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A wedding rings is precious and usually chosen with lot of thought and consideration. You take enough time to choose the right suitable ring designs that suits both of you, the metal, the finish and the width. More thought goes into what to engrave on the wedding ring as it almost becomes a part of you.

So we have some engraving ideas that you can use for this significant piece of wedding jewellery(rings).

1. Name

Your name is your first identity in this world and it defines who you are and describes you as an individual. So getting names engraved in your wedding ring is a great idea as even in unison you maintain your individuality is what it signifies.


2. Initials

Many of us like our first and second names but unfortunately the ring might not have all the space. So you can choose to engrave your initials with your birde or groom initials. Your initials will make good pair as you are.


ref: http://vs-images.johngreedjewellery.com

3. Date

Engraving a date on your wedding band is a great idea. It can be the date of your big day or the date when you guys met first or it can be the day when the question was popped and you accepted it. It will be a great way to remember the day and the moment that will help you see the positive side of the entire relationship.


4. The place

We always tend to have fond memories of our favourite hangout spot where you spent long hours chatting and getting to know each other. It will be a great way to remember the place which brought you closer to each other and the memories that go with it.





5. Lyrics

Lyrics of a favourite song that describe your relationship or a song that is close to your heart and keeps you in the right frame of mind can be etched on your marriage rings.


6. Fingerprints

Fingerprints are also your identity even before you could sign your name it is your fingerprint that identified who you are so your fingerprints can be engraved on the ring and it signifies how your initial identity will be shared with your partner. You can either use yellow gold or white gold rings with diamonds.


7. Together we make sense

When two become one it is natural to make sense when things are combined together as one half is just incomplete. You can either split a word or sentence in a way that when both the rings are put together it makes complete sense, and becomes most special ring for couple.



8. A promise

Vows are important and it is what you hold on to and live by all through your married life. So you can engrave a promise that you made to your better half as part of your vow. It will be a constant reminder of the promises made and will help you through tough times and enjoy the good times.



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9. Movie Dialogue

You can choose a movie dialogue that makes you see a part of you guys in it or it can be just a dialogue that you love telling your better half. This will be different and will be an ideal choice if you guys are movie buffs. Surprise your husband or wife with the rings that appears in the movies such as ‘The One Ring” in Lord of the ring movie series. Though you can’t buy the same authentic ring, you can buy replica of that in many online stores.



10. Bar code

Who does not love communicating in codes so that only the one you are communicating with understands the message. You can engrave barcode in your ring. It can either be a name or date or message but only you will know.Etched-Barcode-Ring-1.png
Make the right engraving and be proud to flaunt it. Have you engraved anything on your wedding ring?. Comment below.

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