5 Reasons To Buy Your Engagement Ring Online: Saving Money Is Just the Start January 7, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Wedding Inspirations

Are you still in search for that perfect engagement ring to propose your special one? Have you visited dozens of stores searching for it? And let us guess, you are tired of all the shopping. Our advice – shop for the engagement ring online. You might end up surprised with the results.

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The growth of internet and the resultant e-commerce websites have transformed shopping from a monotonous and tiresome act to one that is both delightful and time-saving. Today, shopping has become as easy as the click of a few buttons on your smart phone. And people world-wide shop for products of their liking from the comfort of their homes and receive them at their door steps.

Here are top 5 reasons why even you should opt for online engagement ring shopping;

1. Comparing Power

You are sure to spend some time on the engagement band purchase but she will spend a lifetime looking at it. Therefore, buying the best possible ring for her is your duty.

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Imagine you are at a store, and you like one of the diamond rings but are not completely sure about it. What would you do? Take a picture of it along with the specifications, and compare them with the rings in the next store. Yes, you are right, this does sound tedious and error-prone. On the contrary, while buying online, you will have the tremendous power of easily comparing different engagement rings before zeroing in on your favorite.

You can compare on various attributes like price, diamond quality, gold purity, return policy, shipping charges among many others.

2. Spend Less

Gone are the days when laying hands on an engagement ring would have costed you a fortune. With proper planning and some research, backed up with some love, you can buy your dream ring at an affordable price. Why not use the money that you save, for your marriage or, even better, for your honeymoon?


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Physical stores have huge markup on jewelry, especially on gold. Researchers claim that retailers markup diamonds from 50-200% and gold from 100-400%. On the contrary, online stores have far less overheads and expenses. They don’t have to spend money on rent, staff salaries and interior decorations which are factored into the prices at physical jewelry stores. Also, due to tremendous competition in the market, online retailers are forced to cut down on the prices to fight the competition.

Hence, buying your engagement band online can be much light on your wallet.

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3. Save Time and Energy

If you are opting for physical stores, you will have to invest many weekends to cover the rings that you can browse online in a day. Not only you get a larger selection to choose from but you also save your precious time.


You will also save time by avoiding those pushy salespeople that try to help you out to get a commission. At the end of the day, you know what is best for your partner.

If you are the one who likes to shop in solitude then there is nothing more peaceful than shopping online.


4. Try It At Home

The main argument that wedding couple use against shopping for an engagement ring online is that you can’t try it on. However, that is not the case. Many online retailers deliver you dummy replicas which you can try to see whether the ring meets your imagination, before buying the actual piece. 


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Additionally, many retailers are now offering mobile app functionality to try the ring of your choice on your hand. You just have to upload an image of your hand and then browse between the rings to see which one suits the best. This sounds cool, doesn’t it?

All trustworthy retailers have strong return policies where you can return/replace your purchased band within a pre-mentioned period of time.

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5. Variety

When it comes to choices while buying, there nothing like too much. The more the merrier! And this is exactly the case while shopping online. You can find any ring design you want. For example if you want to shop the ring same as ring in lord of the ring movie, you can also get that.
Many online retailers even go that extra mile and custom design your engagement ring as per your requirements. For example, at AuGrav you just have to select your dream ring from a host of engagement band images from around the web, and we will get it custom made for you.

You will never be short on choices with variety of designs, gold types, stones, cuts, quality and much more on offer.

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All the best for your engagement and do checkout out our rich collection of personalized rings. You never know, your dream engagement ring might just be in there.

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