into something that makes memories worth cherishing for the rest of your… Continue reading

15 First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife To Impress Her

Your first year of marriage will be one of the most cherished moments of your married life that should be celebrated in style. Your wife deserves the absolute best on your first marriage anniversary. You need to give her something beautiful that will make her fall in love with you all over again. And what better way to celebrate this occasion than with a unique personalized gift for her. A customized gift can be the… Continue reading

Top 10 Bridal Shops in Indore

A huge, and we mean a really huge task for every girl in the days leading up to her wedding is SHOPPING! Yes, we know exactly how difficult, challenging and confusing a job it is to shop for your wedding. Especially, shopping for the outfits you have to wear for the ceremonies. If you have your own ideas, it’s still difficult to find something that matches your imagination. And if you don’t, then you only… Continue reading

12 Perfect Silver Gift Items For Wedding That Everyone Will Love

Gifting Silver items has been followed for ages.  Silver is the second more important metal next to Gold,  be it Indian Wedding or Olympics medals.  Unlike Gold, Silver has a different set of unique properties and can still be used in a variety of cases. While Gold is only to wear as jewellery, Silver has its’ use cases in vessels, plates, glasses, too! Even a small baby’s accessories are made of Silver.  The unique properties… Continue reading

Reportedly, the Best 12 honeymoon suites in Hyderabad!

The honeymoon is one of the, if not the most, anticipated part of every marriage. And yes, you should make it as special as possible. It is the time to celebrate your marriage and also to give your married life a romantic start. It is also a great time to understand each other better. Yes, you might have been living together before marriage. But trust us, after the honeymoon you will definitely know more about… Continue reading

Why do Married Hindu Women Wear the Necklace of Black Beads – the Mangalsutra?

As we all know, the mangalsutra plays a very important role in any Hindu wedding jewellery. Tied with three knots by the groom around the bride’s neck during the time of Mangalya Dharanam in the wedding, this sacred thread identifies the woman as married to the man from that moment onwards. This piece of jewellery is usually made of black beads strung on a black or yellow piece of thread that’s made with turmeric, or… Continue reading

Buy Custom Made Name Pendants in India Online : Buy it in 6 simple steps

Lovely Heart Gold Pendant ₹ 35,129 Personalized Nancy Gold Name Pendant ₹ 30,480 Sagar and Sonal Intersection Gold Pendant ₹ 19,631 Fancy FingerPrint Engraved Heart Gold Pendant ₹ 49,412 Agasthya And Aarav Love Name Pendant ₹ 50,676 Twin Alphabet Initial Platinum Pendant ₹ 31,080 Hanuman Gada Name Pendant ₹ 24,260 Trendy Vedh Name Pendant With Chain In Platinum ₹ 51,153 Cherry Gold Name Pendant ₹ 20,486 Three Letter Gold Name Pendant ₹ 20,486 Meghna Platinum Queen Pendant ₹ 37,555 Lucky Gold Name Pendant ₹ 20,486 Reha And… Continue reading

The Best 10 Wedding Planners In Chennai You Should Hire

Planning a wedding is a gargantuous task!  The day when the guy and girl agree to take the relationship forward starts the wedding planning.   With the increasing population as well, it’s becoming difficult to book mandaps on time.   And, did you know the first thing that you should be doing is to book the mandap? Similarly, there are zillion chores to be done, and in case you’re doing it for the first time, and from… Continue reading

The 21 Most Awesome Couple Ring & Band Designs For Your Inspiration

  Wedding rings and engagement rings are very special, not only because of the vows passed on but also it’s gonna travel with you for life!  So wedding couple spends  enough time and cares to choose a right design for that special ring. Wedding rings are the symbol of the bond that exist between him and her, and choosing ring design that suits their personal style would be a great idea. Most of the bride and… Continue reading

Top 10 Hair Stylists/ Hair Salons in India

Your hairstyle can make or break your appearance. The right haircut will highlight your best features and can make a world of difference to your overall style and personality. Depending on your face shape and features, certain hairstyles will look good or bad on you. You will need a hairstyle that suits your face the best.  For this, you will require a professional hairdresser who will take into account your face shape, features, hair condition,… Continue reading

Top 10 Wedding Pranks To Play With Your Bride/Groom

Marriage doesn't always have to be serious and stressful. There is nothing better than a good wedding prank that can brighten up even the dullest wedding party and turn your special day into a memorable affair that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you play the prank on your partner or on the wedding guests, it will be taken in the right spirit because it is your day! April Fool's day has come… Continue reading

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