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Wedding season is just around the corner. If you have your wedding planned in the next few months and if you happen to live in Hyderabad, you just got lucky! Why? Because finding the right wedding photographer is one of the most crucial tasks of a wedding. After all the celebrations, the good times, the food, the fun, entertainment and the enjoyment, what remains is the memory. And photographs are the only way to relive those memories. So, they ought to be awesome, right?

Therefore, without talking any further, let’s get straight to business. Here are the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad who can help you create the best memories of your wedding, for life!

The Rankings mentioned here are taken on a random basis. No survey was conducted for this purpose.

10. Weddingscapes

Wedding Scapes are a team of professional photographers who are creative and passionate about their work, but who also understand your wishes and desires for your wedding day. They are known for their complete wedding package which includes the Pre-wedding shoots, Albums, Wedding Day shoot, Reception and Honey Moon Shoots. Their clients love them for their professionalism and the ability to get the best frame out of every moment!





9. Kishor Krishnamoorthi

Kishor Krishnamoorthi, a contemporary wedding and documentary photographer, has won several recognitions and awards in merely a short career of 4 years. He has covered about 150 weddings in India and around the globe, and is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in South India.

He publishes a bimonthly magazine, Concorde Zine, which features his photo stories from India. His work has also been featured in the Economic Times



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8. Fotosaints

Fotosaints was created by a bunch of art students who realized that they were all passionate about the same thing. And that’s how the journey of the Fotosaints began. The unique way of capturing the moment as well as the subject with equal finesse remains their strong point and something they pride on.

They are known for their exceptional commercial and documentary photography skills not just in India but also globally, having successfully completed innumerable projects of all scales and kinds.



7. Pixel Army

Started in 2010, Pixel Army is a team of enthusiastic photographers with special skills of portraying your emotions through their pixels, making them look real and beautiful. When they began, the army consisted of merely 3 people which has grown today into a talent pool of about 20 members.

They have close to 400 weddings to their credit, shot nationally as well as internationally, and over 70 newborn portraits. They also had the opportunity to shoot for the IPL team Deccan Chargers. Branding and advertising photography along with film making are also some of the things Pixel Army excels at.



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6. Shashi Clicks

The team consisting of two brothers, Shashi Patel and Ishu Patel, along with the Co-Owner Neelam, Shashi Clicks is a result of pure passion for the art of photography. Shashi and Ishu, both of whom are Engineers by qualification, gave up their engineering jobs to pursue photography and the decision served them well as they started receiving accolades for their work by established photographers.

Shashi Clicks takes care of the complete wedding shoot including the wedding day, pre- and post-wedding etc. You can also hire them for maternity shoots, corporate or personal events as well.




5. Vshoot

Yes, they shoot and how! Vshoot, led by Suman, one of the best candid photographers in India, is known for its personalization skills. They know how to make every wedding look truly unique and special, by infusing it with a tinge of yours and your partner’s personality.

People, their feelings and emotions are the factors that make any wedding special. And Suman and his team, know exactly how to capture them in the most elegant and beautiful way possible.

In addition to wedding photography, Vshoot also does Corporate Shoots, Events, Aerial Photography, Maternity Photography and Product shoots!


4. Sree’s Photography

Sree’s Photography is the one-stop for wedding, portraits, nature, events, product shoots and editorial work. They believe in consistently producing quality work, right from the beginning of your wedding till the last moment of it, not letting their lens miss any special moment. Although, they are experts in candid photography, they are equally adept in bright, crisp, colourful and lively images too!




3. Sooumya Radesh Wedd Art

Wedd Art was started by Soumya Radesh, who found her passion for photography while assisting her husband, Radesh, with his assignments. Wedd Art, an amazing team led by Soumya, specializes in candid wedding photography. They love to tell their stories through black and white films as much as they do with colors.

Wedd Art is also keen to accommodate any special suggestions or recommendations you might have for your wedding shoots. It’s your wedding after all and they respect your wishes more than anything else. Have a unique and creative idea for your wedding day photography? Contact Wedd Art, together you might come up with something truly amazing and out of the world!



2. Memory Lanes by Suman Chakravarthy

The Home Page of Memory Lanes says, “Freezing the best moments of your life”. And rightly so. Memory Lanes Productions was started by Suman Chakravarthy and Aakruti, and they specialize in wedding and event photography. It comprises a team of people from diverse backgrounds – engineers, bikers, bankers, and professional photographers. Their love for photography brings them all together. They believe they are a bunch of passionate storytellers and looking at their work, we couldn’t agree more.

A picture can take you back in time, complete with visuals, fragrance, warmth, taste and most important of all, emotions. Memory Lanes is conceptualized around the idea of capturing every detail of the special moments of your big day, so that every time you walk those lanes, you live that day again!



1. Photriya Photography

For the team at Photriya Photography is the ultimate form of expression. Although, they are the wizards of wedding photography, their gamut of services also include Cinema, Nature and Wildlife photography, Portfolio shoots, and more!

Their experience spans across 1000 weddings so far, and still counting. Started in 2000, Photriya comes with a highly experienced team of passionate photographers that have worked with some brilliant people and actors from the movie industry. So, if you want your wedding to look like a movie, you know whom to approach.




Well, that was our compilation of some of the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad. Don’t stay in Hyderabad? Don’t worry, here’s our list for photographers in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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